"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"
—Shana's notable quote when upset, annoyed or embarrassed.

Shana (シャナ Shana?) is the main female protagonist of the Shakugan no Shana series. She is a Flame Haze, usually referred to among other Flame Haze by her title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" (炎髪灼眼の討ち手 Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite?), or as "The Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana" (贄殿遮那のフレイムヘイズ Nietono no Shana no Fureimuheizu?). Her name was given to her by the Mystes Yuji Sakai, who named her after her sword. She has entered into a contract with the Crimson God Alastor, "Flame of Heaven".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Noizi Itō's depiction of Shana in her uniform while invoking her powers

Shana is a young girl with jet black hair which is almost as long as her body. She has an anime antenna hair (アホ毛 ahoge?) which always sticks out on the top of her head. Upon invoking her powers as a Flame Haze, her hair and eyes change color to a fiery crimson with embers fluttering from her head down. Shana is described as pretty and of Asian descent.[4] She also has dark brown irises and a fair complexion. Due to the effects of being a Flame Haze, Shana's physical age will remain that of a girl that appears to be around 11 or 12 years of age.[1][3] Though she becomes a student of Misaki Municipal High School, her appearance makes it dubious whether she is even old enough for middle school.[5] Her actual age is unknown, but it is speculated that she has only been a Flame Haze for a couple of years and had made the contract with Alastor when she was at least 12 years old.[1][2] In the anime, she is 141 cm tall.[1][3]

In her first few years as a Flame Haze, she wears all black attire consisting of a shirt, pants, and her Treasure Tool Yogasa in the form of a trench coat. However, after she decided to stay in Misaki City, she is most usually seen with the Misaki City Municipal High School uniform. When in combat, she has the Yogasa as a cape worn over her clothes.

Shana is seen wearing various other clothing throughout the series. Before becoming a Flame Haze, Shana wore a pink cheongsam (Chinese dress). When she went to Misaki Waterland, she wore a pink swimsuit, wearing her hair in pigtails. She is also seen wearing the Misaki Municipal High School swimming uniform on occasions when she is swimming in Physical Education classes, as well as, the white top and red pants that compose of the normal P.E. class uniform. She sometimes wears a green dress and ties her hair in a ponytail at the Sakai Residence when in the company of Chigusa Sakai. She is also seen wearing a denim jacket with pigtails, as well as a pink jumper/sweater on Christmas Eve.

She is later seen wearing a red-and-black formal dress during her stay inside the Seireiden. After freeing herself, she is seen wearing a battle-damaged white dress before Sophie requested that she change her clothes. After the battle at Seireiden, she is seen wearing a maroon-coloured shirt in Hong Kong.

After a couple of years living in Xanadu, Shana starts wearing a sleeveless black bodysuit with Yogasa hanging off her shoulders in place of her Misaki High School uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Initially, Shana came off as very cold and uncaring, being concentrated solely on her duties as a Flame Haze. Although she protected humanity from the Crimson Denizens, she did not care for them and was only truly concerned with preserving the balance of the world, even willing to sacrifice human lives in order to do so. She was shown to be a nihilist, as she saw little to no meaning in even the most basic of things, not even having a name until Yūji gave her one. She insisted that Yūji was only a Torch, albeit an interesting one due to his status as a Mystes, and referred to him as only an object. She also referred to herself as only a Flame Haze. However, her low opinion of Torches was justified due to the fact that all the ones she had met before Yūji were uncompromisingly selfish and desperate to hold on to what little existence they had left. Therefore, she was very surprised and confused when Yūji decided to give up his existence to restore the damage to a classroom, when she had been planning to use the existence of one of his classmates. Her opinion of him changed once and for all when he helped her in the battle against Friagne, in which he lost nearly all of his existence to the point that he would have faded were it not for the Midnight Lost Child. This act of bravery convinced Shana to finally accept Yūji as a person, which was the beginning of her slowly opening up to him and eventually falling in love with him.

When she started training Yūji, Shana was shown to be a very strict teacher, constantly criticizing him for his lack of progress and treating every training session like an actual battle. When Yūji chose to postpone training to help out the school committee, she became convinced that he wasn't taking his training seriously. Soon after, while fighting a Rinne by herself, she grew to realize how much she hated being alone[6], something she had never realized before due to spending years with only the bodiless Alastor for company, as well as having grown up believing that a true Flame Haze doesn't rely on anybody. Once Yūji starts to show signs of progress, her attitude changes and she begins to compliment his steady increase in strength.

Even as a child, Shana was very fond of melon bread, and Alastor noted that the times she was eating it was one of the rare times she was in a good mood. She can be borderline fanatical about melon bread at times, often giving Yūji lectures on the best way to eat it and even gets disappointed when she finds that a shop has added a spice to it, going so far as to say they have no respect for its natural taste. However, it soon becomes clear she has a fondness for anything sweet; melon bread is just her favourite. She is described as having a "transcendent sweet tooth" and has been seen joyfully eating other foods such as ice cream, taiyaki, and berries. Shana is described by Alastor as being a "unique case" among Flame Hazes i.e. she's the only one who harbours no real grudge against Crimson Denizens. As such, she has no biased opinions about Denizens and recognises that not all of them cause harm to the balance, as opposed to Margery, who initially considered the idea of an 'innocent Denizen' to be laughable.

