"This will hurt."
—WestShore to the Denizens.

WestShore (ウェストショア Uestoshoa?) is a Native-American Flame Haze who, with the other three, are known as the Four Gods of Earth. She has the title "Raiser of Great Billows" (滄波の振り手 Sōha no Furite?) and along with Chalchiuhtlicue, her contracted Crimson Lord, is widely feared by many Denizens. Her nickname is "The Woman Who Dances on Sea Edge" (波濤の先に踊る女 Hatō no Saki ni Odoru Onna?).


WestShore has a dark complexion and has a tall but slender build. She has straight, dark brown hair, which is short around her face, with her fringe cut above her eyebrow and the sides of her hair just covering her ears. She has also grown it long at the back and has it tied. On each ear she wears golden hoop earrings. Her eyes are a deep blue color.

She wears a robe which slightly resembles a poncho. The dress is dark green at the collar, but is lighter at other parts. It has wide sleeves that cover most of her arm and cross-shaped patterns around her body. Underneath the robe she wears a white shirt. She also wears a skirt that is of the same color as the robe. Around her neck she wears an undulating contour-shaped stone medal named Teotl, which is Chalchiuhtlicue's Divine Vessel.


WestShore's facial expressions and frequent crying often causes concern to the people around her who aren't familiar with her, thinking that she is depressed. She screams and cries while fighting, being scared even when she is at an advantage during battle.


When she was human, WestShore was a shell diver who continuously heard the screams of death from far and near.

In the 19th century, the Four Gods of Earth and their comrades had plotted to destroy the government of the United States to liberate their fellow natives who had suffered from the invasion of white people. Many Flame Haze stood up to stop the plot, leading to the Civil War where the two groups of Flame Haze fought, but this would cost dearly as the balance of the world had collapsed and the Denizens were wreaking havoc as they pleased. The Four Gods had no choice but to abandon the plan, along with the passion to protect the world that expanded by sacrificing their fellow people and the great earth. With a suggestion from a Tuner, they each became the keeper of the four Outlaws in four major cities of North and South America. Now, WestShore runs one of the Outlaw branches in the United States.


Misaki City Final Battle ArcEdit

Westshore touch Shana hand

WestShore greeting Shana

WestShore, along with SouthValley, flies to the Hong Kong International Airport to meet up with Shana and Chiara. As she gets off her flight, WestShore is asked if she is okay by a group of people, whom she thanks for their kindness. SouthValley shoves the people away and the two greet Shana and Chiara. WestShore lovingly touches Shana's hands despite meeting her for the first time, hearing that CenterHill and Tlaloc passed their wisdom on to her. Shana states that it is too early to determine that what she had received was wisdom. Later WestShore, SouthValley, Shana and Chiara meet up with Margery, Wilhelmina, Khamsin and Seere at EastEdge's New York Outlaw post. Shana tells them all that she will attack Bal Masqué's headquarters. The three members of the Four Gods of Earth explain that they will decide to help if what the God of Creation is doing is wrong and will stop the Denizens from causing a great catastrophe. Shana tells them CenterHill's message, that the decision to fight isn't wrong, making up their minds to go with her.[1]

Westshore attack creatures

WestShore attacking with the creatures

WestShore and the other Flame Haze attend a meeting headed by Alastor and Shana. Alastor concludes that he will condemn Bal Masqué for their sins. Later, WestShore arrives in Misaki City and confronts the army of Orobas and Leraje near the Seireiden shrine, Saishuku no Shadan, standing on water. The horde of winged Crimson Denizens around her attack her with flames but she screams, summoning her sea creatures, which protect her from the attacks. She attacks with the creatures, trapping them inside them. She begs them to stop fighting and to return to the Crimson Realm before converting them into water, glad that they understood.[2]

WestShore cries as she twirls around on the water, creating waves that push back the Denizen army.[3]

As the Denizen army approaches, WestShore taps her foot to summon an enormous sea creature which entraps them. She then shoots her flame upwards and sends the Denizens towards it, killing them. She asks Chalciuhtlicue if this was cruel and she responds that she shouldn't feel bad and that they will kill them all in the end.[4]

Westshore stop Orobas axe with kick

WestShore stopping Orobas' axe attack with a kick

After Shana uses her Chorde rings on the World Egg, she uses Shinpan to explain to the Snake of the Festival and to the Flame Haze, including WestShore, their new law for Xanadu; humans can't be eaten by Denizens. Later, WestShore is still combating the Denizens when Leraje, riding on Orobas in his horse form, approaches her using the Robes of Nimrod, her Unrestricted Spell. WestShore attacks using her bird creatures, but after Leraje is unaffected, she uses more creatures to defend herself from Orobas' flames. Orobas transforms back into human form and attacks using an axe, but WestShore halts him with a kick. She delivers another kick to his head, sending him flying into Leraje's hands. She tells the two Denizens that she was waiting for Shana and Alastor's words. She tells them what she told Shana; to envision a great dream and take actions toward it.[5]

WestShore uses geysers of water to block Orobas and Leraje from continuing their attack.[6]

WS SV EE watch Khamsin pass away

WestShore, SouthValley and EastEdge watching as Khamsin passes away

WestShore, along with everyone else in the area, senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei and listens to Shaher, the God of Guidance, talking about the Heir to Both Worlds. Later, with Xanadu created and the majority of Bal Masqué already having departed for the new world, WestShore and the rest of the Flame Haze gather around the dying Khamsin. They watch on as he passes away.[7]

WestShore and the other Flame Haze watch as Kazumi passes the newly-born Justus to Wilhelmina. After Seere and Chiara arrive, Rebecca Reed meets up with the group on board the Tendōkyū. EastEdge states that he, SouthValley and WestShore will lead the one-thousand, two-hundred and twenty-five Flame Haze on Tendōkyū to Xanadu, which WestShore believes is a task they can handle. WestShore then flies into the path that leads to Xanadu and is converted into light.[8]



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


WestShore's summoned creatures

Dance of Sedna (セドナの舞 Sedona no Mai?): WestShore's power is to control water and summon sea creatures made from water at will. The creatures resemble dolphins and are comprised of water. They are able to protect WestShore from attacks and trap enemies inside them before decomposing them and converting their remaining Power of Existence into the stable state of water.[2] WestShore is also capable of standing on water and can twirl around to strengthen its currents.[3] She usually summons a group of creatures, but can also summon one enormous one. After trapping enemies, she can then use her flame to destroy them.[4] In addition, WestShore is not limited to summoning aquatic life and can also create birds.[5] This water ability is the opposite of Endan.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite her appearance, WestShore is also a capable fighter, utilizing kicks in close combat. She has great strength in her kicks, halting an axe-wielding Orobas' attack with one and incapacitating him with another.[5]

Flight: WestShore enters Xanadu by flying upwards towards the tunnel which leads to the new world.[8]


  • (After being attacked by Denizens): "Oh my... that was frightening. How could you attack me so suddenly?"[2]
  • (To the Denizens): "Please stop fighting. Please return to the Crimson Realm. I beg you." *Converts them into water. "I'm glad you understood."[2]
  • (To the Denizens): "This will hurt."[4]


  • According to the correspondence between The Four Gods' names and their Outlaw's location and hints from the dialogues in volume 21, the Outlaw WestShore is overseeing should be in either Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  • WestShore has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Tiriel.
  • Sedna is the Inuit goddess of sea and marine animals. In some source, she becomes the ruler of the deep sea's creatures born from her fingers which were cut off by her own father.[9]



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