"Stop deceiving yourself. It's time you became one with yourself."
—Sophie's advice to Shana in her letter.

Sophie Sawallisch (ゾフィー・サバリッシュ Zofī Sabarisshu?) is a Great War veteran and the Supreme Commander (総司令官 Sōshireikan?) of the Flame Haze Army. She holds the title "Braider of Trembling Might" (震威の結い手 Shin'i no Yuite?). Her contractor is Takemikazuchi.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sophie is a fairly plump, middle-aged woman. She has a light complexion, has emerald green eyes, and wears red lipstick. She wears a dark purple nun dress and a white veil on her head which comes down to her elbows and covers her neck, over a black coif. Under the veil and coif, Sophie has light brown hair which she wears in a braided ponytail. The veil is held to her forehead by Donner, Takemikazuchi's Divine Vessel. Sophie wears a circular golden pendant around her neck.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sophie has a kind heart and is a mother figure to other Flame Haze, thus gaining her famous nickname "Mutter Courage" or "Mother Courage" (肝っ玉母さん(ムッタークラージェ) Kimottama Kāsan (Muttākurāje)?, lit. Spirit Mother). In the war, she showed her elegant potential in strategy and with that, was able to become the Supreme Commander of the Flame Haze Army. She usually calls her contracted Crimson Lord "Takemikazuchi-shi" (with the honorific Shi) who, on the other hand, refers to Sophie as "Sophie Sawallisch-kun" (with the honorific Kun). When praying, she addresses her prayers to herself instead of God.[2] She is able to keep calm and think optimistically in desperate situations. She has a habit of making the Sign of the Cross even when she is not involved with the clergy anymore.

Background[edit | edit source]

Earlier Life[edit | edit source]

Sophie was born in the Holy Roman Empire. She was once married to a man and had two children. A tragedy occurred when her husband murdered their children and she fled to become a nun. Even there, she couldn't find peace and was eventually cornered by a Crimson Denizen, leading to her making a contract with Takemikazuchi.

Pre-Great War[edit | edit source]

The distortion of balance had been sensed by many Flame Haze from all around the world. They headed to a certain town, met each other and agreed to fight a certain organization. Sophie Sawallisch, along with her subordinates and friends, Alex and Denis, sensed the distortion and decided to join the battle. They came together at the town of Osterode to fight against Töten Glocke, an organization led by a Crimson Lord named Asiz.

Asiz's plan was to complete his secret method called "City Devourer" by creating many Torches and placing "Key Threads" inside them. This would activate the destruction of every Torch he had created simultaneously, thus starting the procedure of City Devourer and gaining great power for his ambition. Every Flame Haze attempted to stop his plan to activate it, but failed when Asiz successfully achieved that great amount of Power of Existence and shared it with his comrades, who started to strike back at their enemies.

With the help of Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel, they succeeded in disposing one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, nine Crimson Lords serving under Asiz's command, that being Huwawa. After this event, Sophie was appointed to be the Supreme General (総大将 Sōdaishō?) with "Archer of Aurora" Karl Berwald, as Vice Commander. It also marked the official formation of the first "Flame Haze Army" and the beginning of the famous "Great War". Eighteen years after the formation, Asiz eventually managed to get Nachtigall, the final complement to fulfill his main goal, the "Grand Scheme", losing Ninurta, another Nine Eternal Divine Scales in the battle. Five days later, the Flame Haze Army marched to the foot of the Harz mountain range, preparing for the final battle at the Töten Glocke's base, situated on the highest peak, the Brocken.

Great War[edit | edit source]

Sophie, as the strategist and commander, divide the army into two groups; Karl's and hers. She then ordered the attack on Töten Glocke's army that was waiting for them in the dark forest. In a short time, Karl, who led the group himself unlike Sophie, managed to kill Sokar, another of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales. This led to the rampage of another frontline army's general, Ullikummi, who used his Unrestricted Spell, "Iron Hammer of Nesa", which brushed away most of Sophie's subordinates in the progress. While the soldiers were panicked and stampeded, Sophie decided to participate in the battle herself. As Karl went to pursue a certain army that was retreating, he took most of his men with him thus weakening the army supporting Sophie's group. Without a leader, Ullikummi's army managed to strike at the weakest point and push the Flame Haze Army back. But after a long battle, Sophie managed to kill Ullikummi and was able to see the fierce battle between the Angel of Blue Coffins and the God of Retribution, which ended with the leader of Töten Glocke's death. Sophie, taking a break after the war, murmured to the God, who had just left to rest at Tendōkyū, hoping to see his new contractor soon.

