The Shakugan no Shana Timeline lists the events that have occurred in the Shakugan no Shana series in the chronological order depicted in the light novel series. Some of the events may differ or occur at a different time period in the anime series.

Ancient TimesEdit

Unknown time periodEdit

  • Crimson Denizens learn how to feel human emotions and become aware of the existence of the Human World, adjacent to their own.

  • A human poet, who had heard from the Denizens about their home world, named it the "Crimson Realm" (紅世 Guze?).

  • Due to Distortions (世界の歪み Sekai no Yugami?, lit. "Distortion of the World") expanding, the surface of the boundary between the two worlds begins to fall into ruins, and there is an increasing number of Denizens moving between the two worlds who have become missing.

  • A certain Crimson Lord became aware of the expanding distortion in the surface of the boundary and spread to the other Denizens their hypothesis of the "Great Calamity" (大災厄 Dai-saiyaku?).

  • The Denizens with a sense of the impending crisis of the Great Calamity began exploring a method in which to stop the Denizens who continued to disturb the balance of the world. After much trial-and-error for several hundred years, a system was developed for producing Flame Haze. A great number of Lords formed contracts with humans, giving birth to the oldest Flame Haze (among them, "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w and "Weaver of Coffins" Tis).
  • Native American priests, who had underwent harsh training in their natural abilities, became Flame Haze and were known as "The Four Gods of Earth".

Around 1000 BCEdit

  • "Snake of the Festival", the future Leader of Bal Masqué (at the time, his dozens of followers were not assembled into an organization), for the creation of his Denizen paradise sealed-world "Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?), created the observation Treasure Tool "Crystal Altar" (玻璃壇 Haridan?).
  • The faction of Flame Haze who were planning to block the completion of the Great Binding Chain attacked during the creation ritual but were exterminated by the Trinity.
  • At the creation ritual of the Great Binding Chain, a war broke out between "Snake of the Festival" and the oldest Flame Haze, known as "God-slaying" (神殺し Kamigoroshi?, lit. "Deicide"). At the end of the war, the secret spell "Eternal Pitfall (久遠の陥穽 Kuon no Kansei?) was used on "Snake of the Festival", and he was banished to the Rift Between Both Worlds. Thereafter, having lost their master, the Trinity (later Bal Masqué) voluntarily ceased large-scale fighting.

  • After learning of the death of Tis due to the betrayal of humans, "Abyssal Ring" Asiz manifests in the Human World. Then, as the new "Weaver of Coffins", he began gathering excessive amounts of Power of Existence.

Around the 6th CenturyEdit

Middle Ages-Early Modern periodEdit

Unspecified time period (Middle Ages)Edit

  • Margery Daw forms a contract with "Claw and Fangs of Violation" Marchosias and becomes the "Chanter of Elegies".

Unspecified time period (Middle Ages or Early Modern period)Edit

  • Dantalion carries out his "Forced Contract Experiment" (強制契約実験 Kyōsei Keiyaku Jikken?). Although Seere Habichtsburg was able to become a Flame Haze from these experiments, the other test subjects died due to madness, suicide, or subjugation. Many Denizens drawn from the Crimson Realm died on the way across the worlds. Dantalion began to be hated by many Denizens.

  • From the feedback of a certain Lord, a Japanese swordsmith created the Treasure Tool Nietono no Shana and to find a proper owner for it, became the Mystes Tenmoku Ikko through his own free will.

  • Töten Glocke fight in battles called "War Hunting" (戦狩り Senkari?) and Sokar performed the best.

  • Töten Glocke construct their stronghold base in Brocken.

Unspecified time period (Early Modern period)Edit

  • In Europe, the substitute agreement wars between Denizens known as "Sovereign's Game" (君主の遊戯 Kunshu no Yūgi?) gain prevalence.

First Half of the 15th Century (After the Hussite Wars)Edit

  • Samuel Demantius forms a contract with "Peaceful Shield of One's Scales" Zirnitra and becomes the "Guardian of Steady Passage".

Latter Half of the 15th Century-The End (Few Decades before the end of the Great War)Edit

  • A fragment of the "Psalm of the Grand Order" (大命詩篇 Taimei Shihen?) which was taken out and modified by Dantalion before he disposed of it, fell into the hands of Asiz after a few decades. After this, Töten Glocke begins moving towards their "Grand Scheme" (壮挙 Sōkyo?).

  • A despairing Leanan-sidhe was trapped in a birdcage-like Treasure Tool Nachtigall, and was treated as goods.
  • Many Denizens who tried to use the Nachtigall self-destructed.

  • Gavida secludes himself in Tendōkyū and his whereabouts become unknown (Bal Masqué's withdrawal possibly during the same time period).

Before the 16th CenturyEdit

Beginning of the 16th Century (X)Edit

  • Asiz activates City Devourer in Osterode, converting the city into highly pure Power of Existence, effectively extinguishing it. Due to the crisis of an outbreak of an unprecedented amount of Distortion, a large number of Lords formed contracts.[1]
  • Mathilde arrives from the east and destroys Huwawa.[1]
  • Wilhelmina Carmel becomes acquainted with Mathilde and they begin fighting together.[1]

  • Hyakki Yakō narrowly escape when attacked by Mathilde and Wilhelmina.

  • Mathilde and Wilhelmina are able to gather many Hunters, and for the decisive battle against Töten Glocke, they formed the Flame Haze Army, with Sophie Sawallisch appointed as the Supreme General (総大将 Sōdaishō?).[1]

18 Years After City DevourerEdit

  • Bel Peol plans to use the Players of the Sovereign's Game to lay siege on the Flame Haze Army, but the influential Players are crushed by Mathilde and Wilhelmina beforehand, ruining the plan. The power of the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" strikes fear in Stolas.