Shana say urusai.jpg

Shana has a funny habit of saying "Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!" ("Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!") whenever Yūji asks her questions or makes remarks that disturb her original worldview or embarrass her, or simply to avoid talking about something. Shana is shown to be highly intelligent as she has gotten a perfect score on every exam without ever having to study and is talented in Physical Education. However, this intelligence initially doesn't apply to her combat, with her preferred method being to just charge in blindly, forcing Yūji to do the strategizing for her. Overtime, she outgrows this style of combat and becomes more careful and strategic about how she approaches things.

Shana is a Tsundere, being deeply in love with Yūji but not being able to admit it and getting very jealous when she sees him with other girls, especially Kazumi and Fumina Konoe- ironically, her jealousy of the latter is what ultimately causes her to become friends with the former. She grows deeply hurt by all the time Yūji spends with Konoe, to the point of avoiding him as much as possible and leaving his training to Wilhelmina. After getting some advice from Kazumi that she got from Margery, namely that things aren't always what they seem, Shana decides to stick with Yūji until she finds out for sure how he feels about her.[7] As a result, Shana learns to control her jealousy and from then on isn't nearly as bothered by Yūji spending time with other girls as before.[8] She is also very considerate of Kazumi's feelings despite their mutual love for Yūji, which is shown when she chewed out Yūji for bluntly rejecting Kazumi's gift.[9]

A defining trait of Shana's early on is her complete lack of social skills. Wilhelmina, Shiro, and Alastor mostly focused on her physical and mental being, forgetting the importance of being socially adept. This was, as Alastor said, one of their mistakes, since they thought that they would just teach her these feelings when she grows up a little more, not realizing that these feelings should be developed, and could not be taught so hastily (Although, Shiro did teach her indirectly that love is the most powerful unrestricted spell of all). However, in Wilhelmina's case, she simply didn't bother, as she found such skills to be distracting and unnecessary for a Flame Haze. As a result, Shana is frequently shown to be very naive when it comes to social affairs, not knowing the meaning behind a kiss until Chigusa explains it to her and once even unabashedly asking Kazumi and the Sakais "how babies are made". This is the reason behind her cold, ruthless personality when Yūji first met her, as she failed to see the importance of anything beyond her duties. It is also the reason behind her Tsundere nature, as her growing feelings for Yūji were initially highly confusing and frustrating for her, due to her not even knowing what love is. Through continued interactions with Yūji, Chigusa, and Kazumi, however, Shana gradually outgrows this problem, and overall becomes a much kinder, friendlier, and more empathetic person as a result of their influence. However, she can still be rather shy when meeting new people, as shown in her initial encounters with Chiara Toscana, though the two quickly become friends after Chiara shares her food with her.[10]

After encountering Yuji when merged with the Snake of the Festival, she is completely traumatized to discover what kind of person he has transformed into, as well as the fact that he defeats her so easily and strips her of her powers. After escaping the Palace of the Stars and encountering him again, however, she states that she has finally gained the resolve to face him, saying that she had been torn between the her who had to fight and the her who didn't want to, but she has now overcome that because she has found the strongest unrestricted spell; love, something Shiro had indirectly taught her years before. She vows that she will do whatever it takes to stop and defeat Yuji, and she will do so without killing him.[11] After the creation of Xanadu, hereby ending the conflict between Denizens and Flame Hazes, Shana shows just how much she loves Yuji by completely forgiving him for all that he's done and asking only for him to promise to never leave her side, to which he happily agrees.[12]

Background[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Shana as a child

The girl who would become Shana was rescued and picked up by Wilhelmina Carmel and Shiro from Japan when she was an infant, and taken to Tendōkyū to be raised and trained. Tendōkyū remained in altitude above Japan due to Alastor's wishes, and conversations within were conducted in Japanese, the girl's mother tongue.[13] Alastor stated that she was a "Great One", destined to be a very majestic figure when she grows up, if she didn't get involved with the Crimson Realm beforehand.

One day, a trick that ran out of control caused Shiro to unleash a torrent of Power of Existence that momentarily disables the Tendōkyū's Crypta, allowing several affiliates of Bal Masque to initiate an attack on the flying fortress. The attack eventually forces the young Shana to decide on entering a Flame Haze contract with Alastor, and after becoming the second Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter, Shana defeats the threats that stand in her way and allowed Shiro, who is actually the Crimson Lord Merihim, to gain his peaceful rest after a short duel with him.

After the destruction of the Tendōkyū, she and Wilhelmina went their separate ways in Hong Kong, with the latter's intentions of allowing Shana to learn on her own as a Flame Haze. Wilhelmina's parting gift to Shana was a pack of melon bread.

