SouthValley, EastEdge, and WestShore


"You four are the enlightened ones. Those entrusted with the truth of everything."
The Four Gods of Earth's master to their disciples

The Four Gods of Earth (大地の四神 Daichi no Shishin?), or simply called The Four Gods (四神 Shishin?), are a group of Flame Haze based in America consisting of four powerful Flame Haze who protect the American continent from attacks of Crimson Denizens. Their names are CenterHill, EastEdge, SouthValley and WestShore.

The "Gods" refer to the Crimson Lords they made contracts with, not the contractors. Despite being called "Gods", none of the four Crimson Lords affiliated under this group are real Gods of the Crimson Realm like Alastor, the Snake of the Festival and Shaher.

Of the four Gods, from Chiara Toscana's opinion, CenterHill is the easiest person to talk with, while SouthValley seems to be the hardest one.

Background[edit | edit source]

Birth of the Four Priests[edit | edit source]

Before becoming Flame Haze or Priest (神官 Shinkan?) in their proclaiming, the four were once humans who had heard the calling of the Crimson Lords. They ventured through many trials and obstacles until they reached the place known as the "Heart of Earth" (大地の心臓 Daichi no Shinzō?). There, they were strictly trained and polished their gifted power by their teacher named NorthAir or the Heart of Sky (宙の心臓 Sora no Shinzō?). The four then made contracts with the Crimson Lords, or Possession Gods (御憑神 On-tsukigami?) in their proclaiming, who once called them, becoming their "priest" who used the God's power to destroy Evil Spirits (悪霊 Akuryō?) (aka the Crimson Denizen).

Their master, NorthAir, was once the Flame Haze who participated in the war that sealed the Snake of the Festival and during that event, he discovered the nature of Power of Existence; it is the unstable energy which is the main cause of affecting the balance between two worlds. From his revelation, the four knew the true reason that would cause the great disaster, but kept it secret. From this reason, their personal Power of Unrestraints are capable of changing the dead Denizens' body into nature environment (in CenterHill's case, the corpses change into plants) in order to make the Power of Existence into stable state.

The Invasion[edit | edit source]

The Four Gods during the Civil War

The Four Gods continued to protect their mainland's native people, believing that the mainland is the whole world and the natives is mankind. But about five hundred years ago, the invaders came from the ocean and claimed that they had found the New World. The Four Gods, surprised about the existence of the white people, understood that they were also human and continued to protect them too even that outsiders massacred their people and took control of their territories.

The four strictly followed their teacher's doctrine to "protects human and never get involved in their activities" for hundreds of years. Year after year, the natives got killed or dead by the diseases the outsiders brought with them from their homeland, the four still protected all humans alike. Until the declaration of building the country from a single person, which greatly enraged the four, leading to the war between Flame Haze known as the Civil War (内乱 Nairan?, Inner Conflict).

This war made Denizens wreaked havoc as they pleased all over the world. The four, knowning the outer lands' situation, stopped their fights and thus ended the war. They now understood about the real size of "the world" and "mankind" which were not only their people and mainland. During this, a certain Tuner came to them and ask them to be the keeper of the four Outlaws in four major cities of the North and South America.

The Second Great War[edit | edit source]

CenterHill, one of the Four Gods, participates the Flame Haze Army's assault on Seireiden as the observer for them to judge their position in this war. He witnesses the Snake of the Festival's declaration to create Xanadu, the Denizens' paradise in the rift between two worlds which makes most Flame Haze lose their passion to fight. CenterHill decides to joins the war, telling Shana's group about the truth behind the Power of Existence and sacrifices his life to ensure the Flame Haze Army's retreat.

Shana goes to EastEdge's Outlaw at New York, where the meeting with other three Gods is appointed. She conveys the last words of CenterHill and expresses her feelings and plan toward the paradise's creation.

Nickname[edit | edit source]

The four usually call other Flame Haze, including themselves, and Crimson Denizens by nicknames that refer to their characteristics and powers.

EastEdge : The Man Who had Seen All Stars (全ての星を見た男 Subete no Hoshi o mita Otoko?)
CenterHill : The Man Who Walks with Rain (雨と渡り行く男 Ame to Watari yuku Otoko?)
SouthValley : The Man Who Guides the Dead (死者の道を指す男 Shisha no Michi o Sasu Otoko?)
WestShore : The Woman Who Dances on Sea Edge (波濤の先に踊る女 Hatō no Saki ni Odoru Onna?)
Shana : Dazzling Blaze (眩き炎 Mabayuki Honō?)
Alastor : Deed of Judgement (裁きの業 Sabaki no Wasa?), Providential God of Judgement and Condemnation's Embodiment (摂理神格にして審判断罪の化現 Setsuri Shinkaku ni shite Shinpan Danzai no Kegen?)
Margery Daw : Dreadful Beast (怒れる獣 Osoreru Kemono?)
Marchosias : Raging Wolf (暴狼 Bōrō?)
Wilhelmina Carmel : Lissome Dance (嫋やかな舞 Taoyaka na Mai?)
Tiamat : Flowing Force (流れる力 Nagareru Chikara?)
Khamsin : Towering Rock (聳える岩 Sobieru Iwa?)
Dorel Kubelík : Tears of Illusion (幻の涙 Maboroshi no Namida?)
Sophie Sawallisch : Sky Hammer (天空の鎚 Tenkū no Tsuchi?)
Takemikazuchi : Calm Thunder (静かな稲妻 Shizukana Inazuma?)
Samuel Demantius : Stony Shield (巌の盾 Iwao no Tate?)
Chiara Toscana : Flash Arrow (閃く矢 Hirameku Ya?)
Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia : Fluttering Twin Masks (翻る双面 Hirugaeru Sōmen?)
Ribesal : Wise Armor (賢明な鎧 Kenmei na Yoroi?)
Pirsoyn : Creeping Poison (忍び寄る毒 Shinobiyoru Doku?)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the Crimson Lords are all corresponded to the Aztec's creation myth of Five Suns[1] ; the legend explained that there had been four worlds prior to the "current world" humans live in. All four worlds and their inhabitants were destroyed by their leading deities who became the sun of each world. The current world is said to have Huitzilopochtli as the sun.
  • They are inspired from the song of Navajo people called "Protection Song"[2] that is sung on going to battle. In the song, there is the usage of the term "Slayer of the Alien Gods"; the term actually is the name of one of the mythological hero twins: Nayenezgani. In Navajo mythology, he and his twin brother, Tobadzischini, went to killed many spirits of evil that maliciously destroying the world.
  • All of the Crimson Lords that the four made contracts with have their true names corresponding to musical instruments: Quetzalcóatl's flute. Tlaloc's drum, Tezcatlipoca's pipe and Chalciuhtlicue's bell.
  • The Flame color names of their contracted Lords all correspond to precious objects: Quetzalcóatl's celadon, Tlaloc's lapis lazuli, Tezcatlipoca's ivory and Chalciuhtlicue's coral.
  • The Vessels of the Four Gods are all named Teotl, which is a reference to the central idea of Aztec religion.[3]

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