Takemikazuchi (タケミカヅチ Takemikazuchi?) is the Crimson Lord that is contracted to Sophie Sawallisch.


Takemikazuchi's will resides in the vessel Donner, which takes the form of a blue, star-shaped cross.









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  • Takemikazuchi had previously made a contract with a certain swordsman (speculated to be a Japanese, judging from Takemikazuchi's name which is Japanese god of thunder) in the past before meeting with Sophie. With his first contracted Flame Haze, he along with Khamsin, Tis and other ancient Flame Haze fought and sealed the Snake of the Festival into the abyss.
  • He has the same Japanese voice actor and FUNimation English voice actor as Hayato Ike.
  • Takemikazuchi's seiyuu, Hirofumi Nojima, is the brother of Kenji Nojima, seiyuu of Keisaku Satō. Hirofumi's father, Akio Nojima, is also the seiyuu of Samuel Demantius.




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