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Zarovee (ザロービ Zarōbi?) is a Crimson Denizen and a member of Bal Masqué. He is a Jaeger who came to Misaki City along with his Wanderer partner, Bifrons. His true name is "Assembly-and-Division of Four" (聚散の丁 Shūsan no Tei?).


Zarovee looks like an old man with a gentle smile who is rarely seen with his eyes open. He has short, light-pink hair and a brown goatee. He and his clones all wear scarves.


Zarovee is very cautious, worrying about how his plan could go wrong, though he is confident when he thinks the plan will be a success. He is fairly weak, so is scared of people stronger than him.


Two years before the events in Misaki City, Zarovee was a subordinate of Mammon in Central Asia.


Scars from the Storm Arc[]

Zarovee confronting Yūji

At night, Zarovee is at a railway, talking with Bifrons on a phone with bad reception. They talk about a reconnaissance plan. He is surprised when Bifrons appears behind him. Zarovee reveals more of their plan, to take away the Mystes who is a part of the Taimei Shihen. Bifrons isn't worried about what can happen, which annoys him. Bifrons leaves and Zarovee follows. The next day, in Misaki City, Zarovee watches over Yūji. At the hill near the river, he appears in front of Yūji, and uses his powers of duplication to surround him.[1]

"Destructive Blade" Arc[]

Zarovee stabbed with Blutsauger

Zarovee introduces himself to Yūji. A duplicate says that they mean him no harm, but mean harm towards the city. When Yūji gets angry, Zarovee gets scared, backing into and merging with the blue-scarfed duplicate. The duplicates claim that Yūji will regret it if he hurts them. Yūji figures out that this is because there is another duplicate in the city. The Zarovees are shocked, while the other duplicate is acting weird in the middle of the street. Yūji also figures out that Zarovee is a Jaeger. Zarovee is shocked again, but asks Yūji to go with them to the city, revealing that he knows who and what Yūji is. During their walk through the city, Zarovee refuses to tell Yūji where they are going, while threatening to consume the citizens of Misaki City. Yūji realises that Zarovee is trying to lure the Flame Haze into a trap and starts screaming to notify Eita, who is nearby. He manages to get Yūji to quiet down, but Eita notices the duplicates. In the roofed shopping district, Zarovee claims that it is time for battle. Yūji notices that the duplicate that was in the city first has stopped somewhere. Yūji figures out Zarovee's plan, to lure the Flame Haze, escape with Yūji using the duplicate that stopped, use the roof to conceal information, and to allow Bifrons to destroy the Flame Haze from far away. Bifrons confirms that Zarovee's Fūzetsu is the signal for him to attack. Yūji activates his own Fūzetsu, vaporising the duplicate that stopped with a silver fireball. Immobilized out of panic, Zarovee stands still as Yūji kills one of them by breaking his neck. He kills two with another fireball and finishes off the last one by throwing Blutsauger.[2]



Due to his nature as a Jaeger of Bal Masqué, Zarovee has great respect and is somewhat fearful towards Bifrons, who is a Wanderer. Zarovee secretly hates Bifrons and all Wanderers because he thinks they are battle-crazy.

Powers and Abilities[]

Duplication: Zarovee can split into five duplicates, each wearing scarves in red, blue, yellow, green, and pink (the colors, numbers and their exaggerated moves are parody of Super Sentai/Power Rangers). Whether he has split into five duplicates or not, Zarovee is extremely weak, possessing power that is equivalent to a Torch, so little that neither Yūji nor the Flame Haze had noticed his presence.

Unrestricted Spells[]

Fūzetsu (封絶?, Seal, lit. "Seal of Suppression"): Zarovee is capable of creating a yellowish-brown colored Fūzetsu, which he plans to use as a signal for Bifrons. It is thought that he can only cover a small area with it because of his limited Power of Existence. He hints to Yūji that he is capable of covering a large area when he uses his duplicates.[2]

Treasure Tools[]

Gordian Knot (非常手段ゴルディアン・ノット Gorudian Notto?, lit. Emergency Measure): In the novels, Zarovee possesses a Gordian Knot, which is capable of transporting someone to places of their advantage and is triggered after Zarovee's death. Bel Peol only told him that it activates when he is in a crisis. After Zarovee dies, Sabrac slips it into Yūji's pocket when he first attacks him. It activates right after the battle of Christmas Eve, transporting Yūji (who accepted the "Snake of the Festival") to Seireiden. Zarovee's possession of a Gordian Knot is omitted from the anime.



  • It is likely that Zarovee is a reference by Yashichiro Takahashi to the tokusatsu Choukou Senshi Changéríon (超光戦士シャンゼリオン Choukou Senshi Changèrion?).[3] The series also features many characters with names starting with the letter 'Z'.[4]
  • Zarovee has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Samuel Demantius.
  • Zarovee may be derived from Zarobi, a "genius of precipices" referred to in Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana.



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