  • Asiz leads Töten Glocke on a campaign to gain possession of the Nachtigall. A struggle began between the Lord owner of Nachtigall, Töten Glocke, and the Flame Haze, and at the end of the three-way melee, Ninurta is destroyed and Töten Glocke gain possession of Nachtigall. The Flame Haze Army incurred heavy losses from this battle, causing the production of inferior goods for the Army.

  • Asiz makes a proclamation about the Grand Scheme, impressing a great number of Denizens who join Töten Glocke. Conversely, the Flame Haze took in Denizens with a sense of the impending crisis of the Great Calamity, and the number of Lords forming contracts increased. This new generation, dubbed "Sophie's children" (ゾフィーの子供たち Zofī no Kodomo-tachi?) were the ones who received the inferior goods (among them, "Knitter of Thorned Gates" Cecilia Rodrigo).

5 Days After the Nachtigall StruggleEdit

  • In order to prevent the Grand Scheme, the Flame Haze Army move towards the Brocken fortress. Töten Glocke ambush them and the final battle of the Great War begins.
  • Bal Masqué appear on the battlefield for the ostensible reason of fulfilling their duty to Töten Glocke, but they actually seek the destruction of the Psalm of the Grand Order.
  • Jarri is used as a sacrifice for Tenpa Jōsai and Asiz is destroyed. The first "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Mathilde dies. The Psalm of Grand Order is destroyed and the "God of Retribution" Alastor's threat strikes fear in Hecate.[1]
  • Except for Merihim, all of the "Nine Eternal Divine Scales" are destroyed and Töten Glocke are annihilated. Its remnants are protected by Bal Masqué.
  • Tendōkyū's owner Gavida dies.[1]
  • The first "Archer of Aurora" Karl Berwald dies.[1][2]
  • Leanan-sidhe escapes the birdcage and becomes friends with Alastor.
  • In order to search for and train the successor of the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" title, Alastor, Merihim and Wilhelmina seclude themselves in Tendōkyū.
  • The Flame Haze Army is disbanded.
  • Cecilia goes on a journey with "Piercer of Hidden Arms" Clemens Rott.

First Half of the 16th Century (Possibly 1510-20)Edit

  • Margery Daw steals handmade gold from the Holy League as it arrives in Rome.

Unspecified time periodEdit

  • Pheles, who heard the summons of Georgius, made contact with him out of curiosity, but after a few decades of toying with him, she intervenes when the old Georgius tries to kill the baby Johann, murdering the man.
  • Pheles and Johann, after traveling around the world for over ten years, used a clock tower to create the Reiji Maigo from the wish of "wanting to be together forever" (ずっと一緒にいたい zutto issho ni itai?), and Johann becomes its Mystes. The two began calling themselves "Engaged Link".

Modern Era (18th Century-End of World War II)Edit

Unspecified time periodEdit

  • Bal Masqué reorganizes itself. Bel Peol changes her position from "Strategist" (軍師 Gunshi?) to "Chief of Staff" (参謀?).

  • Friagne crosses over to the Human World.

  • Friagne and Coyote make contact.

18th Century-19th CenturyEdit

  • Dorel Kubelík forms a contract with "Colored Forest of Emptiness" Halphas and becomes the "Performer of Depressing Dreams".
  • Dorel asserts the necessity for Flame Haze collaboration, cooperation, and link-up. A few decades later, he was inaugurated as the manager of Outlaw. After this, in the short time of 100 years, he reorganized Outlaws from Flame Haze inns in the outside world to Flame Haze support organizations, establishing the "Dorel Party" (ドレル・パーティー Doreru Pātī?) (completed in the 1930s).
  • The Flame Haze cooperate and begin exterminating Kraken.

Latter Half of the 19th CenturyEdit

  • Leanan-sidhe improves the Unrestricted Spell insignia that Dantalion had compiled, completing the Fūzetsu. After that, in a short period of a few decades, it became greatly used by Denizens and Hunters.
  • With the development of human civilization and culture, the "Manifestation" (顕現 Kengen?) of Denizens in their true forms declines, and the use of "Humanize" (人化 Jinka?) increases.

  • Révolution is formed and they begin gaining supporters.

  • Claude Taylor forms a contract with "Armament of Beak and Spurs" Caim and becomes the "Ripper of Sky".
  • Outbreak of the Flame Haze's Civil War in the United States of America. After over ten years of fighting, a truce was reached due to the increased activity of the Denizens. After this, the Four Gods of Earth become the managers of Outlaws in four major cities in North and South America, and ceased their travels.
  • At the same time as the Civil War, the Contract Breach Incident occurs. The Sovereign's Game nears its demise.


  • In Turin, Friagne meets the doll who would eventually become Marianne.

Around 1850Edit

  • An Outlaw is established in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Around 1880Edit

  • Margery Daw begins staying in New York.

Around 1890Edit


  • The Honolulu Outlaw is annihilated by Révolution.
  • A Kraken horde invades the Hawaii Island, capturing it into their sphere of influence.
  • Révolution's Sarachael begins planning to use the situation on Hawaii Island to reveal to the humans "The Truth of This World" (この世の本当のこと Kono Yo no Hontō no Koto?). He invites Dantalion to work with him, and they begin construction of the Obelisk.

Beginning of the 20th CenturyEdit

1901 (XV)Edit

  • Rebecca Reed and Ernest Flieder suppress the Krakens in the Pacific Ocean and liberate Hawaii.[5]
  • Seere and Chiara, who were in Hawaii on a mission to help the Honolulu Outlaw's re-establishment, come across Sarachael's plan.[5]
  • By cooperating with the "Engaged Link", they succeeded in preventing the plan and Sarachael is destroyed.[5]
  • After the battle, Doog's whereabouts are unknown. Claude Taylor revokes his contract and dies. Caim returns to the Crimson Realm.[5]
  • Harriet Smith, based on Sarachael's dying wish, chooses to see for herself the future of the human world from Hawaii. Following Claude's will, "Engaged Link" help her. Rumors of "Engaged Link" cease for around a hundred years.

