IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol for real-time text messaging, please see the wikipedia article for more information.

How to Use IRC?Edit

To use IRC you first need a client, such as mIRC, or you can use the webchat if you are unable to use IRC due to firewall restrictions, or not being able to install the required client software.


Alternatively if you have a IRC client just join us at #shakugan-wiki on

We recommend that you register your username, as this will protect it from use by another user, and ensure to fellow users that you are who you claim to be. Please see the Registering at Freenode FAQ on how to register.


  1. Be nice towards other users, common courtesy is expected.
  2. Do not promote piracy in the channel.
  3. Respect the admins. They are differentiated from other users by the @ preceding their name
  4. Do not attempt to pose as another user, should we find you doing this there will be consequences.
  5. Do not spam.
  6. Any, and all Freenode rules or codes of conduct may apply, please consult the Freenode FAQ for more information.
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