Zirnitra (ジルニトラ Jirunitora?) is the Crimson Lord who is contracted with Samuel Demantius.


His Divine Vessel assumes the form of a little cup with a chain attached to it.


He speaks very calmly and cooperates well with his contractor, Samuel Demantius.




After the Second Great WarEdit

After losing his contractor, Zirnitra returns to the Crimson Realm. In a year after Xanadu's creation, he leaves the Crimson Realm to the new world to help the reorganization of the Outlaws together with other former contracted Crimson Lords such as Behemoth, Halphas, Sentia and Valac; they are now known as the Orderists (秩序派 Chitsujō-ha?).


Samuel Demantius Edit

He and his contractor have deep respect for each other. They refer to each other as brothers-in-arms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • (To Samuel): "Farewell, Samuel Demantius. I'll leave, looking forward for the next battle."
  • (To Samuel): "You have my gratitude for your cooperation, my comrade, Samuel Demantius."


  • He is named after the black dragon god of sorcery from Wendish or Slavic Mythology.




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