Solitary Travels[edit | edit source]

Shana becoming a Flame Haze

The new "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" proceeds to her solitary journey, eventually becoming a companion of Sophie Sawallisch, a veteran Flame Haze, in Eastern Europe. Sophie notices her crudeness in combat and lack of femininity and decides to train her, while teaching her the ways of being a lady. The Flame Haze later travels to Japan, where she is involved with affairs relating to a certain Denizen which dwells in Yosegi City before reaching Misaki City.

She later meets Yūji by chance in one attack initiated by Friagne, the Crimson Lord who was staying at that city. Yūji, in his need to humanize her, chose to name her "Shana" after her katana. Until she met Yūji, she was identified by only her Flame Haze title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter," or her nodachi as, "Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana" (Nietono no Shana no Flame Haze) or even abbreviated to "the Nietono" (Nietono no) by her comrade, Rebecca Reed.

Plot[edit | edit source]

"Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana first arrives in Misaki City after a long time of traveling alone (prior to arriving in Japan and after leaving the destroyed Tendōkyū, she is accompanied by Sophie Sawallisch) to confront Friagne. At this period, the infamous "(Bounty) Hunter" has defeated a number of Flame Haze, and as a Flame Haze herself, she aims to destroy Friagne as well.

She attacked three of Friagne's Rinne, who had activated a Fuzetsu and were devouring the Power of Existence of the people who were immobilised by the spell. In doing so, she had saved Yūji Sakai, a torch who could move inside the Fuzetsu. She and Alastor were surprised when they discovered that Sakai Yūji could move in the seal. thus making him a Mystes. Shana defeated two of the Rinne but when she was about to slash the last one, Yūji got in the way, allowing the Rinne to shove her hand inside of him to retrieve the Treasure Tool inside of him. She then cut into Yūji, also getting the Rinne. She cut into the Rinne again, but from the cut, Marianne came out, escaping the fight and reporting back to Friagne.

Yūji being cut open

When Yūji was moaning because he was cut open, Shana put him back together. She also repaired the damage that was caused during the fight and undid the seal. She was going to leave but was stopped by Yūji, who was wondering what was going on. She replied that he was dead.

Shana began watching Yūji, as she thought that Friagne would come after him. She saw Yūji again the next day and explained to him the Crimson Realm, Denizens, and the Flame Haze.

"Hunter" Arc[edit | edit source]

Later, Shana realized the Torch she saved earlier, holds the Reiji Maigo, a device which replenishes the holder's Power of Existence every time at midnight. Shana sees him as a viable bait to lure out Friagne, and she decides to use the remaining Power of Existence of Hirai Yukari to keep a close watch at him. She later goes to Yūji's house to live there for the moment.

Meanwhile, Margery Daw is on pursuit of a Denizen named Lamies. Margery and Shana clash in one encounter, and the powerful "Interpreter of Condolence" defeats Shana and forces her to return to Yūji's house badly injured. Later, Yūji Sakai found Shana in their backyard after her fight with Margery. Yūji tried to help Shana but she retaliates by saying "I don't want to get help from a torch! Leave me alone!", with that Yūji left and soon after that Kazumi asked Yūji to go with her to the Museum because her father gave her two tickets and she has no one to go with. Yūji agrees and they went out to the Museum.

In there Yūji met Lamies, the corpse retriever. They had a first normal conversation but Yūji figures out he's a denizen after Lamies said that he was a torch. Later, Margery has a run-in with Friagne the Hunter who used the Fuzetsu to find Lamies and leave Eita and Keisaku who she saved from a bunch of gangsters and who she used as the city guide, Shana considers Yūji. In the mist of her confusion, Alastor suggests her to destroy Yūji for good.

Later, she, Margery and Yūji together defeat Friagne when he plans to start the ceremony for the City Devourer to make Marianne an individual and independent being.

"Chanter of Elegies" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana defending Lamies

Shana is ready to fight, but Margery leaves, intent on finding Lamies. When Margery is unable to locate Lamies, she returns to Keisaku's house, and rests. Keisaku and Eita are worried so Marchosias shows them Margery's past, where they see The Silver.

The next day, Yūji and Shana are training.  After Margery Daw teaches them about the truth, she gives Keisaku and Eita a bookmark that allows them to communicate with each other and move in a Fuzetsu. Then they made their way to the abandoned building where Friagne left the Crystal Altar.

Interval Stories Arc[edit | edit source]

"Aizen Siblings" Arc[edit | edit source]

Sorath and Tiriel have come to Misaki City with Sydonay as a bodyguard and are in search of the Nietono no Shana. They activate a Fuzetsu on the city to lure Shana. Their Cradle Garden allows them to use unrestricted spells continuously, forcing Shana to try and attack a plant which she presumes to be the power source. But it is a trap, and Shana is captured by the plant. Her brother takes the Nietono no Shana, cuts off Alastor's pendant and proceeds to kill Shana. Later, Alastor returns to Shana and they use a huge flame attack to regain Nietono no Shana so they can attack Sorath and her. They succeed in attacking her and Sorath but Sorath escapes unharmed because she uses her existence to protect him. They then go to the bridge because Yūji Sakai is near the Cradle Garden. Shana attacks them but Tiriel gives up her life to save Sorath. He attacks with Blutsauger but Shana tricks him by throwing Nietono No Shana into the air. He reaches for it but Shana grabs it and slashes him to death before he can.

