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"So someone who's not a Flame Haze yet? I found you! This is the best! It's the best answer I could wish for! After all, obstructing the resurrection of the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter is a great success that no one can ignore!"
—To the girl when she says she will become a Flame Haze.

Vine (ウィネ Uine?) is a Jaeger of Bal Masqué and a subordinate of Bel Peol whose true name is "Glazed Eyes" (琉眼 Ryūgan?). He was tasked to prevent the succession of the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", which he failed to do, costing him his life and Tendōkyū's power of floating.


Vine is depicted as a motorcycle-rider, with only his eyes visible due to his bodysuit clothing and helmet. Both his bodysuit and helmet have yellow markings which resemble lightning on them. He wears a gold key as a necklace. In the anime, he is 180 cm tall.[1]


Vine is seen to be selfish in wanting to have all of the rewards for preventing the exaltation of the new "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". This can be seen when Orgon, who was also given this task, asked Vine if he had any information about who was eliminating Bal Masqué members, he replies that he didn't have any when he actually did.


Vine was given a task by Bel Peol to prevent the exaltation of the new "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". He brought with him the Gordian Knot, which, unbeknownst to him, contained a large-scale destructive Power of Unrestraint and would activate when he perished, at Tendōkyū.


The Girl from Tendōkyū Arc[]

Vine looking at the key and imagining talking to Bel Peol

Vine is on the outskirts of a town in Asia, watching Wilhelmina Carmel and hoping to trap the Tendōkyū with an Unrestricted Spell, when Orgon appears behind him. Orgon was sent by Bel Peol and informs Vine about how Bal Masqué members were being eliminated. He replies by saying he saw a strong Flame Haze a while ago. Orgon leaves to fight the Flame Haze, leaving Vine to hope that he doesn't kill it. Later, Vine fondles his key and thinks about when Bel Peol asked him for help and gave him the key. Later, he is in Orgon's Fūzetsu around the town, and is able to see Tendōkyū after Shiro shot his Rainbow's Heaven Sword and broke Crypta. He then races towards it on his motorcycle.[2]

Vine about to attack the girl and Tenmoku Ikko

Vine arrives at Tendōkyū, approaching a girl and the frozen Shiro. He asks who she is and laughs when she responds that she is one who will become a Flame Haze. He charges his Power of Existence and is about to kill her when Wilhelmina Carmel uses her ribbons to hurl him away, exploding his motorcycle around him. He is hurt but shoots a ball of existence at Wilhelmina and the girl, who Shiro defends. The two retreat, with Shiro preventing Vine from attacking them. Tenmoku Ikko suddenly appears and decapacitates Shiro, who falls into the water. Vine is fearful as Tenmoku Ikko approaches him. He backs away, realising that Tenmoku Ikko was the one killing Bal Masqué members. Wilhelmina and the girl return and Vine watches as the girl takes Tenmoku Ikko away. He tries to stop them, but is foiled by Wilhelmina. Orgon arrives and faces Wilhelmina, while Vine goes after Tenmoku Ikko and the girl, arriving at the room with Alastor's flame. He attacks the girl, who orders Tenmoku Ikko to kill him. The Mystes then slashes Vine from the back.[3]

Vine is still alive and tries to crawl away. Tenmoku Ikko picks him up and devours him.[4]



When Orgon is present, Vine is polite and appears to obey him, stuttering when talking to him, which shows his fear. Secretly, he thinks of Orgon as someone who wants to take his glory.

Bel Peol[]

Vine is extremely obedient to Bel Peol, and wants to achieve glory for her. She is also somewhat of a role-model for him, as he asks her to protect him when he was about to be killed by Tenmoku Ikko.

Powers and Abilities[]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Endan (炎弾?, Flame Bullet): Vine can gather his existence into balls of energy, which he blasts out of his hands to attack enemies. These balls seem to be weak, as Shiro is able to easily deflect them.[3]

Contagion of Perception (知覚の伝染 Chikaku no Densen?): One of Vine's Special Abilites (特殊能力 Tokushu Nōryoku?).[5]

Shikai Kakuran (視界撹乱?, Vision Disturbance): Another of his Special Abilities;[5] Vine can use Shikai Kakuran to change the direction of an opponent's field of view. This happens by altering their vision so that they see in different directions, such as one eye seeing what's in front and another seeing what's on the right, even though both eyes are still facing the same direction. A drawback, however, is the spell's limited use.

Treasure Tools[]

The Gordian Knot activating

Gordian Knot (非常手段ゴルディアン・ノット Gorudian Notto?, lit. Emergency Measure): Vine possesses a Gordian Knot, which is in the form of a golden key. It only activates after he dies. When activated, Vine's Gordian Knot disintegrates, creating a tremendous energy outburst, which resulted in the destruction of Tendōkyū.


  • (To himself while being interrogated by Orgon): "I only have a little more to go before finding the Tendōkyū. I won't let him steal the glory I'm about to obtain."[2]
  • (Vine to Bel Peol in his imagination): "Bel Peol-sama. Soon... Soon, I shall be able to present you with the best... the greatest success."[2]
  • (When seeing Tendōkyū): "There it is... I found it. Tendōkyū!"[2]
  • (While racing towards Tendōkyū): "Yes! It's great! The world is turning for me!"[2]
  • (To the girl when she says she will become a Flame Haze): "So someone who's not a Flame Haze yet? I found you! This is the best! It's the best answer I could wish for! After all, obstructing the resurrection of the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter is a great success that no one can ignore!"[3]
  • (To the girl while getting ready to kill her): "Goodbye. I pray that you can be born into a better life in your next one."[3]
  • (To himself when Tenmoku Ikko approaches him): "What? That's impossible. Why is it here? Why is that that does harm to the Crimson Realm in front of me!? Tenmoku Ikko! G-Go away. Go away. Go away, go away, go away, go away, go away!"[3]
  • (To himself as he backs away from Tenmoku Ikko): "Everything would have all worked out soon. And... what is this?! No way. There's no way I'd win against this guy! Wait. Wait a bit! What happened to Orgon? Don't tell me he... I get it, so this guy has been killing the members of Bal Masqué. Bel Peol-sama, please protect me!"[3]




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