"I'm not a shell. That's right. I'm... going to save others against those who steal! That's my only existence!"
— Yurī after defeating Annaberg

Yurī Chvojka (ユーリイ・フヴォイカ Yūrii Fuvoika?) is an inexperienced sixteen-year-old Flame Haze boy who possessed the title of "Leader of Spirits". He maintained a contract with the Crimson Lord Valac, and goes by the title "Leader of Spirits" (魑勢の牽き手 Chisei no Hikite?).


Yurī is a young boy with light brown hair and brown pupils. He dresses himself with a dark brown coat worn over a light green collared shirt and he wore an unnecessary pair of eyeglasses. His Divine Vessel modeled from his family's long lost dagger, Hoverla, is attached to his waist by a holster attached to a belt.


Since Yurī completed his vengeance so quickly, he could not develop the hatred or passion vital for the cause of Flame Haze and he lacked the coolness and rationality needed for survival. He even wished to protect people with his own life, an idea which other Flame Haze thought of as dangerous, especially EastEdge, who had forbidden him to engage in combat with enemies. Valac once noted that Yurī cares too much for humans, to the point of hating Crimson Denizens. He still thinks of himself as a human even after becoming a Flame Haze.


Yurī was a Ukrainian immigrant, whose ship was attacked by a Kraken during the voyage to America. Near his death he made the contract with Valac and defeated the Denizen, but failed to save his family and the other passengers. After reaching America, he worked under EastEdge.


Milestone ArcEdit

Yuri flung

Yurī being told not to follow Margery

Yurī appears before Margery in New York after she was defeated by Sydonay and asks if she is alright, albeit when she was nude to receive Marchosias' Purification Flame. He receives a punch from her. The next day Yurī introduces himself to Margery. He reveals that he is only sixteen, including one year in which he has been a Flame Haze. Margery asks how long Yurī will keep following her, and he reveals that he works for EastEdge's Outlaw. She then says that Yurī is a weird Flame Haze. Later, they walk down the city, looking for Annaberg where Yurī offers Margery a drink. She takes it. In the afternoon, he shows a hate for Annaberg and all Denizens. He explains to Margery why he made a contract with Valac. Margery tells Yurī to go home because he doesn't qualify to be a Flame Haze, calling him a nuisance. When he runs after her, he is flung to the ground.[1]

Yuri cut

Yurī getting cut by Sydonay

That night, Yurī watches the Fūzetsu that Margery created around Annaberg, where Valac asks why he told Margery how he couldn't save anyone before. She reveals that Yurī knew he would be rejected by Margery. Yurī says he thinks his belief is right. Valac gives Yurī permission to enter the fight and help Margery. He uses a moth to talk to Margery, but it was destroyed by Sydonay. Yurī then uses his powers, gathering moths and creating a tornado. He enters the Fūzetsu, drilling Sydonay, who is in a Manticore form, in half. Margery then accepts Yurī and allows him to help. They separate, with Yurī drilling Annaberg's arm off. Annaberg later returns and attacks him, but Yurī is able to drill him again, killing him. Despite Valac's warnings, Yurī goes to help Margery. He rushes Sydonay, but he slashes him from behind. Sydonay then fires Power of Existence at him. Margery does the same. As Yurī dies, he says sorry to Valac, who says he did nothing wrong. Only the glasses that he wore remained.[2]


Margery DawEdit

Yurī once stated that he had always admired Margery. She was initially very cold towards him. He follows her, saying it is an honour to accompany her. Margery thought that he was a nuisance and was unqualified to be a Flame Haze, stopping him from following her.[1] She accepts him after he rescues her from Sydonay, but because she has to live to kill The Silver, Margery abandons the fight and fires Power of Existence at him along with Sydonay.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Reigun (隷群?, Army of Servants): As the Flame Haze of the title "Leader of Spirits", Yurī has Reigun, the power to control small animals and insects as messengers, spies, and for measurement. In battle, he can wrap himself inside them and fly like a cannonball. Valac mentions that Yurī can only use this ability for a limited time, although that's probably due to his lack of experience.


  • (About Annaberg's plan): "Unforgivable! To come to a place that overcame such days, and when it's still trying to overcome the Great Depression... I can't forgive that Denizen. And it was talking about something strange like accelerating civilization or something, right? It's them who eat and slow down humans! And yet, accelerate? There's a limit to how much crudity he speaks with!"[1]
  • (While activating his powers): "I will fly. I will fight. I will save. Give me the power!"[2]
  • (While using his powers): "This is a wonderful power. I want to save many more people with this."[2]
  • (Yurī after defeating Annaberg): "I'm not a shell. That's right. I'm... going to save others against those who steal! That's my only existence!"[2]


  • His first name maybe a homage to a Russian Soviet composer born in Ukraine named Yuri Shaporin.
  • His surname is probably a reference to Čeněk Chvojka, also spelled as Vikentiy Khvoyka, a Russian-Ukrainian archaeologist of Czech descent. He is said to be a musician too, but no other sources other than the Japanese Wikipedia page confirm this.[3]
  • In the light novels, after defeating Annaberg, Yurī attempted to defeat Sydonay as well, but instead got himself cut in half. He also perished in the crossfire between Sydonay and Margery, as seen in the anime.




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