The Girl from Tendōkyū Arc[edit | edit source]

She recalls the way she become a Flame Haze and the time when Wilhelmina trains her and be her guardian. When Tendōkyū falls for the first time after all the commotion, Wilhelmina parts ways with her, who later travels around the world to learn more about her duty as the newest "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".

"Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana in the Misago Festival

When Yūji Sakai doesn't come home after school on the day of the festival, she and Yūji's mother go to the location of the festival to look for him but another Crimson Denizen shows itself with a fancy Unrestricted Spell. Kazumi discovers the truth that Yūji is indeed a Torch and Shana gets upset upon seeing the situation between Yūji and Kazumi. The Seeking Researcher, Dantalion has already started his plan to open up a gate to another dimension and she, the other two Flame Haze, a few humans like Satō Keisaku, Eita Tanaka (after hearing Matake Ogata's confession of love) and Kazumi Yoshida, and a torch, Yūji must work together to defeat him.

Bal Masqué Arc[edit | edit source]

After the events that took place in the festival, Shana harbors doubt for Yūji's desire to leave the city with her.  She reunites with Wilhelmina Carmel, whom she starts living with at an apartment. Wilhelmina soon begins to notice a change in Shana's behavior regarding her duties as a Flame Haze. She reveals her mission of eliminating the Mystes, Yūji Sakai, in order to transfer the Midnight Lost Child to another vessel.

When Wilhelmina attempts to destroy Yūji, Shana intervenes, eventually convincing her to stop. Afterwards, Yūji questions Shana on what she intends for the both of them.

Shana protecting Yūji

During the burning of the bird ornaments, the Palace of the Stars descends from the sky as Bal Masqué arrive to take Yūji away. Wilhelmina attempts to kill him before he falls into their hands, but Shana defends Yūji from her attack. After Bal Masque successfully obtain the Mystes, Wilhelmina takes Shana back to a nearby building to treat her wound. Soon, she regains her consciousness and prepares to infiltrate the Palace of the Stars.

Sato and Eita ask Shana to save Yūji for their sake, rather than for the duty of a Flame Haze.  Kazumi admits to Shana that she is the only one who can bring him back, and places her faith in Shana.  Along with Wilhelmina, the two ascend to the Palace of the Stars.

Upon infiltration of the Palace of the Stars, Shana and Wilhelmina are soon confronted by robotic Rinne, created by the Seeker.  An Unrestricted Method is set in place to prevent Shana and Wilhelmina from using their power of existence (in Shana's case, Nietono no Shana is rendered too heavy for use), forcing them to resort to their physical abilities.  Eventually, Margery Daw shows up and assists the two by destroying the machine fueling the Unrestricted Method.  Shana and Wilhelmina make quick work of the Rinne afterwards.  When Bel Peol arrives to confront them, Wilhelmina questions Shana's final decision on what to do with Yūji.  She answers that she will not destroy Yūji, yet still prevent Bal Masqué from succeeding in their plan.  Satisfied with her resolve, Wilhelmina tells Shana to proceed ahead of her while she holds off Bel Peol.  Shana moves onwards to where Yūji is being held.

Shana telling Yūji that she loves him

As they close in on Yūji's location, Shana reveals to Alastor the feelings she harbors towards Yūji.  They soon reach the room where Yūji is being held, along with Supreme Throne Hecate.  Soon after, Shana engages Hecate. Due to the immense level of power of existence, her attacks prove ineffective.

"Village of Jestful Slumber" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana and Yūji returned to their normal life as students after the events at Seireiden. Then, Yūji notices that Shana is acting strange only to find out he is in a dream created by the Slumber Maniac, Mare. After he wakes up, he sees Shana fighting Mare, in the appearance of a teenage girl. Shana called him idiot for not concentrating on to the battle. Then, she easily defeated the Tomogara.

However, Shana, Yūji, and Kazumi are trapped once again in a dream. The true appearance of Mare is then revealed and the body she used earlier was a Mystes. Shana fights Mare and Yūji does his best to wake up Kazumi.

Fumina Konoe Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana was suspicious towards the transfer student, Fumina Konoe, due to her appearance resembling that of Hecate. She had cast a Fūzetsu, but Fumina didn't move within it. She again tested Fumina using a Fūzetsu to lure the Crimson Denizen Kasha into attacking her. When Fumina remained unmoved as she was about to die, Shana accepted that she was not Hecate.

It turned out she was a split independent human body of Hecate.

