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Inhuman beings known as "Crimson Denizens" rampage in the shadows of this world. They cross over from the Crimson Realm, a world right next to this one which can't be reached by foot. They manifest themselves and bring forth impossibilities by stealing humans' source of existence, Power of Existence. They do as they please until they are destroyed.
Humans whose Power of Existence have been devoured by Denizens would cease to exist. This loss causes the state of the world to distort. Due to the Denizens' unrestricted rampancy, these distortions were growing larger.
Among the powerful Denizens, the Crimson Lords, some began to think that the large distortions would one day cause a Great Calamity to befall both this world and the Crimson Realm. Thus, those Crimson Lords decided to hunt their brethren. Their weapons were humans who wished for revenge against Denizens and had offered their entire existences as the Lords' Vessels and gained superhuman powers... they were the Flame Haze.

On that day, the boy, who lost everything after Denizens eroded his normal life and was told that he was a fleeting existence known as a Torch, and the girl, known as the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana, met.
This is the story of the Mystes Yūji Sakai and the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Shana.

Shakugan no Shana News
  • [April 10, 2020] Quiddity side story released. - Side story Quiddity released in final Dengeki Bunko Magazine volume.
  • [March 13, 2020] New side story announced - A new short story is set to be released April 10 in Dengeki Bunko Magazine. Source Kazuma Miki tweet
  • [July 26, 2018] Anime added to Crunchyroll - All 3 seasons added to Crunchyroll's streaming catalog in US and Canada. Source Crunchyroll
  • [November 29, 2017] BEST Album announced - Shakugan no Shana -BEST- compilation album announced, featuring all songs used in the anime series. Source Shakugan no Shana website
  • [August 9, 2017] Amphitheater side story released - 15th anniversary side story Amphitheater released in Dengeki Bunko Magazine.
  • [November 10, 2015] Anime 10th Anniversary Event - To be held on the 5th of December. Yashichirō Takahashi and Noizi Itō have also produced new material to commemorate the anniversary. Source Official Website, Dengeki Bunko
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The End of Everything, The Beginning of One Thing is the first episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. Yūji Sakai, an ordinary high school student, stumbles upon a hidden world frozen in time, full of monsters who devour human existence, and meets the girl with flaming-hair and burning-eyes. He finds out that his existence had been consumed, leaving him to slowly fade away as a Torch, a temporary replacement of a human.

The episode first aired on October 6, 2005.

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