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This is a list of all omake illustrated by Shii Kiya and featured in the Shakugan no Shana X: Eternal Song manga series volumes and related merchandise.

Preliminary artwork[]

A manga series adapting light novel volume X was first hinted at by the uploading of two illustrations to the official Shakugan no Shana website on December 25, 2006.[1] After the manga was announced, a rough sketch was also posted on April 28, 2007.[2]

KA-E-N Illustration[]

In Noizi Itō's art book KA-E-N, there is a congratulatory colored illustration by Kiya. As KA-E-N was published in August 2007, this illustration predates the publishing of the first manga chapter by one month. In the illustration, Mathilde tried to use two letters to force a romantic encounter between Wilhelmina and Merihim. This upset Wilhelmina, whereas Merihim stressed that he was devoted only to Mathilde.

Volume 2-3 Chapter End Omake[]

4 omake pages appeared at the end of certain chapters in the second and third manga volumes.

The People of House Tötenglo[]

The People of House Tötenglo (トーテングロ家の人々 Tōtenguro-ke no Hitobito?) is a series of three illustrations by Kiya for the messages and special thanks pages of the second manga volume. They are inspired by the parody short story Ojō-sama no Shana and depicts characters from Eternal Song as they appear in the story. The last illustration includes Nachtigall, who does not appear in Ojō-sama no Shana.

Promotional Manga[]

Shakugan no Shana X PV (灼眼のシャナX PV?)[3] is a 5-page chapter first printed in the special edition Dengeki Bunko Magazine, Toradora! vs Index,[4] which was published on September 27, 2008. It serves to promote the serialization of the Eternal Song manga. This chapter was unnamed when compiled into the second manga volume. It presents a quick rendition of Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel's arrival on the battlefield, but is not canon due to the presence of Sokar and Ninurta. The art of Tendōkyū crashing into the ground was later reused in the fifth chapter.

In the Holy Roman Empire during the beginning of the 16th century, an enormous calamity befell the Brocken mountain range. Attacking was a Flame Haze all-or-nothing army, and confronting them were the Crimson Denizens lead by Asiz, Töten Glocke.

As the giant sphere Tendōkyū plummeted from the sky, Ullikummi wondered what it was as he fought the Flame Haze Army and Sophie Sawallisch. Merihim shot at the sphere with Rainbow's Heaven Sword and it later crashed to the ground. Asiz watched the arrival of Mathilde and told the Nine Eternal Divine Scales that soon they would realize his Grand Scheme, for everyone in this world. The "Pair of Wings", as well as Sokar and Ninurta, rushed at Mathilde and Wilhelmina.

Record of Nine Eternal Academy: X[]

Record of Nine Eternal Academy: X (九垓学園戦記X Kugai Gakuen Senki X?) is an illustration featured on the inside cover of the third volume. It is a parody illustration depicting Eternal Song as if it took place in a high school. In one message on the cover, Kiya confessed that he had originally planned an illustration called "My Nachtigall Can't Be [Censored]" (俺の小夜啼鳥がこんなに(以下検閲)?) but decided against it.


Kiya hadn't had enough time to write afterwords for the fourth and fifth volumes before their release, so he published an afterword on his personal website.[5] In the afterword, he recalled being told in the planning stages that the tenth light novel's story was about "a battle where all the main characters are level 99" and learning as he continued drawing the manga. He voiced that though it was always difficult, the character he had the most fun drawing was Illuyanka. Other things Kiya had difficulty drawing were Gavida's six arms, Mathilde's Knights, and background Crimson Denizens.

Along with the afterword, Kiya also published an illustration featuring all characters who appeared in Eternal Song, which is able to be downloaded at various resolutions.



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