Révolution War[edit | edit source]

At the start of the 20th century, Flame Haze were fighting with the Révolution, an organization aiming to proclaim their existence to mankind. In this war, Sophie lost her most trusted subordinates, Alex and Denis. Since then she stepped down and did not participate in the Révolution War again. It is unknown whether she was the commander in this war or not.

The Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana[edit | edit source]

Almost half a millennium after parting ways with Alastor, Sophie meets his new contractor, the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana in Eastern Europe. She taught the young girl about the manner of the Flame Haze at the present time and how a girl should behave, since she saw the girl walking around the room with no clothes. In this period, the girl managed to kill Kasha but almost let another Denizen, Nitika, escape a few days later. Sophie found them and destroyed the Crimson Denizen with ease.

Sophie in bed with the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana

The day before Sophie parts with the girl, she and Takemikazuchi watch as the girl makes her bed in their hotel room and discuss the speed of her learning, which they feel is expected of the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". When the girl asks about her next task, Sophie tells her to compose a report to an Outlaw, suggesting that she also write a letter to Wilhelmina. Sophie is surprised and worried when the girl declines on the letter because she believes Wilhelmina will be disappointed by a letter after they had just parted ways, saying a true Flame Haze doesn't rely on anyone. That night, the girl sleeps with Sophie as requested, but she can't fall to sleep. Sophie tells her to not reject other people's company straight away and to lean on the shoulder of someone she feels comfortable with. The girl affirms that she won't lean on anyone, but becomes embarrassed when Sophie teases her by asking if that is because she is a true Flame Haze.[3]

After a short time of staying, the girl bid farewell to her "mentor" and left.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Blackout Arc[edit | edit source]

Sophie receives a letter from the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana, know going by the name "Shana", regarding the disappearance of the Mystes Yūji Sakai. She writes back, informing Shana of the destruction of the Shanghai Outlaw and the death of Yu Xuan. Regarding Yūji's disappearance, Sophie tells Shana to "stop deceiving herself" and to "become one with herself".[4]

Biding Time Arc[edit | edit source]

When Bal Masqué and its leader wage war against all the Flame Haze around the world, Sophie is chosen once again to be the Supreme Commander of the newly-formed Flame Haze Army. After Dorel Kubelík and Pietro Monteverdi's death not long at the hands of Sydonay, Samuel Demantius took the position of chief-of-staff and gathered enough Flame Haze to make a stand against the God of Creation's ambition.

Sophie meeting with Samuel

Sophie summons Samuel Demantius and the two meet at the Zurich Outlaw. She tells him that she regrets asking him to join her in another war that they can't afford to lose, but Samuel tells Mutter Courage that it is his pleasure. Sophie welcomes him by calling him Sirotci. Later, Ernest Flieder reports to Sophie via radiotelephone from the Tokyo Outlaw Headquarters, telling her that Rebecca Reed has cast off her position in Outlaw to help Wilhelmina. Sophie decides to turn a blind eye to the event. She tells Flieder that he is to become the Commander of the Tokyo Outlaw. She wonders whether the letter she had written to Wilhelmina, telling her that a Flame Haze would arrive with classified information, will arrive soon. She strategizes about Rebecca and another Flame Haze rescuing Shana.[5]

Seireiden Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Sophie shocked to see CenterHill

Sophie holds another meeting with Samuel and François Auric, where they discuss Bal Masqué's objective of capturing Tokyo and pushing the Flame Haze back to America. François informs Sophie of an attack on the Tokyo Outlaw. Communications have been cut off with Tokyo, which Sophie links to a Fūzetsu. François later receives information that the leader of the attack is Ribesal, amid attacks by Bal Masqué throughout the world's Outlaws. Sophie plans for an attack on Seireiden while Bal Masqué has little forces guarding it. As Sophie, Samuel and François are about to leave the Outlaw, CenterHill is in the doorway, shocking both Sophie and Samuel. At the Zurich Airport, CenterHill tells Sophie that he will evaluate the situation of the ongoing Second Great War as a representative of The Four Gods of Earth and states that he wants to see what the God of Creation is trying to accomplish. CenterHill says he will intervene if the God tries to change the world's providence. Sophie says there is still a possibility of him helping the Flame Haze Army, making him smile. She accepts his request and gives him a place in the party. Sophie and CenterHill later begin to board a plane with Samuel and François, noting that it will be a rough ride.[6]

