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"...Unrestricted Spells brings forth impossibilities."
Merihim's remark about Unrestricted Spells.

Unrestricted Spell (自在法 Jizaihō?) is the general term used for powerful magic spells in which Power of Existence is consumed. Spells classified under this term can be used for any purpose, and sometimes requires time and/or an incantation for it to activate. Sometimes, they also require a specific insignia (自在式 Jizai-shiki?) to activate. One who excels at the use of Unrestricted Spells is called a Master (自在師 Jizaishi?)

List of Unrestricted Spells[]


see full article: Alcázar

A Unrestricted Spell unique to Cecilia Rodrigo, which allows Cecilia to strengthen objects by entwining them with her non-substantial leaves and branches.


see full article: Anti-Seal

A Unrestricted Spell invented by Dantalion to counteract the effects of Tuning on a Distortion.


see full article: Aster

The primary Unrestricted Spell used by Hecate. This spell unleashes an array of energy bolts at her enemies.

City Devourer[]

see full article: City Devourer

It is a very powerful Unrestricted Spell that is able to convert a large area, like a city directly into Power of Existence. The area that is involved in this power will lose existence completely.


see full article: Danzai

It is an Unrestricted Spell unique to Shana. Its primary purpose seems to be the destruction of obstacles, such as reinforced doors, structures, and destroying the enemy directly.

Dragon Tail[]

see full article: Dragon Tail

It is an Unrestricted Spell created by Dantalion that was given to Yuji Sakai when he merges with the Snake of the Festival. It allows him to manipulate his hair to be used offensively and defensively and can even tear a tall building in half or block Shana's flame blast.


see full article: Grammatica

It is an Unrestricted Spell uniquely owned and used by the Mystes, Yuji Sakai. It is entirely Yuji's own spell, not influenced by the Snake of the Festival or anybody. It uses multiple spells to form several combinations which can create many different effects.


see full article: Hien

An Unrestricted Spell unique to Shana, which can provide a continuous stream of flame.


see full article: Inverna

It is a Unrestricted Spell used by Pheles which creates a storm surrounding her targets. This storm hides one's presence from others, effectively allowing stealth attacks.

Kaze no Tenrin[]

see full article: Kaze no Tenrin

A surveillance-type Unrestricted Spell that Pheles uses in her search for Johann.


see full article: Magnesia

Fecor's signature Unrestricted Spell which creates storm of heavy cubical particles. There is no attack that it cannot block except for Tenmoku Ikko's slash using the Nietono no Shana.

Purifying Flame[]

see full article: Purifying Flame

A generic ability amongst Flame Haze, this allows Flame Haze to eliminate specific "impurities" in their bodies like the effects of alcohol and dirt among others. It uses minimal Power of Existence.

Saiki Reisō[]

see full article: Saiki Reisō

It is an Unrestricted Spell unique to Snake of the Festival and his one-time contractor Yuji Sakai. It is used to create Xanadu but it requires a sacrifice to make it work since it is a Divine Summoning.

Seal (Fūzetsu)[]

see full article: Seal

It is the most common of all of the Unrestricted Spells. It is used before any battle in order for the Flame Haze to use the Power of Existence to repair the damage of structure in the Seal.


see full article: Shinku

It is an Unrestricted Spell unique to Shana, it forms a shape of a hand with flame, its primary purpose seems to be to push back, and even defeat enemies.


see full article: Shinpan

It is an Unrestricted Spell unique to Shana that can be used to remotely observe areas from far away, broadcast speech over a wide area, to determine the purpose of unrestricted spells, and able to sense Power of Existence in a large area.

Shōhi Ginsei[]

see full article: Shōhi Ginsei

It is an Unrestricted Spell that is unique to Shaher and her servants like Rofocale. The ceremony's aim is to summon Shaher's voice which is sent to every single person involving the Crimson Realm; Flame Haze and Denizens alike. This voice cannot be blocked meaning everyone will know about the news Shaher announces. Since it is a Divine Summoning, it requires one of her servants to become a sacifice to make it work.


see full article: Stigma

The Unrestricted Spell in which "Destructive Blade" Sabrac is famous for. This causes all injuries caused by Sabrac's attacks to enlarge in size over time, ensuring most of his battles to sway in his favor. Later, Johann created a counter spell which breaks Stigma's effect and leads to Sabrac's defeat at Misaki City. After that battle, Sabrac refines the spell and names it "Stigmata".

Tatsui no Gen[]

see full article: Tatsui no Gen

Literally means "Speech of Conveying". Another commonly used Unrestricted Spell which is used by Crimson Denizens to translate their speech when they speak to human beings.


see full article: Tuning

A spell designed to counteract a Distortion.

Tenpa Jōsai[]

see full article: Tenpa Jōsai

It is an Unrestricted Spell inherited by Flame Haze of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Using up an enormous amount of Power of Existence, Alastor materializes in the living world, causing widespread damage in a large area. Flame Haze who use this spell usually loses all of their Power of Existence as requirement of the spell and dies.


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