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The Trinity (三柱臣 (トリニティ) Toriniti?, lit., "Retainers of the Three Pillars") were three powerful Crimson Lords who operated Bal Masqué under their Leader.


Normally, Crimson Denizens join organizations due to their own circumstances in a similar manner to humans, such as approving of the organization's goals, using the organization for their own purposes, choosing to cooperate with one from personal feelings, or a combination of such reasons. Unlike those ordinary Denizens, the Trinity are a peculiar existence, one which was created and destined to belong together.

The truth behind this is that the Trinity were Servants created by their Leader, the God of Creation Snake of the Festival, to protect and help him. Each of them has covenants charged upon them, with Sydonay known to have 8.[1][2] If any of the Trinity die, when the opportunity presents itself, they can be reborn as the same person by Snake of the Festival's power. Though they show tremendous loyalty to Snake of the Festival, their creator and Leader, they do not blindly follow him and move towards fulfilling the Grand Order from their own standpoints.

Of their true purposes, Bel Peol's mission is to use caution and to watch over and plan, Sydonay's mission is to deal with opposition by fighting them off, and Hecate is to lead them down a smooth path. According to Professor Dantalion, the Trinity are "a complete system which protects itself, plans for itself, and starts itself up.", and there is no place for others in that system.[3][4] Each of the Trinity possesses a Treasure Tool for use in accomplishing the Grand Order, and they are only allowed to use them during circumstances involving the Grand Order.


Position True name and alias Grand Order Treasure Tool
Bel Peol1.png Chief of Staff (参謀 Sanbō?) "Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning" Bel Peol Chain-shaped Treasure Tool Tartaros
Sydonay.png General (将軍 Shōgun?) "Thousand Changes" Sydonay Spear-shaped Treasure Tool Shintetsu Nyoi
Hecate.png Priestess (巫女 Miko?) "Master Throne" Hecate Staff-shaped Treasure Tool Trigon

Bel Peol was first known as the Mediator (審神者 Saniwa?) before changing her position to the Strategist (軍師 Gunshi?). After the restructuring of Bal Masqué in the modern era, she changed her position from the Strategist to Chief of Staff. However, Snake of the Festival himself and veteran members such as the Wanderer Orgon still referred to her as the Strategist. Hecate, the most revered of the Trinity, was often referred to by the honorary title Great Priestess (大御巫 Ōmikannagi?).


When the Grand Order had been fulfilled, Bel Peol had been the only member of the Trinity to survive and depart to the New World Xanadu. Hecate had been used as a sacrifice and had died. Sydonay stayed with Yūji Sakai in Misaki City, and during the battle that had unfolded against Margery Daw, Sydonay perished, his death in battle akin to suicide.



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