Interval Stories (II) Arc[edit | edit source]

Omens of a Storm Arc[edit | edit source]

"Colorful Wave" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana fights Wilhelmina's former friend, the Beautiful Whim, Pheles and battles Fumina Konoe, which is revealed to be a Faux Vessel created by Hecate.

Scars from the Storm Arc[edit | edit source]

"Destructive Blade" Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana defeats Bifrons, then encounters Sabrac, a powerful Crimson Lord who has been employed by Bal Masqué.

Grand Order Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana wrote a letter for Yūji, telling him her feelings and to choose between her and Kazumi by meeting one of them on Christmas Eve. Yūji chooses Shana but suddenly disappears after Shana sees him. Shana is worried and goes to Kazumi, informing her of the disappearance of Yūji. After that, they go to Yūji's room and they see that all things related to Yūji have disappeared. Kazumi thinks that Yūji is dead but Shana tells her that Yūji is not dead because the letters they had given him had not disappeared.

Blackout Arc[edit | edit source]

The sudden disappearance of Yūji and all traces of his existence left Shana heartbroken, although she manages to gather herself and investigate the extent of Yūji's disappearance. Using Yūji's last memento, the letter that he returned to her and Kazumi, she undergoes training with Margery to hone her spellcasting abilities.

Shana defeated by Yūji

Upon Yūji's return to Misaki City as Bal Masqué's newest leader, Shana is defeated by him before she is taken to the Seireiden. Her powers are then sealed by Bel Peol's Treasure Tool Tartaros, while Alastor stays in Yūji's hands to get to know his intentions.

Biding Time Arc[edit | edit source]

Shana wearing the frilly dress in Seireiden.

Yūji takes Shana to the Seireiden, where she is confined to a single room and tended to by a couple of maid Rinne. She can't use her powers because of a miniature version of Bel Peol's Tartaros. The Nietono no Shana had also been taken. Shana was about to be killed by Hecate, but was saved by Yūji. She is later seen wearing a frilly dress.

Seireiden Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Due to the chaos caused by Khamsin and Rebecca infiltrating Seireiden, Shana is able to escape the maid Rinne. She calls out for the Nietono no Shana, awakening Tenmoku Ikko, who returns it to her. Shana regains her powers and meets the Crimson Denizen Uvall. She is able to kill him by using her new Unrestricted Spells, Hien, Shinku, Shinpan and Danzai. She escapes and meets Khamsin, Rebecca, and Wilhelmina outside.

After Shana manages to escape captivity from The Palace of the Stars, her along with Khamsin, Rebecca and Wilhelmina head inside the rift to prevent the revival of the God of Creation. But soon after they enter The Abyss, all four are ambushed by The Destructive Blade, Sabrac. Khamsin, Wilhelmina and Rebecca have Shana continue onward as they'll keep Sabrac busy allowing her to get to Sakai Yuji, God of Creation and the Trinity.

Soon after, she makes it to Yuji and the Trinity but has failed to prevent the revival of the God of Creation. She then confesses her love for Yuji saying that love is the most powerful Unrestricted Spell. She then declares that if the Snake of the Festival completely takes over Yuji, that she'll defeat him even if it means using the Tenpa Jōsai in order to do so.

Soon both Shana and Yuji engage in short battle before Shana and the other Flame Haze are carried out of the rift by the Ancient Flame Haze. After the Snake of the Festival arrives from the rift, he then declares the Grand Order and explains that he will create a paradise for his beloved Denizens and tells the Flame Haze that he'll take all of the Crimson Denizens with him to Xanadu where humans will no longer be devoured.

After the Snake of the Festival says that he'll take all of his Crimson Denizens to the new world, the entire Flame Haze army falls into panic and chaos due their existence being futile as there is no reason for them to even exist in this world (this is because if Crimson Denizens no longer live in this world, there is no reason for Flame Haze to exist as their duty is to destroy any Denizen that threatens the balance of the two worlds by devouring souls). As a result, the entire army is being massacred.

Shana, Samuel Demantius and Wilhelmina then try to save as many Flame Haze as they can allowing them to retreat where Shana begins to blame herself for failing in every way for not facing off against Yuji.

Soon after, Shana along with Wilhelmina engage in battle with Thousand Changes, Sydonay allowing their fellow Flame Haze to retreat to Heaven's Road Palace. Eventually, The Archer of Aurora, Chiara Toscana and Puppeteer of Devilish Skills, Seere Habichtsburg arrive allowing for Shana and the others to escape, allowing them to live to fight another day.

Misaki City Final Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

As the Denizens leave to Xanadu, Sakai Yūji parted with Snake of the Festival. The Strategist, holding the essence of the God of Creation, gave him a chain-shape key to Tartaros. At the end, the God of Creation stated he grew fond of Sakai Yūji, a mere torch that was willing to allow himself to be used as a tool to fulfill his plan, and even if nobody else approved of his plan, the God of Creation approved it and gives his blessings to Sakai Yūji, as they departed to Xanadu.

