"Your concern is unneeded. The ones who will mourn a loss are Bal Masqué. The ones who will see blood are the two remainders of the Trinity."
—Yu Xuan to Sydonay.

Yu Xuan (虞軒 Guken?, Pinyin: Yú Xuān) is an exceptional Chinese Flame Haze who is bound to the Crimson Lord, Di Hong. She has the title "Bladed Flower Slaughterer" (剣花の薙ぎ手 Kenka no Nagite?) and is known as one of the best Flame Haze in the East. She is also an acquaintance of Sophie Sawallisch and Wilhelmina Carmel (possibly supporting her during her visit to Shanghai before Wilhelmina went to Misaki City). Her name is greatly feared by those who come from the Crimson Realm, even Sydonay, who has known her for thousands of years, still has difficulty fighting her without his personal spear, Shintetsu Nyoi.


Yu Xuan's appearance is of a beautiful woman with formidable sword skills. She has long, straight black hair, with her fringe cut straight and laying on the right side of her face. The left side of her fringe is pulled back and tied in a bunch by a braid from the side of her hair. She has dark eyes, a fair complexion, and a thin build. Her usual choice of clothing is a white suit comprised of a jacket and trousers, with a blue collared shirt underneath and a red or plum-colored sash tied around her waist, where she wears the straight sword-shaped Divine Vessel, Kun Wu.




Clash with the ChimeraEdit

During a certain war in the far past, Yu Xuan had battled "Thousand Changes", at that time using the name Chi You, but the result never came out. They never have a chance to fight each other again until the present time.

Meeting with the future ElderEdit

Fifty years before the beginning of the main story, Yu Xuan encountered a red-faced boy from the slum area. They had a quarrel and the boy, named Xiang Xin, was taken down in one attack from her. Later on, he became infatuated with Yu Xuan and decided to join as a member of the Outlaw China branch just to be by her side.

Unlike in Europe and other countries, Outlaws in China are mainly controlled by a secret society called Guilunhui. Mostly run by humans, Guilunhui is also supervised by a group of supreme leaders known as the Elders. Xiang Xin entered the Guilunhui and finally ascended to be one of the Elders. Nevertheless, Yu Xuan showed no sign of returning his feelings.


Great Society WarEdit

Xiang Xin still served as one of the Elders when Sydonay and the Bal Masqué army make a surprise attack on their Outlaw headquarters in Shanghai.

They are ambushed by Denizens coming from the underground tunnel without preparation and are defeated in a short time. One of the Flame Haze, Fan Xun, used the last bit of his power to make the tunnel collapse along with his life in order to stop the invasion.

While other Elders safely left the building where the headquarters was situated, Xiang Xin did not leave with them but instead went to see Yu Xuan who guarded the entrance until the last minute. He said he is not going to give his position (to stand alongside Yu Xuan) to others. Yu Xuan went to the decisive battle with Bal Masqué's army after she kissed him and executed him by decapitation, keeping his existence from being devoured by Denizens. Xiang Xin departed with a smile on his face.

Blackout ArcEdit

Yu Xuan incinerated Sydonay's PoE

Yu Xuan incinerated by Sydonay's Power of Existence

Yu Xuan went to fight one-on-one with Sydonay, who now wields Shintetsu Nyoi. They come out of the smoke of the destroyed Outlaw after Sydonay had killed many of its members. She claims that she will kill him before attacking using her Unrestricted Spell, Shashin Kensei, to battle him. Sydonay says he will show her the true power of the Shintetsu Nyoi, giving her grants to use Shashin Kensei to create a massive blast that hits him. She believes she had killed Sydonay, but he appears behind her unscathed because his Shintetsu Nyoi won't break unless he commands it to. He uses its ability to summon eyes on the building behind Yu Xuan, shooting out projectiles at her. She blocks them but drops Kun Wu, giving Sydonay the opportunity to destroy it. He then shoots out Power of Existence at Yu Xuan, incinerating her.[1]

In the Light Novels, Sydonay spreads his clones all around Yu Xuan, cornering her with his flame and finish her by breaking Kun Wu into pieces, thus killing her.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flight: Yu Xuan levitates above the Shanghai Outlaw as she converses with Sydonay before fighting him.[1]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Yu Xuan has a mastery of swordsmanship and is able to wield Kun Wu, being capable of killing groups of Denizens in seconds. With Shashin Kensei, she is able to defeat most of her enemies with ease. She was able to combat Sydonay, a powerful Crimson Lord, with her skills, clashing with his Shintetsu Nyoi.[1]

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Yu Xuan Shashin Kensei

Shashin Kensei

Shashin Kensei (捨身剣醒 "Sacrificial Sword Awakening"?): Shashin Kensei is the Unrestricted Spell that Yu Xuan uses. When she uses it, her body disperses into a plum-colored mist leaving only Kun Wu, her straight sword, visible. The sword becomes marvelously swung without the user's body. The mist burns the enemies who touch it and will enter them through their wounds that Kun Wu made, causing them to burn from inside and outside simultaneously. The secret techniques of this spell is to use horizontally spinning Kun Wu as the core covered by the mist, becoming a disk-like saw which slice through the enemies. With this, Yu Xuan could slice tall building from its rooftop to underground as described in the novel.


  • (To Sydonay after his attack on the Shanghai Outlaw): "Well done with eradicating my mob."[1]
  • (To Sydonay): "Your concern is unneeded. The ones who will mourn a loss are Bal Masqué. The ones who will see blood are the two remainders of the Trinity."[1]


  • Yu Xuan's surname, Yu ( Pinyin: Yú?), may be a reference to a historic woman in Chinese history named Yu Ji, or widely known as Yu the Beautiful. She is a concubine of Xiang Yu, the great military leader during the late Qin Dynasty. When believed that he was going to be defeated by Liu Bang (who later became the first emperor of the Han Dynasty), he indulged in alcohol and started singing the Song of Gaixia. Yu Ji performed a sword dance and sang a verse in return. She committed suicide by slitting her throat so Xiang Yu wouldn't have a worry in the fight. Their romance is widely performed as a Chinese Opera, novel or television series usually in the name: Farewell My Concubine.
  • Her given name, Xuan ( Pinyin: Xuān?), may refers to Di Hong (or the Yellow Emperor)'s given name, Xuanyuan (軒轅 Pinyin: Xuānyuán?).
  • Her technique, Shashin Kensei's Shashin (捨身?) has many meanings; In Buddhism, it means renouncing the flesh or to cut off the world's desires or to sacrifice one's body by burning or cutting limbs. In Japan, 捨身 (read as sutemi?) is referring to risking one's life or to give one's life.
  • Kun Wu is the name of the sword Yellow Emperor used to behead Chi You. It is also the mountain's name in ancient Chinese text; its ore is used to create the titular sword.
  • Yu Xuan has the same Japanese voice actress and FUNimation English voice actress as Zemyna. She also shares the same FUNimation voice actress as Leanan-sidhe.



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