1930s (S) After Announcement of the New Deal, Abolition of Prohibition (1933)-Completion of the Rockefeller Center (1939)Edit

  • Révolution increases its activity across Europe. Following the request of "Kubelík's Orchestra" (クーベリックのオーケストラ Kūberikku no Ōkesutora?), Flame Haze from America and various other countries begin moving in order to eradicate Révolution (War Against Révolution).
  • Hyakki Yakō escorts Révolution to various places, acting as a hidden player in the Révolution War.
  • Alex and Denis die in the Révolution War. Having lost her lifelong friends and comrades, she effectively retires.
  • Ribesal easily defeats Révolution in Paris.
  • Around this time, Flieder and Ribesal meet. It is unknown whether the two fight.

  • Yurī Chvojka becomes a member of the New York Outlaw "EastEdge Foreign News" (イーストエッジ外信 Īsutoejji Gaishin?) for approximately one year.[6]
  • Annaberg and his guard Sydonay appear in New York and plan to destroy the Empire State Building, but are blocked by Margery and Yurī. Annaberg is destroyed. Yurī dies.[7]

  • The Révolution War ends. Révolution is eradicated.

Modern Era (After World War II-21st Century)Edit

Around 1950Edit

  • Vine crosses over to the Human World.

Around 1970Edit

  • Hyakki Yakō establishes transportation routes in Central Asia.

Cold War EraEdit

  • Outlaw determine that using the use of nuclear weapons in the extermination of Denizens is futile. In those circumstances, in the Arctic Ocean, a pattern occurs of two ships being lost ("Incident of the Cold War" (冷戦下の事件 Reisen-ka no Jiken?)).

10 Years Before Main Storyline-Few Years Ago (V, Ballroom, Zoetrope)Edit

  • Alastor, Merihim and Wilhelmina Carmel begin training at Tendōkyū a girl they had picked up (who later becomes Shana) as a candidate to be the new "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".

  • Vine guides Sorath and Tiriel, who had just crossed over to the Human World, through Seireiden. During that time, a quarrel occurs between the "Aizen Siblings" and Hecate. Vine learns about Tendōkyū from Stolas and begins a several-year search for it.[8]

  • Over a year before he is destroyed, Ōnamuchi kills Clemens Rott, who he had fought many times before. Ōnamuchi grants Clemens' last wish by going to Clemens' hometown, deserted and buried in a forest in Austria, and stays there until he is destroyed by the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". He kills five reinforcement Hunters of Cecilia Rodrigo that were dispatched from Outlaw.

  • Several months before Tendōkyū's collapse, Gaap is devoured by Tenmoku Ikko.[9]

  • As Vine searches for Wilhelmina, who goes in and out of Tendōkyū, Merihim's "Rainbow's Heaven Sword" (虹天剣 Kōtenken?) causes Tendōkyū's concealment to fade, and Vine, Tenmoku Ikko, and Orgon invade it.[9]
  • The girl from Tendōkyū (who later becomes Shana) forms a contract with "Flame of Heaven" Alastor and becomes the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".[9]
  • Tenmoku Ikko, who has invaded Tendōkyū due to being drawn to the presence of a "strong one", and the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" do battle. The "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" is victorious, and inherits the Nietono no Shana.[9]
  • Vine and Orgon die in combat.[9]
  • With the last of his power, Merihim gives the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" one last lesson, and when satisfied, he tells her of the existence of the "Strongest Unrestricted Spell" (最強の自在法 Saikyō no Jizai-hō?).[9]
  • A Gordian Knot is activated, causing Tendōkyū to collapse. Merihim is taken with it and dies.[9]
  • The "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" departs, bidding farewell to Wilhelmina.[9]

  • A few months after the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" forms her contract, she meets Sophie in Eastern Europe, where Sophie educates her in the ways of the modern Flame Haze and the minimum level of womanly etiquette.[10][11]
  • The "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" destroys Kasha. A few days later, she fails to catch Nitika, but he is destroyed by Sophie.[10]

  • Wilhelmina, diligent in destroying Denizens, informs Outlaw that she is still alive.[12]

Beginning of the 21st Century (2 Years Before Main Storyline) (SII, Verger, Juggle)Edit

  • Pietro dispatches Wilhelmina to destroy Hyakki Yakō's transportation routes in Central Asia.[12]
  • While preparing to enter Central Asia from the Shanghai Outlaw, she reunites with Margery.[12]
  • As Sabrac's endless attacks on the "Engaged Link" continue, Johann begins developing the "Stigma-breaking Insignia" (スティグマ破りの自在式 Sutiguma-yaburi no Jizai-shiki?).
  • In a Central Asian town, Wilhelmina falls into Sabrac's deadly trap and is on the verge of death, but is rescued by the "Engaged Link". They repel Sabrac, and afterwords they work together.[12]
  • When they encounter Wilhelmina and the "Engaged Link", Hyakki Yakō abandons its transportation routes in Central Asia and retreats.[12]
  • Sabrac, who had failed to catch the "Engaged Link", kills Dede out of spite. This results in him saving Mare. After that, Sabrac kills Liu Yang in Kashgar.[4]
  • Mare rewards Sabrac with a crude short sword, and begins traveling with him.[4]

  • A few months after she parts ways with Sophie, the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" takes Sophie's letter of introduction to Pietro Monteverdi, the boss of the Genoa Outlaw, who requests that she destroy Ōnamuchi.[12]
  • A week after the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" leaves Genoa, for Pietro's request, she visits Cecilia. As a result of the battle with Ōnamuchi, Cecilia is killed, and Ōnamuchi is destroyed by the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter".[12]

  • The "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" attacks a drug trafficking group and maintains the Hong Kong Dollar. Japanese Yen is being received from an illegal sea route.

