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"You are one who will become strong. I will face a strong one."
—To Shana while deciding to help her become a Flame Haze.

Tenmoku Ikko (天目一個?, The One Celestial Eye) is a Mystes known as "The Worst Mystes in History" (史上最悪の“ミステス” Shijō Saiaku no "Misutesu"?), "Monster Torch" (化け物トーチ Bakemono Tōchi?), and "The One Who Opposes the Crimson Realm" (“紅世”に仇なすモノ "Guze" ni Adanasu Mono?). He is the spirit of the Nietono no Shana and appears to be quite loyal to Shana.


Tenmoku Ikko is a huge man wearing samurai armor and a red, one-eyed Oni Mengu. The left eye is missing, and shines with a bright blue color. Tenmoku Ikko wears Waraji sandals. His Kabuto is blue and points upwards, with a horizontal yellow crescent moon, above the forehead. He wears blue armor, with yellow patterns in the middle, and a red cloth underneath. He wears black Kote, blue Suneate, and a black Haidate. He wears a long, brown coat over his armor.


Tenmoku Ikko is obsessed with finding a "strong one" (強者 tsuwamono?) to give the Nietono no Shana to. The Mystes' consciousness is a combination of three consciousnesses; the swordsmith (刀匠 Tōshō?), his sword, the Nietono no Shana (贄殿遮那 Vairocana of the Offering Room?), and the Armored Warrior, Tenmoku Ikko (鎧武者 天目一個 Yoroi Musha Tenmoku Ikko?).


Unnamed swordsmith who crafted the Nietono no Shana

Tenmoku Ikko was an ancient swordsmith who became a Mystes at his own will so that he could find the strongest being worthy of entrusting the treasure Nietono no Shana, the greatest sword that he ever forged with the aid of a Crimson Lord who had shared a wish to create a weapon paralleled by none.


The Girl from Tendōkyū Arc[]

Tenmoku Ikko appears in Orgon's Fūzetsu, walking around and looking to battle with a "strong one".[1]

Tenmoku Ikko slashing Vine from behind

Tenmoku Ikko confronts Orgon and his Legion. The knights back away as Tenmoku Ikko slashes Orgon. He later arrives at Tendōkyū, interrupting a battle between Shiro and Vine, and cutting Shiro in half. Shiro falls into the water and Tenmoku Ikko approaches Vine. Wilhelmina and a girl run towards him, with the latter blocking him from Vine. The girl approaches and tells Tenmoku Ikko that if he will get the battle he wants if he guides her into becoming a Flame Haze. He agrees, picks her up, and leaves. As they approach Alastor's flame, Tenmoku Ikko deals with more of Orgon's Legion. They arrive, with Tenmoku Ikko following the girl's orders and slashing Vine, who was trying to interfere with the Flame Haze contract.[2]

Tenmoku Ikko getting punched by Shana

Tenmoku Ikko picks up Vine, who is still alive, and eats him. He attacks the girl, now the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter, who is able to evade all of his sword swings and succeeds in punching him in the abdomen. He traps her hand in the hole she made, but the flame-haired girl manages to escape when she acquires the Treasure Tool, Yogasa. Tenmoku Ikko then reveals his mission, to give the Nietono no Shana to a strong one. The girl claims to be the strong one, stopping his swing with her bare hands and concentrating all of her power into one punch. Tenmoku Ikko sits defeated and the girl takes the Nietono no Shana.[3]

Although he is considered dead, his spirit most likely remains inside the Nietono no Shana (as he gave up his existence to forge the sword and find its rightful master) and continues to protect it and whoever wields it.

Seireiden Battle Arc[]

Tenmoku Ikko presenting the Nietono no Shana to Shana in Seireiden

Tenmoku Ikko appears once more during the Second Great War in Seireiden when Shana's will power and desire to continue fighting reflects upon the Nietono no Shana. He makes his way towards Shana, destroying every Denizen that got in his way, seemingly absorbing their Power of Existence into his sword. He breaks into the meeting room, encountering Bel Peol's right-hand man, Fecor. Fecor defends with his Magnesia, but Tenmoku Ikko cuts through it, fatally injuring him. He finds Shana, breaks the Tartaros bracelet that was restraining her powers, and presents her with the sword once again, before fading away into blue flames.[4]



Powers and Abilities[]

Tenmoku Ikko ironically reverses the usual order of things by consuming a Crimson Denizen, possibly to empower himself - or simply to end an annoying interference with Tenmoku Ikko's desire to face 'a strong one'.

Enhanced Strength: Tenmoku Ikko is able to smash the ground with a swing of the Nietono no Shana,[3] and cut through reinforced steel doors and Fecor's Magnesia with little trouble.[4]


  • (To himself while walking): "Strong one... I... will face a strong one..."[1]
  • (To the girl while deciding to help her become a Flame Haze): "You are one who will become strong. I will face a strong one."[2]
  • (To himself while making his way towards Shana): "Master. I am on my way."[4]
  • (To Shana when presenting the Nietono no Shana): "The strong one. My master."[4]


  • Tenmoku Ikko is named after the Japanese god of smithing, Ame no Mahitotsu no Kami (天目一箇神?, One-eyed Heavenly God).
  • Tenmoku Ikko wouldn't hurt humans because normal humans are not considered powerful enough to fight Denizens.
  • Tenmoku Ikko is feared by both Flame Haze and Denizens; it is said that everyone who encountered (and got devoured by) him wouldn't notice his presence until it's too late.
  • No Power of Unrestraint affects Tenmoku Ikko.
  • His left eye shines with the flame of those he has devoured. From the novel, the latest Denizen it devoured before Vine is "Overseer of Journeys" Gaap, also a member of Bal Masqué.
  • In the Shakugan no Shana game, Tenmoku Ikko's attack is tremendously fatal. You can kill many bosses in very few strikes.
  • Tenmoku Ikko has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Kantarō Sakai and Mammon.




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