Yogasa (夜笠?, Night Cape) is a black piece of clothing worn by the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", the Flame Haze of "Flame of Heaven" Alastor. It is the partial Manifestation of a portion of Alastor's black wing membranes. It transforms according to the wearer's will[1] so it can take any size and shape, wrap around things, and even move on its own to an extent. Shana uses it as a cloak and Mathilde Saint-Omer used it as a mantle.


Yogasa is capable of storing a large amount of items inside it. A part of an item can be let out near the Flame Haze's hand, where they can then pull the whole item out. Shana demonstrates this often with the Nietono no Shana.

Yogasa is summoned by visualizing it and adding Power of Existence to that visualization. Items stored in it are brought out the same way. For Shana, summoning Yogasa and the items inside it is as simple as breathing and walking, but when Yūji tries to summon it in Shana's body, it takes him multiple efforts and he also brings forth her flaming hair and summons Nietono no Shana by mistake, due to his visualization being of his view of her during battles.[1]

It also gives the wearer a first line of defense, being very strong to the extent that it does not sway after being hit by bullets or the Treasure Tool Regular Sharp. Shana uses Yogasa exclusively as a shield by wrapping many layers of it around herself. Mathilde had used it to fly along with an Unrestricted Spell.




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