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Ullikummi (ウルリクムミ Ururikumumi?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz. He commands as the front line army's general during the Great War. Despite the gigantic size and fierce power he possesses, Ullikummi is also an expert in command skills and tactics to the degree that Sophie Sawallisch and Bel Peol acknowledge him as the formidable strategist. His direct subordinate is Alraune, the mystic flower Denizen who always stays by his side.


Ullikummi takes form of headless giant created from steel plates. There is a white insignia in the shape of a two-headed bird on his chest.


He is a very reliant, just, and upright figure who always cares for his subordinates. While the soldiers retreat, he would be the rear guard protecting them against the pursuing enemies. Also, he is very modest as he feels anxious about his size during the preparation of Töten Glocke's marching ceremony to the Brocken fortress; he offers himself to be the last of the nine to walk. His speech is very loud and always ends with the reverberating sound of the last word.


Joining the Angel of Blue Coffins' Army[]

In the past, Ullikummi seems to be indebted to Asiz, who wanders around the world to seek the method to revive his beloved Flame Haze. That unrepayable debt becomes the reason Ullikummi joins the organization in order to repay with his eternal loyalty. He is the second to join the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, after Illuyanka.


Great War[]

Ullikummi commands the front line army at the battle of Brocken, where the final stage of the "Grand Scheme" will be commenced. He and Sokar attack Sophie Sawallisch and Karl Berwald's army. Eventually, Sokar is destroyed by Karl's ultimate power: Gripen's Howl and Draken's Roar. When he hears of the news of Sokar's death, Ullikummi goes rampaging on Sophie's army, destroying one of her flank in an instant. He too suffers great damage, even having holes on his body, from the Flame Haze's cannon and Sophie's lightning kick but doesn't waver all from these attacks

When Mathilde Saint-Omer successfully manages to perform the Divine Summoning, with Jarri as the necessary sacrifice, to summon Alastor into the world, the Crimson God and Asiz clash, which results in the Töten Glocke leader perishing along with his dream. Ullikummi witnesses this and orders the retreat of the remnant of the Töten Glocke army. He stays as the rear guard with Alraune by his side to ensure their soldiers' escape. They are eventually destroyed by Sophie Sawallisch. He is the last member of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales to perish in the Great War, excluding Merihim, who has his life spared by Mathilde to train her successor.





He isn't on a good terms with Sokar, another Nine Eternal Divine Scale. But when he learns of his death, he comments that even though he considered Sokar to be a wicked and detestable Denizen, he was also a long-time and reliable comrade served Asiz with him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Unrestricted Spells[]

Iron Hammer of Nesa (ネサの鉄槌 Nesa no Tettsui?): Ullikummi's ultimate power. It creates a furious storm from metal taken from his surroundings (including Flame Haze's armor and weapons) and fires it as a sparkling, dark blue-colored wave.


  • (To Asiz when joining him): "In order to repay this debt of gratitudeeee, I offer my life to youuuu, Masterrrr."[1]


  • He is able to withstand a number of Sophie Sawallisch's lightning attacks but retains severe damages like holes and burns on his body.
  • Ullikummi is the name of a giant stone monster from Hurrian mythology.[2]




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