On board the flight to the location of Seireiden, Sophie is deep in thought and catches the attention of Samuel, who was reporting no changes in Operation "Calm" ( Nagi?). Sophie voices concern that the operation was based around the location of the dimensional distortion of the Divine Gate, which might be Bal Masqué's plan. Takemikazuchi, Samuel and Zirnitra are able to cheer her up by suggesting to her to share the weight of her responsibilities with her subordinates.[7]

Sophie landing on Žižka's Mound

Sophie asks the pilot if there are any anomalies in Operation Calm, to which he responds that there aren't any. Samuel tells her that the Fūzetsu setting at various radar bases should be finished and François notes no change in weather. After the pilot announces three minutes until Estimated Time of Arrival, Sophie makes a speech about putting an end to the battle quickly, setting an example to future Flame Haze generations, and teaching the Denizens to never think about another war. She announces the commencement of Operation "Crossroads" (交差点 Kōsaten?). The Flame Haze Army planes arrive at Seireiden and Sophie drops down with the rest of the Flame Haze. Sophie lands on Samuel's Žižka's Mound and looks on at Seireiden.[8]

Sophie attacking Decarabia with a lightning kick

Sophie watches Decarabia's Denizen army and is happy when Shana and the other Flame Haze appear. Shana explains the purpose of the Divine Gate, guiding the Snake of the Festival to this world, to Sophie and her army using Shinpan. She watches as Shana and the others leave before the battle between the armies starts up again. Later, on Žižka's Mound, Sophie meets with Samuel, François and CenterHill, and the four watch the battle through an Unrestricted Spell. The Flame Haze are at an advantage because of their surprise attack. Sophie asks François to show them all the activity in the surrounding area, and he shows that two groups of enemy forces are approaching. They shouldn't arrive until the next day but Sophie thinks about what they can do in that time. She orders half the reserves to reinforce the forces at the Divine Gate in order to split the enemy in two and for Samuel to lead the other half in an assault on Seireiden. As the Flame Haze feel tremors underground, Sophie figures out that it is Decarabia. As Decarabia's clones surface, she wonders why he has chosen to reveal himself. As the Flame Haze Army depletes, Sophie explains to François that Decarabia is using an Unrestricted Spell to teleport himself to evade attacks and using another to protect the Denizens. She decides that she must eliminate Decarabia quickly. As Decarabia aims his Endan at Samuel and his forces, Sophie attacks him with a lightning kick and kills him. Immediately after, Haborym's forces in the west arrive, under the cover of Stolas' Prozzesion and Sophie feels that the Flame Haze Army's time has already run out.[9]

François apologizes to Sophie as the Flame Haze lose all advantage they had in the war because of Haborym's forces. Sophie thinks that the detachment dispatched to hold off the western enemy force, which was lead by Sale and Chiara, wasn't able to perform its duty because of Bal Masqué's hidden trump card. Grogach notes that if the unit at Mount Tanigawa fails in delaying the eastern forces, the Flame Haze Army's escape route is gone. Sophie believes they can't win if they think about escape so early in the war.[10]

Sophie praying while gathering her lightning

Sophie notes that the battle is not looking good for the Flame Haze and suggests to CenterHill that he should withdraw. CenterHill and Tlaloc state that they wish to stay before CenterHill senses something strange coming from the other side of the Divine Gate. Later, Sophie and the others feel the Cradle Quake, a cataclysm caused by the awakening of the Snake of the Festival. Sophie decides to destroy the Divine Gate because she believes the chances of Shana and the others surviving is low after the Snake of the Festival has been awakened. Sophie prays and charges her lightning. She strikes upwards with a lightning kick but the attack is prevented from reaching the Divine Gate by Fecor's Magnesia. Sophie can't hide her annoyance as she falls back to the ground. Later, she watches as the Snake of the Festival breaks through the Divine Gate.[2]