Year the Main Storyline StartsEdit

  • Sabrac exterminates "Guyaku" (故崖窟 Kogaikutsu?, "The Ancient Cliff Cave") and lays a trap for the "Engaged Link".[4]

  • Friagne begins preparing to use City Devourer in Misaki City by starting to create a large number of Torches.
  • A Flame Haze who uses a sword-shaped Treasure Tool visits Misaki City and is killed by Friagne.[13]

April (0)Edit

  • In Japan, the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" battles Ukobach and destroys him. She then heads to Misaki City.[14]

  • At the demolished Guyaku, the "Engaged Link" and Wilhelmina take Sabrac's attack and Johann, who is on the verge of death from serious wounds, is sealed in the Reiji Maigo by Pheles, who holds off Sabrac and escapes.
  • The Reiji Maigo, with the Psalm of the Grand Order driven into it by Sabrac, mutates and is randomly transferred.
  • At the same time as the fight near Guyaku, the human Yūji Sakai has his Power of Existence devoured by Friagne's forces and dies. His remnants are processed into a Torch, and immediately after the Reiji Maigo is transferred to him and he becomes a "Mystes".

End of April (I, Dengeki Drama CD, M)Edit

  • Yūji Sakai is attacked by Friagne's Rinne, and is rescued by the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", who informs him that he is already dead and a Torch ("Mystes").[15]
  • The "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" forces herself into Yukari Hirai's existence, and in order to guard Yūji, begins attending Misaki Municipal High School.[16]
  • Yūji names "The Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana" (the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter") "Shana".[16]
  • Through Yūji's quick wit and his own misfortune, Friagne is destroyed. Marianne and a great number of other Rinne are killed by Shana or extinguished by the ability of Dance Party.[17]
  • Friagne's Rinne Nina attacks and is destroyed. Yūji and Shana begin their "early-morning training" (早朝の鍛錬 Sōchō no Tanren?).[18][13]

May (II)Edit

  • Lamies (Leanan-sidhe), seeking to harvest the Torches left by Friagne, visits Misaki City.[19]
  • Chasing Lamies, Margery arrives in Misaki City. Keisaku Satō and Eita Tanaka are chosen to be her guides, becoming involved in the "Crimson Realm".[20]
  • Kazumi Yoshida, with assistance from Hayato Ike, persuades Yūji to go on a date with her. On the date, Yūji meets Lamies.[21]
  • Margery and her guides discover the Crystal Altar, left behind by Friagne, and utilize it to try and capture Lamies.[21]
  • Temporary discord forms between Yūji and Shana through Yūji's loss of motivation, but through Lamies' advice, he gets it back and reconciles with Shana.[22]
  • Margery and Shana do battle. Shana is defeated at first,[23] but in the later rematch, through luck and the manifestation of her Wings of Crimson (紅蓮の双翼 Guren no Sōyoku?), she narrowly achieves victory.[24]
  • Lamies advises Margery not to chase The Silver before leaving Misaki City.[24]
  • After being defeated by Shana, Margery settles into freeloading at the Satō residence.

  • "Late-night training" (深夜の鍛錬 Shin'ya no Tanren?) in order to use Reiji Maigo's effect begins.

Around June (III-V)Edit

  • Sorath and Tiriel, accompanied by their guard Sydonay, encounter Wilhelmina in Hong Kong just before arriving in Japan.

  • The fierce battle between Shana and Kazumi concerning the love triangle with Yūji unfolds and intensifies.[25]
  • Sorath, Tiriel, and their guardian Sydonay, invade Misaki City with the goal of seizing the Nietono no Shana.[26] Once again, a large number of humans are devoured and turned into Torches.
  • As Margery finds a new purpose in life, through her strategy and Yūji's sensing perception abilities, as well as Shana's latent strength, Sorath and Tiriel are destroyed.[27]
  • Sydonay tries to usurp the Treasure Tool from inside the "Mystes" Yūji Sakai, but his arm is severed by its Kaikin (戒禁?, Keeper, lit. "Prohibiting Commandment"), though this allows him to recognize the Treasure Tool as the Reiji Maigo.[27] He tells Bal Masqué that he has discovered the Reiji Maigo.

July (VI-IX)Edit

  • Dantalion modifies his guard Sabrac's large sword-type Treasure Tool Hystrix to be "super-powerful and cool", resulting in Sabrac becoming estranged from him, and thereafter there is extreme discord between the two.
  • Bel Peol gets information from Sabrac in order to track down Dantalion.

  • The Tuner Khamsin Nbh'w visits Misaki City in order to perform a Tuning. Kazumi becomes his assistant in this task, learning "The Truth of This World" and becoming involved in the "Crimson Realm".[28]

  • On the scene of the Misago Festival, Dantalion commences his experiment. The Tuning that Khamsin applied is hijacked by Dantalion.[29]
  • In the confusion, Kazumi is shocked to find out that Yūji is already dead.[29]
  • In the confusion, Ogata confesses to Tanaka that she loves him.[29]
  • In the confusion, Satō disobeys Margery's orders and retrieves Blutsauger, and is punched by Tanaka.[30]
  • Yūji absorbs Sydonay's severed arm, which is inside him, when he is angry at Khamsin. He is then able to understand the state of Power of Existence.[29]

  • The Misaki Municipal High School students involved with the "Crimson Realm" gather. Kazumi learns the truth that her childhood and best friend Yukari Hirai is long dead and Shana had replaced her.[29]
  • Between Shana, Margery and Khamsin, a strategy is commenced to prevent Dantalion's experiment and destroy him.[29]
  • In the middle of the battle, Kazumi confesses to Yūji that she loves him, striking first in her battle against Shana.[30]
  • At the end of a fierce battle with the Flame Haze, Dantalion flees, and at his destination, he is discovered by Bel Peol.[30]

  • Misaki City Station is annihilated. A little while later, a pedestrian mall is created.

