The 34th chapter of the Shakugan no Shana X: Eternal Song manga series.

Wilhelmina volunteered to lead the effort to raise Mathilde's successor. Mathilde said farewell to Wilhelmina and went to Asiz.


Wilhelmina had joined Mathilde's ascent towards the main tower of Brocken Fortress. Both she and the Knights protected Mathilde, who had thought Wilhelmina would try and stop her. Wilhelmina knew that if she stopped Mathilde, Töten Glocke would have their way, and Mathilde herself would struggle to escape and would die anyway from her wounds. Therefore, Wilhelmina had chosen to instead go with her and follow the same path. Mathilde suddenly dispelled the horse they were riding on and stated that only she and Alastor would keep going. There was no longer any point in going together.

ES Manga Ch 34 Wilhelmina offer

Wilhelmina offering to raise Mathilde's successor.

Mathilde talked about keeping Merihim alive and believed he would keep her promises, and she reiterated that their target was Asiz. Wilhelmina pointed out Mathilde referring to both of them together even though Mathilde was going to leave her and go die by herself, but Mathilde didn't think of it as going to die, rather that her life of running through obstacles would come to an end. The cleanup of this, the next "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyes", was already asked of Merihim. Wilhelmina stated that she would lead the effort to raise Mathilde's successor, which surprised Mathilde. Wilhelmina correctly assumed that Mathilde had not left any specific instructions for Merihim and thought there was no one more suitable than her for the effort. Mathilde agreed to it.

ES Manga Ch 34 Mathilde embrace Wilhelmina

Mathilde embracing Wilhelmina.

Mathilde talked about how Alastor was strict to others but was actually very nice, and that what would happen to her wouldn't dishearten him or make him give up. Mathilde tasked Wilhelmina with finding a perfect Flame Haze suitable for him, the last wish of a woman who would leave her man behind, and she embraced Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina recalled her first meeting with Mathilde, clashing with each other during a battle against Crimson Denizens, and the two having an argument over her feelings for Merihim. She remembered all the times they had been together. As Wilhelmina was going to hug her back, Mathilde pushed her away. Mathilde said farewell to Wilhelmina and Tiamat and wished them peerless fortune. She flew up to the main tower, leaving Wilhelmina in her grief.

As the Heir to Both Worlds was being formed, Mathilde descended from the hole that had been opened in the main tower's ceiling and landed on one of the plates of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales. Mathilde delivered Gavida's message to the girl inside Nachtigall; "Donato told me, 'I painted a picture of you.'", and after hearing it, the girl's left eye regained its vigor. The girl remembered a time when Donato had begun a painting, but hadn't wanted to tell her what it was of. She had then said it didn't matter because he wasn't good at painting. Asiz stated that it was no use as Nachtigall was completely under his control. Mathilde added that the message was only in exchange for Gavida taking her to the battlefield with Tendōkyū, and she wasn't obligated to do anything else. She would even destroy the girl if it meant Asiz's scheme was stopped. Mathilde introduced herself to Asiz as the one who would put an end to his immoral madness.


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  • Wilhelmina (to Mathilde): "...Supposing, supposing I forcibly stopped you and everything goes the way the enemy wants, enemies and allies alike would ridicule us, indeed. If I could let you live, if just that could be granted... then I could have chosen that path, indeed. But... now... even that's... If I stop you now, you would just die struggling in my arms, unable to do anything, indeed. Then at least, I want to be with you. Even if we can't live together, following the same path together is up to me, so I can still..."
  • Mathilde (to Wilhelmina): "I'm not going so that I can die. It's just that my life of running through obstacles will come to a probable end there. Dying is just a result."
  • Wilhelmina (to Mathilde): "There is no one more suitable than me, indeed."
  • Mathilde: "Find a new Flame Haze for this lovely Great Demon God, who can only be strict with others despite really being unbearably kind. I'm going to go now, but he'll never be disheartened by this, and he won't give up. Find the perfect Flame Haze fitting for a good man like him. This is the last wish... of a woman who will die and leave her man behind."
  • Mathilde (flashback): "If you want to live, cooperate with me, you brazenface!"
    Wilhelmina (flashback): "That's my line indeed, barbarian."
  • Mathilde: "I never had comrades who I felt safer having my back than you two. Goodbye, Wilhelmina, Tiamat. Thank you for everything. I wish you peerless fortune."
  • Mathilde (to Asiz): "I am the Flame Haze of "Flame of Heaven" Alastor, "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Mathilde Saint-Omer. I am the one who will bring about the demise of your immorality and madness."


  • As Wilhelmina was being embraced by Mathilde, she recalled moments she had had with her:
    • Wilhelmina being upset at Mathilde's recklessness on the battlefield, which was shown in a flashback in chapter 09, and the two charging at the "Pair of Wings", also from the same chapter
    • The two dodging a Rainbow's Heaven Sword attack, in chapter 08
    • Mathilde summoning a horse as the two raced towards Brocken Fortress, in chapter 10
    • Mathilde smiling at Wilhelmina, then Wilhelmina being adamant that they would settle the battle with the "Pair of Wings", both occurring in chapter 25
    • Wilhelmina helping Mathilde up after a battle and Mathilde joyous while being helped to walk by Wilhelmina, which was shown in a flashback in chapter 30
    • Mathilde hugging Wilhelmina after the latter resolved to fight with her, which was shown in a flashback in chapter 11
    • Wilhelmina headbutting Mathilde and later bestowing her with a wreath, in chapter 18, and
    • The two confronting the "Pair of Wings" after destroying Labyrinthos, in chapter 21.
  • The hole in the ceiling of Brocken Fortress was caused by Merihim's Rainbow's Heaven Sword, in chapter 05.
  • Mathilde delivered Gavida's message, which she had tried to do previously only to be interrupted, in chapter 10.


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