Sophie and François listening to the Snake of the Festival

Sophie is with François when the Snake of the Festival makes his Declaration of the Grand Order; the creation of the paradise Xanadu. Sophie then holds a meeting within Žižka's Mound with most of the major Flame Haze present. They discuss a retreat before CenterHill points out that it will be difficult to carry out with their current situation and manpower. Sophie thinks as to whether CenterHill is offering assistance and of the other Gods of Earth. She announces Operation "Ebbing Tide" (引潮 Hikishio?); the Flame Haze's retreat to Tendōkyū. She assigns Rebecca and Khamsin the duty of being the rear guards to aid the retreat and Shana and Wilhelmina to back up Samuel. As the Flame Haze disperse, Sophie suggests to Shana that she change clothes, due to her dress being in tatters. After Rebecca reports that she can hold off the Denizen armies, Sophie leads the retreat. As the Snake of the Festival begins another speech about Xanadu not affecting the world and leaving for the new world with all of the Denizens, Sophie feels that the Flame Haze mustn't listen to him. After the Crimson God ends the speech by stating that the Flame Haze's fight has ended, Sophie tries to calm François, who is in a state of shock. He shouts that the Flame Haze have no reason to be in the human world before being slapped by Sophie. She is helpless as most of the Flame Haze panic before being slaughtered by the Denizens.[11]

Sophie talking to the retreated Flame Haze

Sophie contacts Sale and Chiara, who are in an airplane, through the plane's two-way radio. Later, after the remnants of the Flame Haze Army have retreated to a small clearing, Sophie announces that they are abandoning Operation Ebbing Tide, which was to simply retreat to the Tendōkyū, and will instead guide the lost Flame Haze to the woods where the Tendōkyū will be waiting. The Flame Haze note the difficulty of pulling off this new operation before CenterHill asks if he can inquire something, with Tlaloc stating that they will help with the retreat depending on the answer. CenterHill explains that the Denizens may cause another catastrophe in Xanadu and that the Four Gods of Earth will continue fighting the Snake of the Festival. Sophie then retreats to Tendōkyū, which is hidden under the ground. When François asks what their efforts gained them after losing the war, Sophie states that they are alive, and that is the greatest necessity to do anything.[12]

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Sophie and Shana at a market in Hong Kong

Sophie goes with Rebecca and Khamsin to Hong Kong International Airport and they rendezvous with Shana, Wilhelmina, Margery, Sale and Chiara. Sophie tells them all that they were soundly defeated by Bal Masqué, which the Flame Haze agree to. Sophie doesn't look disappointed because of Shana's declaration to continue fighting during CenterHill's speech, and Shana announces that there is a final thing that they can do. In the first class lounge, Shana shows the Flame Haze the Chorde rings in her possession and explains her plan to them. She believes the Denizens going to Xanadu will eventually create a Great Catastrophe to occur throughout the Human World, the Crimson Realm and Xanadu, but Sophie reminds her that they were just handed a crushing defeat. She explains that Flame Haze protecting the balance is just a public stance and most of them are solely out for revenge against Denizens, with their will to fight evaporated by Yūji's words. She tells Shana that the Flame Haze should decide for themselves about continuing the battle instead of just following her and tells the other Flame Haze present that Outlaw hasn't made a decision and any future battles will be for personal reasons. She gives them four hours, until François' scheduled flight to arrive, to think about their positions, and they are to meet back in the lounge if they still want to fight. Later, Sophie and Shana walk the markets of Hong Kong, where Shana thanks Sophie for interrupting her speech and allowing the other Flame Haze to make their own decisions. She commends Shana for leading them to a new path and the two later sit on a bench while Shana eats melon bread. Sophie talks to Takemikazuchi on whether Shana needs advice before telling her that she is being herself and has nothing to fear. Sophie announces that she will return to Zurich for a meeting about their defeat that will probably impeach her position as Supreme Commander, but says that it is her job to take responsibility. Later, after all the Flame Haze decide to join Shana's fight, Sophie and Rebecca bid the others farewell. Sophie shakes Shana's hand before she and Rebecca leave and head to Zurich.[13]

Sophie attends an Outlaw conference with Hildegard and François in a theater at the Zurich headquarters, where the outcome of the battle with Bal Masqué is being discussed.[14]

Sophie in the theater at the Zurich Outlaw

With the conference over, Sophie, François and Hildegard stay in the theater, with François gathering information on the events in Misaki City. He tells Sophie that Ernest Flieder and Mikalojus Cui have captured Rofocale. Sophie hopes that they can negotiate with Rofocale so that the God of Guidance joins their side before midnight, an hour away, when Bal Masqué's plans are to be set in motion. She hopes to use the God's sensing powers to convince the Denizens of their ideals, but all she can do is wait and see what happens.[15]

