A Treasure Tool (宝具 Hōgu?, lit. precious tool) is a magical object which can provide special abilities or even an Unrestricted Spell to the one who possesses it.

A Treasure Tool is created when a single Crimson Denizen and a human, each representing their own world, has the same desire to one another. If it is worked out with the right Unrestricted Spells and physical materials, a Treasure Tool for the sole purpose of fulfilling that desire will be created.

Most Denizens, Flame Haze, and even humans who aid them, possess one or more of these, and would try to acquire as many as they can for many reasons, like getting an upper hand in critical time during battles.

List of Treasure Tools Edit


see full article: Atalante

A Treasure Tool in the form of golden bracelet possessed by Ukobach. When blown with an amount of the Power of Existence it creates bubbles which could detain humans inside but the human will not die. It is no longer used by Ukobach because of his defeat.


see full article: Azure

A Treasure Tool in the form of a ring. Its ability is to nullify the effects of fire, including heat, making it invulnerable to enemies whose main powers are based on flames, which is a common manifestation of a Flame Haze's power.

Bakuyagai Edit

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An armor-shaped Treasure Tool worn by Yūji Sakai after his mergence with the Snake of the Festival. The armor is mostly black with a scarlet-colored hemming and a scarlet long scarf. It allows him to fly and safeguard him from attacks.

Blutsauger Edit

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This Treasure Tool is a huge and heavy sword till a point that Sato Keisaku and Eita Tanaka had to use a tool to give it to Yuji and that dropping it flat on the ground would leave a slight indentation on the ground.

Bubble Loot Edit

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It is a part of "(Treasure) Hunter" Friagne's collection of Treasure Tools.


see full article: Caina

A Treasure Tool in the form of silver tray. It was created by Gavida, a Crimson Lord who is also the creator of Tendoukyuu and Seireiden himself. He enjoyed working and talking with humans but did not want to devour them in order to manifest himself in our world. Eventually, he built Caina, in which anyone who stays on this wouldn't need the Power of Existence for the manifestation. After the Great War ended, Alastor used this Treasure Tool when he was searching for the successor to the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".


see full article: Chorde

The Treasure Tool(s) in the form of rings possessed by Kasha. They can create and control flying flame bullets and make them explode to the enemies, but the rings won't be destroyed by the explosion.

Crystal Altar Edit

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Crystal Altar is a Treasure Tool that functions as a miniature projection of the real world. It is crystal blue and it is displayed by its name.

Dance PartyEdit

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It's a Treasure Tool shaped like a clear glass bell decorated with etched details. It is used to attack and to fulfill Friagne's plan to launch the Unrestricted Spell, City Devourer, to make Marianne an individual being.

Dark Pearls of Seven TreasuresEdit

see full article: Dark Pearls of Seven Treasures

They are crystalline bead-shaped Treasure Tools worn on Ribesal's torso. He can use it to duplicate himself as seen in the anime. Moreover, in the novel, these Treasure Tools can also be used as enemy-detecting devices when buried in the ground, as bullets on enemies, or even to strengthen allies who hold them.


see full article: Gehinnom

An enormous stone bowl found inside the Bal Masqué headquarters filled with ashes which moves to make quick, accurate replicas of the desired area nearby.


see full article: Giralda

A Treasure Tool shaped like a cross pendant. Pheles gives it to Kazumi Yoshida.

Gordian Knot(s)Edit

see full article: Gordian Knot

A set of "artificially-made" Treasure Tools crafted by "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion. Each Gordian Knot contains a certain Unrestricted Method which is triggered when the person wielding it dies (thus igniting the 'fuse' inside). Noted effects of Gordian Knots are: transportation (originally possessed by Bifrons; later used by Sabrac) and energy outburst (activated at Vine's death, resulting in the destruction of the Tendōkyū.


see full article: Hystrix

One of Sabrac's favourite western-styled great sword. It was deformed by Dantalion's experiment, changing it into the sword with a drill.


see full article: Jettatura

A Treasure Tool with the form of a monocle. Its sole purpose is to allow a normal person to gain the ability to see the "flame" of a Torch by looking through it.

King BritonEdit

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A Treasure Tool with the form of giant hammer possessed by the creator of Caina, Tendoukyu and Seireiden, Gavida.

Golden Banner and TokensEdit

see full article: Golden Banner and Tokens

A Treasure Tool "set" in the shape of a hanging banner and a dozen of tokens. Those who hold the tokens can be transported to the whereabouts of the hanging banner. It is a part of Friagne's Treasure Tool collection.

However, there are some cons: their range of effectiveness is about hundreds of kilometers from the banner, the waiting time before the activation of the tokens is necessary, and the banner cannot be dislocated during the usage.


see full article: Lahat

Also known as Rotating Flame Sword (回炎剣 Kaienken?), it a Treasure Tool of Friagne in the shape of a sword. The sword can be controlled at will and its blade can change into flame, burning enemies.


see full article: Mekest

A Treasure Tool in the form of iron pole possessed by Khamsin as the instrument for tuning procedure. In battle, it was used as the handle of his stony whip by Khamsin, who cloaked himself as the rubble giant. Khamsin also uses it as a bludgeoning weapon while attempting to evade Crimson Denizens atop a speeding van, and it is also used at one point when using power of unrestraint.


see full article: Nachtigall

A Treasure Tool in the form of birdcage, it contains one of the greatest master of Unrestricted Spell of all time, Leanan-sidhe, inside. "It" had been used as the instrument to compose complicated spells with ease. The final possessor of the Nachtigall was Asiz. After the Great War, Leanan-sidhe released herself from the birdcage, thus deactivated it.

