The Thunderbolt Kick (落雷蹴り Rakuraigeri?) or Dropkick (落雷蹴り (ドロップキック) Doroppukikku?) is the Special Ability of "Braider of Trembling Might" Sophie Sawallisch. A dropkick engulfed in lightning, it is Sophie's greatest attack and has slain many powerful Crimson Lords.[1]


The instantaneous destructive power of Thunderbolt Kick is top-class even among all Flame Haze in history. After its use, Sophie requires some "recharging time" (充電期間?) before she can use it again. During this time, she was often guarded by Alex and Denis, her friends and staff officers.[1]

This ability has caused her to be referred to as "Thunder hag" (雷ババア Kaminari babā?) by established Crimson Lords such as Marchosias and Sydonay.


Sophie had used Thunderbolt Kicks to fight Ullikummi during the Great War, eventually defeating him.

During Operation Crossroads, Sophie leapt out of a plane which was in flight. She was able to use her lightning to accelerate her decent and seemingly zap herself to the surface of Samuel's Žižka's Mound in a way not dissimilar to cloud-to-ground lightning.[2] Sophie is able to concentrate her lightning when she is high up in the air, forming rain clouds that engulf the entire sky. The clouds part when she strikes down with a kick, which she used on Decarabia.[3] She can also strike upwards, which she demonstrates by trying to destroy the Divine Gate. Her strike upwards is slower than her downwards strike and was able to be thwarted by Fecor's Magnesia.[4]



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