Wall of Miasmal Screen (幕瘴壁 Bakushōheki?) was a powerful offensive and defensive Unrestricted Spell boasted by "Ironclad Dragon" Illuyanka, the left of the "Pair of Wings" which symbolized Töten Glocke's might.


During the medieval times of the Great War, just as his partner Merihim's Rainbow's Heaven Sword was called the "strongest attacking Unrestricted Spell at present", Illuyanka's Wall of Miasmal Screen had been revered as the "hardest Unrestricted Spell at present".

Wall of Miasmal Screen was the ability of Illuyanka to unleash a dark gray smoke resembling volcanic ash from anywhere on his body, such as from his mouth or wings. This smoke then spreads throughout a wide area before forming a barrier of unparalleled hardness which would repel whatever collided with it. It could even repel Tendōkyū as it plummeted at great speed. Illuyanka could spray the smoke from places such as his wings to accelerate during flight and change direction, and he would form the smoke behind him as he rushed in to attack to form an impregnable barrier at his back.

Wall of Miasmal Screen's density was adjustable, making it one of the most versatile Unrestricted Spells. It could be applied to only harden sections of the smoke and was often used to solidify warheads which could be accelerated with the smoke behind them being used as propulsion. This created powerful rockets which would crush Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens with average reflexes, along with whatever defensive Unrestricted Spell they tried to use.


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