Later the Spiral Organ appeared, gave Yūji a crystal containing Unrestricted Spell for bringing back the lost things, grant basic protection for his body and embedding a new Unrestricted Spell into the anti-flame ring Azure, saying it's been wonderful working with Yūji. Later, Lamies left a last parting gift, naming Yūji's new Unrestricted Spell, Grammatica and ask him to contemplate on the meaning of it.

Now, fully himself, he decided to face Shana and Margery Daw in the final battle, and Sydonay impressed by the boy's action decided to ally with him and fights Margery Daw. During the battle Sakai Yūji activated the green crystal and cast it on Yoshida Kazumi, with the last plea for her to agree. The spell activates and it restored all the destruction caused at Misaki City and healed damaged people although he regretted that dead people cannot be revived.

Shana going to punch Yūji.

Shana asked Yūji what is his intention and he replied that in order to atone the killing of Flame Haze and Humans on his quest, he will travel to Xanadu that has no Misaki City alone to teach Denizens and humans to coexist peacefully, even if it takes thousands of years so that he can finally be together with Shana without guilt.

As they embraced and kissed, the Spiral Organ Unrestricted Spell activated and Sakai Yūji becomes a "solid existence", as prophesied by God of Punishment - something more than a normal torch or a Mystes. As Yūji Sakai and Shana delights at this revelation, they departed to Xanadu.

At Xanadu Shana and Yūji are always together and they try to teach the Tomogoras and Humans to coexist and even fight against rebel Tomogoras. It is known that Yuuji is still being and that there are still some that are trying to kill him. Last scene Yūji and Shana after defeating some rebel Tomogoras, Shana and Alastor tell Yūji they were impressed because of how he changed and they both left the place holding hands.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Anime Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shakugan no Shana-tan[edit | edit source]

Dengeki Bunko 2007 Movie Festival Special[edit | edit source]

Shana and Yōko attacking their love interests

In this special, Shana angrily spies on Kazumi asking Yūji to the Dengeki Bunko Movie Festival with her. She follows them to the theater, wondering why Yūji would go with Kazumi and what movies are. Alastor misinforms her that it is a place where couples fall in love. When she enters the theater hallway, she sees an unconscious Yūji's head resting on Kazumi's breasts. Inconsolable, Shana knocks Yūji out with Great Blade of Crimson. She later admires the abilities of Yōko from the Inukami! series, who had attacked her love interest simultaneously with Shana for a similar incident.[14]

Audio Drama Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shana's character songs are EXIST, Blue Sky, and EXIST II.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Yūji Sakai[edit | edit source]

Shana (eating melon bread) and Yūji

Her main social interest is Yūji, whom she sees as her love interest. Her relationship with Yūji is one of the driving forces of the series.

Her relationship with Yūji at first is strained, as she sees him only as a Torch (later as a Mystes) and she views herself as a mere Flame Haze as well. Shana gets further irritated at Yūji's positive view in life, despite knowing that he would someday disappear, which Shana finds it unusual. Later on, when Yūji was desperate to be a means of help for Shana, he manages to strategize at situations difficult for her, and Shana finds herself, surprisingly, following his instructions by instinct.

As the series progresses, so does their relationship. Shana begins to seek Yūji out as a source of her strength, being able to think that she can do anything with him by her side. She begins to open up with other characters with his influence, something Alastor and Wilhelmina said was strange for her. Finally, she realizes that she loves Yūji with the unexpected help of Yoshida Kazumi who was determined to confess to Yūji.

Unfortunately, her tendency to get possessive and jealous, due to having little knowledge on the new emotions she was feeling and Yūji being clueless, drove Yūji to belittle himself (which ironically that is what Shana wanted him to feel at the beginning). He began to avoid Shana, pertaining himself as a 'mere Mystes'. However, their relationship was renewed when Shana sacrificed herself when Wilhelmina was about to kill Yūji and Yūji was able to get through Shana once more.

She manages to tell Yūji her feelings indirectly with the means of a letter, only to have him disappear on Christmas Eve. Later, they found out that Yūji merged with the God of Creation and is the new leader of Bal Masqué, the Flame Haze's mortal enemy. This was because as Yūji had chosen her over Kazumi, he wanted to make her future a better one, where he could stay by her side, without her fighting Denizens forever and eventually perishing.

Shana, who sees Yūji's actions as something wrong, decides to fight him, only to be defeated by him. While in captivity, she fears Yūji, and refuses to be touched or held by him, a fact that Yūji cannot understand nor comprehend. Later in the series while fighting Yūji, she finally tells Yūji that she loves him. By the end of the war and the creation of the new world, Xanadu, Yūji planned to go to Xanadu alone without Shana to convince the Crimson Denizens to coexist with humans to atone for all the Flame Haze and humans that he killed, however Shana fought against Yūji one last time in an effort to keep him from punishing himself, with Shana defeating him. Shana then forgives Yūji for his actions and reaffirms her love for him, reassuring him that she stop his wrong actions and continue to talk and confort him when he needs it. Yūji relents to Shana and allows her to be with him and they share their first kiss. Upon learning that Yūji's become a complete existence, the two along with Alastor depart for Xanadu. Shana's currently working together with her boyfriend, Yūji, to help him in his goal to establish coexistence between Denizens and humans.