  • 2 days after the Misago Festival, Khamsin, who had finished the Tuning, leaves Misaki City. Kazumi gives him a straw hat.[31]
  • During the matter of the Misago Festival, the relationship between Shana and Yūji becomes awkward for a while, but it is soon back to normal.[32]

  • At the suggestion of Ogata, a gathering is planned to study for the end of term exams.[33]

  • Sydonay begins vigorously moving in order to fulfill the Grand Order. He starts off by exterminating the Dorel Party, killing Dorel and Paula among others.[34] A little while later, Pietro and his "Choir" are also exterminated. Thereafter, Outlaw falls into unprecedented disorder due to its leadership vanishing.

  • As a way of thanking Kazumi as well as a continuation of the Misago Festival, as proposed by Satō, the group play with small fireworks at the shrine.[35]
  • Shana gives Yūji a "Melonpan Bento with burnt black Okazu", and after this Yūji changes his recognition of her from "A great Flame Haze who can't be forgiven for having feelings of love" to "A girl who it is okay to fall in love with".[35]
  • Shana is about to kiss Yūji, but because of the appearance and obstruction of Wilhelmina, the attempt ends in failure.[35]
  • Wilhelmina proposes the idea of killing Yūji to Shana.[36]

  • Yūji's father, Kantarō returns home for a while from his overseas job.[37]

  • Wilhelmina carries out a plan to kill Yūji, but Shana's interference causes it to fail.[37]
  • Yūji and Kazumi go out on a date to Ōto Fancy Park (大戸ファンシーパーク Ōto Fanshīpāku?).[37]
  • Wilhelmina carries out a plan to kill Yūji, but a battle with Shana and Yūji's desperate struggling causes it to fail. After that, dealing with the aftermath, Wilhelmina stays in Misaki City in the Hirai residence.[37]

August (Reshuffle, Game)Edit

  • Yūji and Shana activate the Treasure Tool Reshuffle, which was left behind by Friagne. Later, Reshuffle was destroyed.[38]

  • Mare, aiming for the Reiji Maigo's "Mystes", appears in Misaki City, but she is defeated and destroyed. Due to the effect of her Unrestricted Spell Gemeinde, memories of the battle remained only as a dream.[39]

September (S, SII)Edit

  • Start of the new semester.
  • Yoshida's birthday party is held.[40]
  • Shana and Alastor, to improve the relationship between Yūji and Wilhelmina, come up with a plan.[41]

October (XI, XII, XIII)Edit

  • The Misaki Municipal High School Seishū Festival is to be held.[42]
  • Yūji and Kazumi participate wearing costumes from Romeo and Juliet.[42]
  • During late-night training, Yūji is able to use a Fūzetsu for the first time. During this time, he produces a silver flame.[42]
  • Shana tries to confess to Yūji that she loves him, but she is interrupted by the invasion of Pheles.[43]
  • Margery loses control of herself when she sees the silver flame and attacks Yūji, but Shana and Wilhelmina are able to suppress her as well as Pheles.[43]
  • Tanaka's heart is broken when he sees Ogata smashed up inside the Fūzetsu.[43]
  • From the puppet, the real Pheles arrives. When she tries to release Johann, she takes a blow from the arm of the "Silver" (Tyrant II), which had manifested from inside Yūji, and it absorbs her Power of Existence.
  • Hecate, who had sensed the unusual phenomenon of the Tyrant, arrives at Misaki Municipal High School with her guard, Fecor. They hold back Tyrant II and seal the Reiji Maigo, and after a brief battle, they return to Seireiden.[44]
  • In the middle of the battle, Johann makes use of Margery's Unrestricted Spell Insignia to temporarily change Yūji in order to manifest himself. He asks Pheles for a certain favor before he returns to the Reiji Maigo.[44]
  • To accomplish the favors for Johann, Pheles leaves Misaki City. In these circumstances, she gives Kazumi the Treasure Tool Giralda.[44]
  • Following Johann's intentions, Pheles descends underneath Hawaii Island and begins work on three things.

After October (XIII)Edit

  • Sophie Sawallisch assumes the position of leader of the disordered Outlaw.
  • The Hunters in Misaki City inform Outlaw of the situation with the Reiji Maigo and Bal Masqué, but their response is to wait and see. When Alastor personally requests an investigation from Outlaw, their reaction is slow. He feels down due to the fact that most of Outlaw's leadership department don't know about him.

  • Sydonay secretly gathers Wanderers and other personnel from various places, and begins forming an army.

December (XIII)Edit

  • Kantarō Sakai again returns home for a while. He tells Yūji that Chigusa is pregnant and the meaning behind his name.[44]

  • Bel Peol requests to Sabrac to create a situation that will affect the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" and the Reiji Maigo.

