Transformation (変化 Henge?) was the Special Ability of Sydonay.[1] Other names for it are Thousand Changes (千変 Senpen?), named after Sydonay's true name,[2] and Metamorphosis (変身 Henshin?).[3] Unlike other Crimson Denizens, Sydonay could freely change his form when the need arose. The more serious he got, the further away from being humanoid his form became.[2]


Transformation was Sydonay's innate ability to freely transform his entire body or parts of it. This ability included increasing the number of heads, mouths and limbs he possessed, and taking the form of various animals. Sydonay often took the form of a tiger and also frequently used a chimera form comprised of different animals and a dragon form with many heads.[4]


Sydonay Manticore

Sydonay's Chimera Form

  • Chimera Form: Sydonay's most used transformation during combat, which gave him the appearance of a chimera. He becomes much larger, with the body of a tiger, the hands and feet of a bird, the wings of a bat, a green lizard's tail, and a long horn on his head.
    • Telepathy: While in his chimera form, Sydonay can still talk to people, but doesn't have to open his mouth because he still has his normal conscience.[5]
    • Flight: Sydonay is able to fly and levitate because of his wings.[5] Additionally, he is able to fly when he was cut in half by Yurii Chvojka's tornado, propelling himself by gushing out his Power of Existence from the wound he received.[6]
    • Enhanced Strength: Sydonay is able to effortlessly hurl Margery into the side of a building with one hand, using great force.[5]
    • Power of Existence Manipulation: Sydonay is able to release a ball of Power of Existence from his mouth, which has enough power to reduce a building to rubble.[5] He can also form and release balls from his hands.[6]
    • Body Alteration: While in his chimera form, Sydonay can reveal part of his usual, human body.[5] He was able to alter his flesh to throw Yūji up after Shana and Wilhelmina when they were flying to the World Egg.[7]
    • Regeneration: Sydonay is able to regenerate limbs that he has lost during battle.[8]
Sydonay Rock Manticore

Sydonay's Rock Chimera Form

  • Rock Chimera Form: Additionally, Sydonay can coat his chimera form in a durable, rock-like substance, which covers him like a shell as he forms a ball. Only his face, wings, and lizard's tail are left uncovered. He later covers these parts when he protects Annaberg. He can also detach the rocky shell from his body, leaving it to fool opponents.[6]
    • Flight: Sydonay can still fly, or at list maneuver his decent because his bat wings are left uncovered by the rock.[6]
    • Immense Durability: Sydonay is extremely resilient, able to withstand an attack from Margery's Improvisational Poem of Slaughter, which caused severe damage to the Empire State Building.[6]
  • Chimera Variant Forms: Sydonay can transform his hand into the head of a chimera and can attack using this head. This has proven to be quite strong, being able to neutralise Shana's flames.[9] He can also transform his limbs into four separate chimeras.[10]
Sydonay snake

Sydonay's Serpent Form

  • Serpent Form: Sydonay uses this form to quickly escape during the conflict between the Aizen Siblings and Shana. He takes on the appearance of a long purple serpent and is best suited for quick escapes while underwater. Sydonay can most likely breathe in water while using this form.
    • Enhanced Speed: Sydonay was able to dart away at an exceptional speed from Margery during their first fight in Misaki City while underwater.[5]
Sydonay Hydra defeat Margery

Sydonay's Four-headed Hydra Form

  • Hydra Form: Sydonay uses this form mostly during battles which take place underwater, often starting conflicts by attacking first from beneath the surface of the water. This form resembles the mythical Lernaean Hydra. With this form, Sydonay has the advantage of having multiple heads, which can all attack simultaneously. During his attack on Margery in New York in the 1930's, the Hydra form had four heads,[11] while during the final battle to create Xanadu, he only had three heads.[10]
    • Enhanced Strength: While in this form, Sydonay was able send Margery crashing into a building and knocked her out by bumping her with one of his heads.[11]
    • Enhanced Speed: When Sydonay figures out the location of the Tendōkyū, he rushes at it with great speed using his Hydra form.[9]
    • Power of Existence Manipulation: Sydonay is able to release multiple balls of Power of Existence from his mouth at a rapid rate.[10]
Sydonay mutated arm

Sydonay's mutated arm

  • Mutated Arm Form: Sydonay is able to transform his right arm, so that is becomes significantly longer, about twice as long as his body. It is covered in blue fur and spikes. He uses this ability while in combat with his Shintetsu Nyoi, which he wields with his mutated arm.[12]
    • Enhanced Strength: Sydonay was able to destroy the entire Dorel Party Outlaw building with one swing of the Shintetsu Nyoi when his arm was mutated.[12] He was also able to cause severe damage to Margery by smashing her in the side with Shintetsu Nyoi using the arm. He is strong enough to remain untroubled when Shana attacks, easily pushing her back.[13]
    • Enhanced Durability: With his mutated arm, Sydonay was able to brush away Margery's Power of Existence attack with ease, causing no damage to himself at all.[13]
Sydonay powered exoskeleton

Sydonay's Gigantic Humanoid Monster Form

  • Gigantic Humanoid Monster Form: This form is by far the largest of Sydonay's transformations. He becomes a large, armored humanoid being. He wields the Shintetsu Nyoi, which is also enlarged.
    • Flight: Sydonay was able to engage in battle with Margery in the air.[14]
    • Enhanced Strength: During their fight in Mana River, Sydonay is able to push a multiple-headed werewolf form Margery around, with Margery weighing enough to flood Misaki City if she falls down. He is also capable of ripping off one of Margery's heads with one arm.[14]
    • Immense Durability: Sydonay is initially able to withstand Margery's strongest Improvisational Poem of Slaughter, which, according to Marchosias, was equivalent to the power of ten thousand Flame Haze combined.[14]



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