Alastor[edit | edit source]

Shana takes orders and advice from the Crimson Lord she is bound to. She has a great deal of respect for Alastor, seeing as he is known by many prestigious titles, and she has confessed her daughterly (not biological) love for this Crimson Lord.

Wilhemina Carmel[edit | edit source]

She was Shana's mentor and guardian during Shana' days at the Heaven's Road Palace. She also serves somewhat as a mother figure to her, trying to make dinner when Shana feels upset and embracing her with obvious relief when Shana survived the Tenpa Jōsai, as well as frequently buying her melon bread. As she is the only mother she's ever shown, Shana loves Wilhelmina a great deal, and the two are constantly concerned about one another's well-being.

Kazumi Yoshida[edit | edit source]

Kazumi Yoshida is her love-rival for Yūji, and Shana once treated her with contempt and disdain. Shana eventually starts to be more open to the other characters, especially in regards to her relationship with Kazumi to the point of becoming friends. In an anime exclusive arc, when Konoe spent more time with Yuji, Shana and Kazumi spent some time with each other due to their shared jealously. Shana and Kazumi's relationship improved when Kazumi shared the love advice Margery gave her to Shana instead of keeping it to herself. However, despite no longer hating Kazumi and becoming friends with her, Shana still reminds herself of her rivalry with Kazumi, seeing as she is the main perpatrator in her plot to win Yūji's heart.

Chigusa Sakai[edit | edit source]

She generally treats most other characters with ignorance and indifference with the exception of Chigusa Sakai, who she looks to as a source in answering certain difficulties when Alastor or Wilhelmina are unable to do so.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shana is a powerful and talented Flame Haze, and is said to be the most powerful, known and feared by most Crimson Denizens with her title alone. This has allowed her to defeat many powerful Denizens, and permits her many different abilities, including her proficiency with the Nietono no Shana, the ability to wield flames, manipulate the Power of Existence, harbor extrasensory traits, and fly with wings of flame. In the third volume of the manga, the first volume of the novel, and the movie, Alastor states that the reason why she did not explode after being shot by Friagne's Trigger Happy was because she held a capacity that existed in dimensional space, which was able to contain the Flame of Heaven (and more); He has thus stated her as "The Great One" (偉大なる者 Idainaru Mono?).

Shana has impeccable swordsmanship and form in hand-to-hand combat. However, she demonstrates a clear lack of experience in battle, as noted by Sophie Sawallisch, who has witnessed her fighting style first-hand, where she doesn't plan before a battle, and is unable to read the opponent's fighting style.[4] This is once held responsible for her defeat against a Flame Haze, Margery Daw, who is a specialist in Power of Unrestraint.

Gōka (劫火?, World-destroying Conflagration): An Impact Skill in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Shana charges forward while being engulfed in flames and slashes with Nietono no Shana.[15]

Divine Summonings[edit | edit source]

Tenpa Jōsai (天破壌砕?, Heaven Destruction Earth Break): A secret technique inherited by Flame Haze of the title "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Shana is capable of using it to summon Alastor.

Unrestricted Spells[edit | edit source]

Shana's Crimson Wings

Guren no Sōyoku (紅蓮の双翼?, Wings of Crimson): A pair of fiery wings appear on her back, allowing flight. At first, Shana is not able to use this spell without Yūji in range. Later on, she manages to use Guren no Souyoku when she fought in later battles even against Yūji. These wings were fast enough to evade Hecate's powerful Aster spell. In the anime, the wings resemble a bird's, with feathers sometimes falling from them.

Guren no Ōdachi (紅蓮の大太刀?, Great Blade of Crimson): It coats Shana's sword with a flame which she can use to hurl at enemies from a distance, whether as a wave of fire or fireballs. She is also capable of creating fiery constructs to do her bidding. Additionally, she has learned to summon the spirit of Tenmoku Ikko, the entity that resides within Nietono no Shana when she was held as a captive in Seireiden.

Shinku (真紅?, True Crimson): A unique Unrestricted Spell that forms a shape of a hand with flame. Its primary purpose seems to be to push back, and even defeat enemies.

Hien (飛焔?, Blazing Flame): A unique Unrestricted Spell that provides a radiating wave of flame.

Shinpan (審判?, Judgement): A unique Unrestricted Spell that can be used to remotely observe areas from far away, broadcast speech over a wide area, determine the purpose of Unrestricted Spells, and sense Power of Existence in a large area.

Danzai (断罪?, Condemnation): A unique Unrestricted Spell. Its primary purpose seems to be the destruction of obstacles, such as reinforced doors, structures, and destroying the enemy directly. Its continuous stream of flame is powerful enough to break through the flame shield provided by the Azure.

