A Torch (トーチ Tōchi?) is a replacement of a human who has had their Power of Existence devoured by a Crimson Denizen, and is created by using embers of that person's existence. When a human's Power of Existence is devoured, a Flame Haze or Denizen will create a Torch to take their place, although both cases for very different reasons; Denizens usually wish to make their consumption less noticeable, and so they are not hunted and detected, while Flame Haze wish to use this to soften the sudden "shift" the world would undergo, and prefer to make the change gradually by allowing the people's existence to slowly fade away without any noticeable change. There are some entities that wish to create Torches for personal methods, such as Friagne, who wanted to use "City Devourer" by using many Torches.

A Torch with a Treasure Tool inside of it is regarded as a Mystes.


There are five steps in the process of creating a torch and its purpose:

  1. A human's Power of Existence is fully eaten by a Denizen. If the human were to have "never existed", the Distortion of the World and its subsequent occurrences and impact would be too large.
  2. Flame Haze sense the presence of Distortions and signs of Distortions in order to track Denizens.
  3. As a countermeasure for 2, Denizens choose not to consume all of the Power of Existence of the human, leaving just a little bit. They process the remaining Power of Existence with an Unrestricted Spell and for the consumed person to keep their "ties" (their relevance to their surroundings and the world) for the time being, a substitute existence, a Torch, is created by the Unrestricted Spell. The Torch retains the sense of self of the deceased person for a limited time.
  4. The Torch slowly loses its sense of self and its "ties", and this reduces the speed and impact of their disappearance and the Distortion that it creates, though the size of the result is most likely the same.
  5. While the Flame Haze is unable to immediately detect the Distortion created, the Denizen moves to a different location.

After being created, a Torch runs on the little Power of Existence that they have left and returns to life as normal. A Torch slowly becomes more and more disconnected from the rest of the world as its Flame slowly dies out, to the point where their general encounters with people every day are forgotten. A Torch is also less sociable and interactive with other people, usually just doing the main things that that person did when they were alive, and nothing more. When a Torch disappears, it and the person it replaced are completely forgotten, with the only ones remembering it being the ones that it influenced greatly or those with knowledge of the Crimson World (Yuji and later on, Sato, Tanaka, and Yoshida, just to name a few), or with much power, such as Flame Haze. The first case is very unlikely to happen however, as the Torch makes no great influence on others upon becoming a Torch.

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