Water Manipulation (水の操作 Mizu no Sōsa?) is the Special Ability of "Conveyor of Posture" François Auric.[1]


François has an extensive repertoire of skills founded from his ability to control water. He is able to use rivers and waterways for long-distance interference and detection, can use precipitation like rain and snow as a medium for Long-distance Communication, and can even control the weather within a certain range.[1] Using this ability to change the weather, when François gathers data, he can forecast weather with an accuracy that is impossible for human scientific knowledge.

François can change water into snow, and by having it fall on the battlefield and resonating with it, he can detect enemies. Therefore, he has excellent skills for support missions.[1]


François predicted the weather during the planning and time scheduling of both Operation Calm and Operation Crossroads and lead the large-scale aerial tactics used in arriving at Seireiden. He also relayed information about the state of the battle to other Flame Haze.



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