December 23rd (XIV)Edit

  • Shana proposes to Kazumi a decisive battle between them, to which she agrees.[45]
  • Ike goes to Satō, and Satō goes to Yūji, seeking consultation on different things.[45]

December 24th (XIV)Edit

  • Ike confesses to Kazumi that he loves her, and he is honorable when turned down.[45]
  • Zarovee and Bifrons invade and are defeated. Zarovee is destroyed by Yūji and in the battle with Shana, Bifrons is inflicted with serious wounds and on the verge of death.[45]
  • After this, Sabrac appears, cornering the Hunters, but with Yūji realizing Sabrac's true form and the Stigma canceling Unrestricted Spell that Wilhelmina inherited from Johann, the tables are turned and Sabrac is repelled.[45]
  • Having fulfilled the request, Sabrac escapes using Bifrons' Gordian Knot.[45]
  • The dying Bifrons uses up all of his Power of Existence because of Sabrac, and is extinguished.[45]
  • Yūji unifies with a black version of himself (the "Imagination Aggregate Will" (仮想意思総体 Kasō Ishi Sōtai?) of the "Snake of the Festival") and becomes the substitute body for the Leader of Bal Masqué, "Snake of the Festival".[45]
  • The human ("Mystes") Yūji Sakai's existence becomes missing from the human world.

After December 24thEdit

January (XVI-XIX)Edit

  • As a result of her training with Margery, Shana completes an Unrestricted Spell which allows her to manifest an enormous arm of flame.[46]

  • In Shanghai, a great battle takes place between the Flame Haze and Bal Masqué. "Bladed Flower Slaughterer" Yu Xuan and other Chinese Hunters as well as the Shanghai Outlaw "Guilunhui" (傀輪会 Kairin-kai?, "Grand Secret Society") are annihilated.[47]
  • Outlaw ascertains that the identity of the enemy assaulting them is Bal Masqué.
  • Sophie Sawallisch gains the right to command every Flame Haze in the world. Using Outlaw as its womb, an organization known as the Second Flame Haze Army is formed and begins moving.

  • The ceremony to present the Leader to Bal Masqué occurs. The Grand Order is proclaimed to the members.[47]
  • Decarabia transmits mobilization orders to Lamies.[47]

  • Satō is appointed as a messenger of Outlaw, and he follows Margery's commands by heading to the Tokyo base.[48]
  • "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai returns home to Misaki City, telling Shana his thoughts. He battles the three Flame Haze.[48]
  • When she is told of the true identity of the "Silver", Margery collapses, and later falls into a comatose state.[48]
  • Shana decides to destroy "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai and fights him, but is defeated. She is taken away along with Alastor.[48]
  • "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai appears before Kazumi, and recovers the Crystal Altar.[48]
  • Due to Tartaros, Shana is cut off and separated from the cause and effect of the Human World, and Yukari Hirai's existence, which she had forced her own existence into, becomes missing from the Human World.[49]

  • As Sophie Sawallisch governs Outlaw, people from her past, veteran Hunters such as Khamsin[50] and one of the Four Gods of Earth CenterHill, visit her.
  • Pheles sends a coded telegram to the Outlaw headquarters, telling them the location coordinates of Seireiden.

February (XVIII-)Edit

  • The army of Denizens that Sydonay is leading merge at Seireiden, and a council of war is held at the "Enshrined Hearth Tower" (祀竈閣 Shisōkaku?) between the major Denizens.[49]
  • Due to Dantalion and Lamies, analysis of the Leader's substitute body progresses.
  • In the Seireiden "Bar" (酒保 Shuho?), the Denizens who are backups in the decisive battle cheer themselves up by holding a feast.
  • The Seireiden, which Hecate is guiding, approaches the place closest to the Distortion from the Eternal Pitfall, near a mountain range in the central southern region of China, and "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai creates the Divine Gate, which will allow entry into the Eternal Pitfall. The accompanying large-scale Distortion is sensed by the Flame Haze Army.
  • Hecate attempts to assassinate Shana. Through the intervention of "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai, it ends in failure.[49]

  • Wilhelmina appeals to acquaintance Hunters for cooperation in a strategy to recover Shana, but she is turned down by them all.[49]
  • Rebecca uses Satō, who was put in confinement by Flieder, as a pretext to withdraw from the Army and head to Wilhelmina's side. Satō, who was released by Rebecca, heads to Misaki City.[49]
  • Khamsin visits Wilhelmina as a messenger of Sophie, and there he meets Yoshida again, discussing Pheles' expectations with her.[49]

Unknown (A Few Days After the Above)Edit

  • Wilhelmina, finally with Rebecca and Khamsin in addition, sets out to recover Shana.[49]

  • The Second Stage of the Grand Order commences. "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai (with Alastor), the Trinity, Dantalion, Sabrac and Rofocale head for the Eternal Pitfall.
  • Bal Masqué's army prepares Seireiden's defense systems. In Sydonay's absence, the supervisor is Decarabia.

  • Bal Masqué's Outlaw Demolition Armies advance on the main Outlaws throughout the whole world, starting a war.[51]

  • Taking the secret path from Tendōkyū to Seireiden, Wilhelmina, Khamsin and Rebecca invade from the inside. As a distraction so that Wilhelmina can search for Shana, Khamsin and Rebecca begin going on a rampage, and a stray attack by Khamsin strikes very near Shana, who was in the middle of moving.[51]
  • Following Fecor's orders, Purson intercepts Khamsin and Rebecca, and Vual is tasked with searching for other invaders.[51]

  • Outlaw takes drastic steps in its two operations, "Calm" ( Nagi?) and "Crossroads" (交差点 Kōsaten?). 4000 members of the Flame Haze Army land 100km south of Seireiden, and they aim for Seireiden while fighting its defense army.