Nine Eternal Divine ScalesEdit

see full article: Nine Eternal Divine Scales (Treasure Tool)

A Treasure Tool in the form of giant scale with nine plates. It is said to share the Power of Existence between Denizens who stand on them.

Nietono no Shana Edit

see full article: Nietono no Shana

It is a long sword (nodachi) wielded by Shana. It is crafted by a blacksmith who was later reborn as Tenmoku Ikko, the Mystes who was also the first who wielded it.


see full article: Nomenclator

A distinctive Treasure Tool in the shape of silver round tray. It has the ability to analyze the structure of any objects or spells and displays them. Given to Pheles by Harriet Smith when she died, she uses it to analyze and adjust the Psalm of Grand Order by Johann's request.

Oreikhalkos Edit

see full article: Oreikhalkos

A cutlass-shaped Treasure Tool worn by Fecor, though he rarely uses it. He can control the blade with his eyes alone without wielding it. Its power is to release a slash that can even cut the air apart.

Orgel Edit

see full article: Orgel

It is a Treasure Tool in the shape of a music box, owned originally by "Aizenji" Tiriel. Orgel is used primarily to replicate the effects of casting complicated Unrestricted Spells multiple times or maintaining an Unrestricted Spell in effect. The only setback to this is that it is not allowed to be moved from the place where its effect is first used.


see full article: Papagena

A Treasure Tool in the form of ceremonial handbell, it could create many flame bullets in seconds.

Regular Sharp Edit

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A Treasure Tool used by both Friagne and his Rinne, Marianne, which takes the shape of a deck of cards. When desired, the cards increase in number into an indefinite amount, forming a vortex in which a volley of energy bolts appear to attack multiple opponents. It was originally used as "automatic shuffling cards", not as a weapon.

Reiji Maigo Edit

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It is the Treasure Tool stored inside Yuji Sakai's body. It is able to replenish the keeper's Power of Existence up to its maximum by midnight just as long as enough Power of Existence is left inside the keeper's body.

Reshuffle Edit

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A Treasure Tool shaped like a medieval mariner's telescope. This is shown only in the anime episode of Shakugan no Shana S.


see full article: Robe

One of Friagne's Treasure Tools in the form of a length of white cloth which loosely wraps around Friagne. It allows him to fly and glide through the air with ease and can also act as a shield, blocking off attacks in a way similar to Wilhelmina Carmel's ribbons.


see full article: Seireiden

It is a massive Treasure Tool that currently served as the headquarters of the Crimson Realm-based organization Bal Masqué. It was created by Gavida along with its counterpart Tendōkyū.


see full article: Sfumato

One of Friagne's Treasure Tools in the form of a couch. When sat on, it will completely hide the sitter's presence.

Shintetsu Nyoi Edit

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A polearm-shaped Treasure Tool possessed by Sydonay. It can change form into any weapon the wielder wishes it to be (even multiplying into thousand of itself). This Treasure Tool cannot be bent, fractured or destroyed by any means, unless it was the wielder's demand.

Tarnkappe Edit

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A Treasure Tool owned by Bifrons. It is in the shape of a long black cape which covers Bifrons' slender body. It allows the user to move without being detected by Flame Haze or other Denizen (even Zarovee who coordinates a mission with him couldn't notice his arrival); Although movement will be slower than normal making himself disadvantaged when discovered by the naked eye. Tarnkappe is German for "Camouflage cap".

Tartaros Edit

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Bel Peol's primary Treasure Tool in the form of a length of chain. It has the ability to store an army of Rinne inside which is very convenient when going on battle.


see full article: Tendōkyū

It is a massive Treasure Tool in the form of a floating landmass with a large palace constructed on it. It was used by its creator Gavida as his personal quarters until his death, and was then used to house "Flame of Heaven" Alastor, Wilhelmina Carmel and Merihim on their search for the next "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".


see full article: Tessera

A collective name for each of Outlaw's primary Treasure Tools. It is to mask the Power of Existence of Flame Haze and is a vital part of an Outlaw headquarters.

Trigger Happy Edit

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A revolver-shaped Treasure Tool which belongs to Friagne's large collection of Treasure Tools. It is able to destroy the Vessel in which a Crimson Lord contracted to a Flame Haze "sleeps" and thus, awakening its full power.

Trigon Edit

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Treasure Tool in the form of a staff. Hecate unleashes her primary Unrestricted Spell, Aster, using this Treasure Tool. It is one of the three instruments for the Grand Order.


see full article: Trivia

It is a Treasure Tool used by the Bal Masqué in Seireiden. Its primary role is to connect to the control room and detect enemies' invasion.

Yogasa Edit

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It is a Treasure Tool in the shape of a black cloak or cape. It is one of the Treasure Tools which appear to be exclusive to Flame Haze of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" and is even rumored to be a part of the Crimson God Alastor.



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