Sophie senses Rofocale performing Shōhi Ginsei along with all other people involved in the Crimson Realm in the entire world, and listens to Shaher, the God of Guidance, talking about the Heir to Both Worlds.[16]

Sophie is one of the Flame Haze who chooses not to enter Xanadu. She was last seen with François at the Zurich Outlaw talking with Ernest, Hildegard and Dan Rogers through a monitor.[17]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Shana[edit | edit source]

Sophie had taught Shana Flame Haze and womanly etiquette during their time together, and she gives her further advice in a letter after Yūji's disappearance.[4]

François Auric[edit | edit source]

Sophie values François' weather forecasting abilities and treats him kindly.[8] When François in convinced into believing the Flame Haze have no purpose by the Snake of the Festival, Sophie is able to slap him back to his senses.[11]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Master Tactician: Sophie is a master tactician, being chosen as the Supreme General of the Flame Haze Army in the Great War and Supreme Commander in the Second Great War. She is able to think ahead during battle and meticulously considers her actions and the future actions of the enemy. When Decarabia joins the battle, Sophie analyses whether he needs to fight because his forces are depleted or if he knows his reinforcements are close and is just buying a little time and concludes that she must eliminate Decarabia quickly.[9] Sophie was able to predict that Rebecca would leave Outlaw to help Wilhelmina and had planned accordingly, sending a letter to Wilhelmina about it.[5]

Telepathy: Sophie and Takemikazuchi have shown the ability to share their thoughts to each other in a telepathic manner, so that Shana, who was sitting next to Sophie, couldn't hear them.[13]

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Sophie using a lightning kick on Decarabia

Lightning Manipulation: Sophie is able to wield and manipulate lightning for various purposes. During Operation Crossroads, Sophie leaps out of a plane which is in flight. She was able to use her lightning to accelerate her decent and seemingly zap herself to the surface of Samuel's Žižka's Mound in a way not dissimilar to cloud-to-ground lightning.[8] Sophie is able to concentrate her lightning when she is high up in the air, forming rain clouds that engulf the entire sky. The clouds part when she strikes down with an attack, such as a kick which she used on Decarabia.[9] She can also strike upwards, which she demonstrates by trying to destroy the Divine Gate. However, for this attack, Sophie has to first charge her lightning. Her strike upwards is slower than her downwards strike and was able to be thwarted by Fecor's Magnesia.[2] This ability of Sophie's is called "Thunderbolt Kick" (落雷蹴り Rakurai-keri?) and has caused her to be referred to as "Thunder hag" (雷ババア Kaminari babā?) by established Crimson Lords such as Marchosias and Sydonay.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (Sophie's advice to Shana in her letter): "Stop deceiving yourself. It's time you became one with yourself."[4]
  • (Sophie's advice to the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana): "You may choose their company, but you may not reject the company of others at sight. No matter who it is, watch and understand that they're there, and then make a decision. Even if it's disturbing, don't run away. Face them, consider them, and think it through. Regardless of if they are Flame Haze, Crimson Denizen, or Human, find out about them if you cannot understand them... and lean on the shoulder of someone you are comfortable with."[3]
  • (Sophie to herself during the war): "If we think about escape so early in the war, we can't possibly seize victory."[10]
  • (Sophie praying before attacking the Divine Gate): "No one pities them, and it matters not if it means being guilty of a crime. To us, who become nothingness without leaving any trace of our existence, let there be victory if nothing else. Amen, hallelujah for me."[2]
  • (Sophie about Shana's wrecked dress): "When reserves arrive in such a ragged state, the morale of the front line will falter."[11]
  • (To François about what the Flame Haze Army gained from their efforts after losing the war): "Firstly, we're alive. It's the greatest necessity to do anything, and there are the lives before us. It's not enough, but we certainly have them."[12]
  • (To the Flame Haze at Hong Kong International Airport): "So, as people say, we've been handed a total thrashing."[13]
  • (To Shana on her speech for the coming battle): "Setting aside if the others will follow you or not, you will be leading people down the new path. It was far better than sounding weak."[13]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sophie's contracted Lord, Takemikazuchi, possesses an unusual type of flame unlike other Flame Haze or Crimson Denizens; his flame is lightning. Others who are in the same category are Outreniaia and Vetcherniaia and Merihim.
  • The Four Gods of Earth's nickname for Sophie is "Sky Hammer" (天空の鎚 Tenkū no Tsuchi?).
  • Sophie's surname comes from a German conductor and pianist, Wolfgang Sawallisch.

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