  • Due to her own powerlessness, Shana wishes for the Nietono no Shana, and so that the Nietono no Shana can deliver itself to its master, Tenmoku Ikko once again takes form, cutting down Fecor and other Denizens on its way to Shana's side, severing Tartaros. Because of this, Shana is restored as the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Through her battle with Vual, Shana is able to realize her image of herself as a strong "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter", causing her powers' precision to increase.[51]

  • Shana joins Wilhelmina and the others. They combine their information and decide to rush into the Divine Gate, telling the battlefield about the goal and whereabouts of the substitute body Yūji Sakai, the Trinity and the others, before crossing.[51]

  • The invading Hunters come into contact with Sabrac, who was waiting to ambush them at the Path of Pilgrimage. With guidance from the shadows of the oldest Flame Haze, Shana separates from the others to keep going to the depths of the Path of Pilgrimage. Khamsin, Wilhelmina and Rebecca stay and enter a battle against Sabrac.[52]

  • As the Flame Haze Army offensive intensifies, Bal Masqué are at a disadvantage. Decarabia decides to personally change the state of the war by throwing himself onto the battlefield, leaving Outlaw Demolition Army Supreme Commander position to Haborym.[52]
  • At the same time that Decarabia is destroyed by Sophie, the Western main forces that Haborym is leading arrive on the battlefield.[52]

  • In the "Sanctuary" (祭殿 Saiden?), the Trinity revive the God body of the "Snake of the Festival". Cocytus returns to Shana. As the "Snake of the Festival" heads for the Divine Gate, behind him, the Path of Pilgrimage begins to collapse.[52]
  • "Snake of the Festival" and Shana encounter each other in the middle of the Path of Pilgrimage. On top of the God body of the "God of Creation", a fight breaks out.[52]

  • The Eastern Outlaw Demolition Army main forces, who had begun retreating, are held up by a group of Hunters lead by Mikalojus Cui at the Tanigawa mountain range and Okutone mountain mass.[52]
  • The joint forces of the Western Outlaw Demolition Army in Greece and Egypt, who were in the middle of retreating, are caught by Seere, Chiara, and others of the Outlaw pursuit forces, and they enter a state of war.[52]

  • The Path of Pilgrimage's collapse causes a contraction movement (presumed), and Dantalion names this phenomenon the "Cradle Quake" (朧天震 Rōtenshin?).[52]

  • The Flame Haze force, which was being attacked by Mammon and his followers, use the Cradle Quake as an opportunity to retreat.[52]

  • In Hawaii, the Unrestricted Spell Insignia that Pheles was busy modifying is completed.

  • Sabrac, who had seen the God body of the "Snake of the Festival" going back down the Path of Pilgrimage, understands the feelings of awe and fear, and falls into the Abyss and is extinguished.[52]

  • Sophie tries to destroy the Divine Gate, but is foiled by Fecor's Magnesia.[52]
  • Shana and the other Hunters escape the Divine Gate and return to the Human World. Then, the joyous return of the God body of the "God of Creation" "Snake of the Festival" to the Human World occurs, accompanied by Yūji Sakai and the others.[52]

  • Fecor uses up all of his strength and dies.[53]
  • Rofocale secretly leaves Seireiden.[53]

  • "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai makes his Declaration of the Grand Order to the whole world. The morale of the Flame Haze Army collapses, and they switch to operation "Ebbing Tide" (引潮 Hikishio?).[53]

  • "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai preaches the meaning behind the creation of Xanadu to both of the battling armies. Because of this, the Flame Haze Army collapses as an organization.[53]
  • CenterHill tells the Hunters the true cause of the "Imbalance of the World" (世界の乱れ Sekai no Midare?). The veteran Hunters again decide to put up a resistance.[53]
  • Sydonay enters the battlefield to crush the remnants of the Flame Haze Army. Shana, Wilhelmina and CenterHill hold him up while Samuel takes in the remaining forces and Sophie and the others leave using a disturbance maneuver involving counterfeit Tendōkyū.[53]
  • Samuel and CenterHill die. The surviving Hunters take shelter in Tendōkyū.[53]
  • Chiara, Seere, Shana, Margery, and Wilhelmina leave the battlefield and head to Hong Kong.[53]

  • Pheles finds Hyakki Yakō, who were living in a secluded place in the Southern United States.

  • In New York, a meeting is held between Shana's group and the Three Gods of Earth. The Three Gods agree to participate in the coming war.[54]
  • Hyakki Yakō visit "EastEdge Foreign News".[54]

  • Hunters frequently begin destroying airports all over Japan.
  • At the Outlaw headquarters in Zurich, humans and Hunters alike continue to have an unproductive debate.[54]
  • The remaining Flame Haze Army forces are held up in Wuhan.

  • "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai visits Misaki City, beckoning Kazumi Yoshida to Seireiden.[54]
  • Seireiden transforms into the "Shrine of True Ruler" (真宰社 Shinsaisha?). At the same time, Misaki City is engulfed in a gigantic Fūzetsu. Bal Masqué deploys all of their soldiers within the city, guiding the influx of Denizens.[54]
  • At the summit of the Shrine of True Ruler, the "Tower of Constellations" (星辰楼 Seishin-rō?), Hecate fully activates the Psalm of the Grand Order, and begins praying for the ritual.[54]
  • The Three Gods of Earth invade Misaki City from all sides. The garrison of each side attacks them.[54]
  • Shana, Wilhelmina, Chiara and Seere break through the lines of defense. Dantalion operates Shrine of True Ruler's defense systems and seeks to intercept with Mammon. Shana and Wilhelmina proceed.[54]
  • At the summit of the Shrine of True Ruler, the decisive battle, Shana and Wilhelmina versus "Snake of the Festival" Yūji Sakai and Sydonay, begins.[54]
  • From a third Declaration of the Grand Order, the influx of Denizens in Misaki City suddenly increases. The Three Gods have to deal with many more forces as a result.[54]

