Xanadu (無何有鏡(ザナドゥ) Mukayū-kyō (Zanadu)?) is the paradise created by the God of Creation (Snake of the Festival). It is said to be an exact replica of the world, located in the rift between the Human World and the Crimson Realm. It is supposed to be a paradise where Crimson Denizens will no longer be required to devour humans for their survival and live in peace with their former adversaries, the Flame Haze. With the existence of Xanadu acting as the barrier between two worlds, the route to the Human World is sealed; Crimson Denizens from Crimson Realm cannot pass through Xanadu and come to this world anymore. Also, there was no Misaki City in Xanadu because it had to be left out due to the requirements for creating Xanadu itself.



  • Xanadu was the capital city of the Mongol conqueror Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty in China. After Marco Polo visited the city in 1275, it became symbolic of a paradise, similar to Avalon and Shambhala.
  • Taken from a famous Chinese philosophy text, Zhuangzi, the term 無何有鏡 (Mukayū-kyō?, Mirror of Not-Even-Anything) is a wordplay of 無何有郷 (Mukayū-kyō) or 無何有の郷 (Mukayū no Sato) which literally mean "Not-Even-Anything Village" or generally translated as "paradise". The two words have the same pronunciation in Japanese, but author intentionally switches the word "village" with "mirror" to refer to how Xanadu is the duplicated world that would become a "paradise".

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