Kessen Ōgi (決戦奥儀?, Final Battle Secret Technique): Named in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Shana attacks using the four Unrestricted Spells Shinku, Hien, Shinpan and Danzai successively in that order.[15] Shana performs Kessen Ōgi during her first use of those four Unrestricted Spells during her fight with Vual in Seireiden, leading to the destruction of the Crimson Lord.[16]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Yūji) "I'm only a Flame Haze. In a way, I'm the same as a Torch."
  • (To Yūji) "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Who needs a name, anyway? To distinguish me from the other Flame Hazes, they just call me 'The One With Nietono no Shana'."[17]
  • (Thinking) "There's no way he's going to do it. He's just like any other Torch. They're desperate to hold on to what little existence they have left."[18]
  • (To Alastor) "I should have punched him another ten times!"[19]
  • (To Yūji) "Don't say 'only'. You're Yūji Sakai. And don't you forget it."[20]
  • (To Wilhelmina) "Wilhelmina, I am the Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter, but I am also Shana. My mission is clear, but I will not destroy the Mystes Yūji. They are the same, and without him I am not me! I am not only a Flame Haze! I am Shana, with the flaming hair and blazing eyes and I fight for my beliefs! That is my answer."[21]
  • (To Yūji) "I love you, Yūji Sakai."[22]
  • (To Kazumi) "I won't lose to you."
  • (Thinking) "I want to understand Yūji because of the way I feel. But even more than that. I want to know how he really feels about me. So I'm going to stick close to him until I finally find out."[23]
  • (Thinking) "Weird. Knowing Kazumi will be Yūji's Juliet doesn't bother me like I thought it would. Guess we've finally moved beyond our petty jealousy"[24]
  • (Recalling Chigusa's words) "If you're feeling lost, just reach out. Listen to your heart. It'll tell you what to do."[25]
  • (To Yūji) "You know what the problem is?! You! I know why Kazumi got mad because I feel the same way! You're lying to yourself! Deep down, you're worried about your Mom and you don't want to leave, but you won't face the truth! Forget it. I'm not going anywhere with you."[26]
  • (To Kazumi) "Kazumi, teach me how to make babies."[27]
  • (To Yuji) "I was a wreck when you left Misaki City until a friend reached out to me. She warned me to stop fooling myself. She said the time had come to unite me with myself. At first, I thought she knew what she meant; Shana and the Flaming-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter had become two different entities. But when I thought about it, I realised I was wrong, and when I spoke to someone else about it, they clarified it for me. They said there are not two of you, there is only one. At first, I didn't understand what they were saying, and ever since I met you, Yuji, I've subconsciously pretended not to understand. I didn't want to fight you, and for some reason I didn't want to accept that fact. My denial had caused a rift in my personality, between the me who had to fight and the me who didn't want to. I was afraid I would be forced to choose between them someday. But now I have overcome that fear because I found the strongest unrestricted spell. You see, I'm no longer afraid to fight because I have gained an amazing power. It's because I met you that I have the strength to settle this once and for all!"[28]
  • (To Yuji) "It's alright. I love you anyway. I love you more than anyone. No matter what, if i think you're in the wrong, i'll stop you. If you're suffering, I'll be there to comfort you. If you're worried, I'll talk through it with you. But you have to promise that you won't ever leave me."[29]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Shana", which was given by Yūji to the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter (from her main weapon, Nietono no Shana) actually refers to the buddha Vairocana.
  • Her title, "Flamed-Haired Burning-Eyed" (炎髪灼眼 Enpatsu Shakugan?), is a play on the term "Blonde-Haired, Blue-Eyed" (金髪碧眼 Kinpatsu Hekigan?), which described foreigners appeared in many anime and manga characters.
  • Tabitha St. Germain, the Geneon English voice actress for Shana, also did the voices of Domino and the Huge Kewpie Rinne.
  • Rie Kujimiya, Shana's Japanese voice actress, has voiced other anime/light novel characters which includes Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, Aria H. Kanzaki from Aria the Scarlet Ammo and Louise de la Vallieré from The Familiar of Zero.

Nagi parodies Shana in Hayate the Combat Butler.

Haruka parodies Shana in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

  • In the fourth episode of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, the main female character Haruka Nogizaka wears the dark-green-and-yellow uniform of Misaki City Municipal High School and references Shana by saying "Urusai, urusai, urusai!" She also wears a coat much like Yogasa. Hishoku no Sora also plays in the background.
    • Mamiko Noto, the seiyu for Haruka, also voiced Hecate.
    • Hishoku no Sora is again played in the sixth episode, with official art of Shana seen in Comiket.
  • Shana can be briefly seen in a montage during the fifth episode of Eromanga-Sensei, saying "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" when Takasago Tomoe discusses heroines to inspire Eromanga Sensei. The montage also features Taiga Aisaka from Toradora as both Shana and Taiga share the same Japanese voice actress, the light novel covers for Shakugan no Shana and Toradora are featured in the Eromanga-Sensei anime and all three series share the same light novel publisher, Dengenki Bunko.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. RGB code sourced from crimson (紅) on colordic

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