  • Margery, who had been delivered by the Hyakki Yakō, begins acting secretly within the Shrine of True Ruler.[54]
  • Khamsin uses material from the foundation of the Shrine of True Ruler to form his Rubble Giant, continuing until the tower is on the verge of collapse. The Shrine of True Ruler's structure is preserved by using the gigantic form of the Shintetsu Nyoi as its core pillar.[54]

  • Yoshida uses Giralda.[54] Pheles appears and Johann manifests. Inside the amber tornado, after Johann and Yūji struggle for the Reiji Maigo, the "Engaged Link" take Yoshida and escape using Hyakki Yakō's Rinne.[55]

  • Khamsin joins Hyakki Yakō and serves as their guard.[55]
  • Margery finishes her work and appears at the top of the Shrine of True Ruler.[55]

  • Dantalion activates "Kisan no Taiken" (揮散の大圏?, Great Spheres of Vaporization) against Seere and Chiara.[57]
  • As the Three Gods continue killing the foreign Denizens, they engrave in them the fact that humans can no longer be eaten.[57]

  • Para's Rinne goes out of control because of "Daimōn" (ダイモーン Daimōn?) and heads to the Shrine of True Ruler.[57]
  • Khamsin, who has suffered severe injuries from a concentrated Endan (炎弾 Flame Bullet?) barrage, again puts on his "Ceremonial Equipment" (儀装 Gisō?).[57]
  • Wilhelmina goes down the Shrine of True Ruler for the sake of the "Engaged Link". She then joins the Hyakki Yakō.[57]
  • Hyakki Yakō take refuge in the Shrine of True Ruler. During this time, they shut down the functions of a tube which leads to the back of the Shrine of True Ruler.[57]

  • Seere and Chiara take advantage of the land mines Dantalion had set to destroy him.[57]
  • Mammon is given fatal wounds from Chiara's attack, but he is saved by Pirsoyn's intervention. He attracts the remaining Iron Giants with his "Donshishō" (貪恣掌 Self-Indulgent Coveting Palm?), as this causes the minimum amount of damage to the tower, and is extinguished.[57]
  • While carving out the Shrine of True Ruler, Khamsin throws the Hyakki Yakō away to allow them escape, suffering fatal wounds from the Kisan no Taiken.[57]

  • "Divine Will Recalling" Shōhi Ginsei (神意召還 "嘯飛吟声" Shin'i Shōkan Shōhi Ginsei?) activates.[59] The existence of the "Heir to Both Worlds" (両界の嗣子 Ryōkai no Shishi?) is made known to all Denizens.[58]

  • While still holding the laws that had been changed, the New World Xanadu is created.[58]

  • Bal Masqué withdraws its soldiers. Roused by Ribesal and Pirsoyn crossing to the New World, all the foreign Denizens also cross over to the New World Xanadu.[58]
  • Bal Masqué is temporarily adjourned, and the soldiers cross over to the New World Xanadu.[58]
  • Yūji Sakai separates with "Snake of the Festival". "Snake of the Festival" and Bel Peol cross over to the New World, and Yūji waits with Sydonay, who is the only person who stayed with him, for Shana and the others.[58]
  • Lamies returns to being Leanan-sidhe, restores Donato's painting, and gives Yūji the restoration Unrestricted Spell Insignia before crossing over to the New World Xanadu.[58]
  • Hyakki Yakō, seeking new passengers, cross over to the New World Xanadu.[58]
  • Doog, to ascertain if the New World is the thing he had been searching for, crosses over to the New World Xanadu.[58]

  • At the riverbed, Khamsin dies as everyone watches over him.[58]
  • Yoshida entrusts Wilhelmina with the "Heir to Both Worlds" Justus.[58]
  • The Tendōkyū, which Rebecca had stolen, arrives on the Misaki City riverbed carrying over 1200 Flame Haze who will cross over to the New World. Following Wilhelmina, Tendōkyū crosses over to the New World Xanadu with the Hunters.[58]

  • The last decisive battle at Misaki Bridge. The Fūzetsu is released.[58]
  • Grammatica begins restoring Misaki City using the restoration Unrestricted Spell and Yoshida as a base.[58]
  • Sydonay is destroyed by Margery.[58]
  • From Yūji's letter which Yoshida had restored, Yūji loses the will to fight. He shares a kiss with Shana, activating the "Unrestricted Spell Insignia of Reincarnation" (転生の自在式 Tensei no Jizai-shiki?) which had been loaded into Azure, which changes Yūji into a solid existence.[58]
  • Shana and Yūji cross over to the New World Xanadu.[58]

Late AprilEdit

After the Creation of the New World XanaduEdit

  • Denizens who have crossed over to the New World Xanadu from the Crimson Realm form groups such as the "Orderists" (秩序派 Chitsujo-ha?) and "Brothers of the Maccabee" (マカベアの兄弟 Makabea no Kyōdai?).[60]
  • The Lords of the Orderists, the Denizens of Bal Masqué, and the Hunters move to exterminate the Brothers of the Maccabee.[60]

Spring One Year After the Creation of the New World XanaduEdit

  • In a certain athletics stadium in Japan, Yūji and Shana destroy Charun and Dainn.[61]

A Little Less Than Two Years After the Creation of the New World XanaduEdit

  • The "Lord of Seas" (ロード・オブ・シーズ(大海の君主) Rōdo obu Shīzu (Taikai no Kunshu?, lit. "Ruler of the Ocean"), an ocean liner sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, is occupied by an armed group, but mysterious visitors help quell them. After this incident is resolved, the crew member Selena Lavdas observes "scenery like a dream" (夢のような景色 Yume no Yōna Keshiki?).[62]

Over Two Years After the Creation of the New World XanaduEdit


  • Yūji, who has become an ascetic, wanders around preaching about the coexistence of humans and Denizens along with Shana.[58][64]


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