Shakugan no Shana: the Movie (劇場版 灼眼のシャナ Gekijouban: Shakugan no Shana?) is an animated film based on the Shakugan no Shana series. The movie is not a sequel to the anime, but is an adaptation of all the events in the first volume of the light novels and contains events that were not in the anime series.


It was first announced after the ending credits of the last episode of the first anime series. The movie was released in Japanese theaters on April 21, 2007 as one of the three movies released at Dengeki Bunko's Movie Festival. The DVD was released on September 21, 2007 in two different editions, the special edition including the director's cut version, the original version and extra material, and the normal edition including only the director's cut version. FUNimation released the director's cut of the film to DVD and Blu-ray in the US on January 22, 2013.


On a busy night in Misaki City, a Fūzetsu is activated. At a construction site, a man walks up to a scarf floating in midair. Green flames surround the man's sword as he flies towards the scarf. Out of the scarf appears a man clothed in a white tuxedo. The new man raises his gun and with one shot, the other man is destroyed in an eruption of green flames.

The next day, in a Misaki Municipal High classroom, Yūji Sakai drops his eraser. It is picked up by the girl sitting next to him, Yukari Hirai. Yukari even helps Yūji when the teacher calls on him. This is noted by Kazumi Yoshida. Later, as Yūji is leaving school, he sees his friend Ike. They talk for a while and then separate, Ike to cram school and Yūji to the CD store. Inside the CD store, Yukari tells Kazumi that she knows she likes Yūji. She asks Kazumi if they can help each other when Yūji walks in to the store. Yukari edges Kazumi but she runs out of the store. Yūji is then right behind Yukari. They have a conversation and from it, Yūji realises that Yukari likes Ike.


The young girl noticing Yūji

Outside the store, Yūji says goodbye to Yukari when a Fūzetsu is activated. The people and things nearby are frozen as the world around him becomes a deep crimson. Yūji is the only person that can move. Suddenly, a big baby and a ball made up of multiple heads appear. The frozen people around become flames that the baby eats. Even Yukari has become a flame. When Yūji calls out, the two monsters see him. They claim that he is a Mystes and that they want to take his treasure. The baby grabs Yūji before its arm is suddenly slashed off. Yūji falls to the ground as the baby begins screaming. The multiple headed ball is kicked away. Their assailant is a young girl with flaming hair and burning eyes, wielding a sword. Despite its cries, the girl kills the baby. The girl talks to her pendant. She than sees Yuji and cuts him to get the lady behind him. The lady is slashed and killed, but a doll escapes from inside the lady. The ball attacks, but is also killed. The girl then repairs the area that was damaged in the fight by using the flames of the still people. The Fūzetsu is then deactivated. The people begin moving. Yuji sees Yukari, who is very unemotional. He also sees a flame in her and the other people. Some people were even disappearing. The girl, now with black hair and brown eyes, walks away. Yuji follows.

Later, Yuji asks the girl who she is. The girl, eating melon bread, replies that she is a Flame Haze. Elsewhere, the doll apologises to the man in the white tuxedo for losing his Rinne. The man praises the doll (revealed to be named 'Marianne') for finding a Mystes and the two look at the Crystal Altar, a replica of the city with flames instead of people.

The next day, Yuji is at home having breakfast. On the TV is a news report about the Gobi Desert, where Yuji's father is supposed to be. A maid with a back-pack walks past the reporter. Yuji looks at his mother, finding out that she has no flame. Yuji then leaves for school.

On the way to school, he sees the girl from before. They talk about Yuji being a Mystes when Yuji sees Yukari, he sees that her flame is small. The girl says that she will disappear by the end of the day. Yuji starts a conversation with Yukari, but she is no longer cheerful. Yuji decides to hang with her for the day and won't let her disappear. Yuji and Yukari are late for class. The teacher tells Yuji off but doesn't even notice Yukari. Yuji realises that everyone is starting to forget about her. The girl is on the school roof, watching.

Yuji asks Ike to have lunch with him and Yukari. He says yes. They have lunch than decide to go to shops near the station. They spend time in the CD store and take photos in a photobooth. Yuji looks outside and the girl form before is waving him outside. He leaves to go see her. Ike leaves Yukari to play a game. She says something to him, but he can't hear. The girl wants Yuji to stay close to her. When Yuji returns, Yukari is gone. Yuji ask Ike were she is, he tells him that she left. Yuji gets angry at Ike for not caring then leaves.

Yuji eventually finds Yukari on the hill near the river. She is looking at the photo they took together with Ike. She says something but Yuji doesn't hear it. She then says she likes the view of the river in the afternoon. She disappears into flames. The girl appears and takes some of the flame with her finger. Yukari also disappears from the photo. Yuji says to the girl that he still remembers, so he isn't just a torch - he is the real Yuji Sakai. Then he realised he didn't know the girl's name. He asks, and she says she is referred to as 'The Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana' so he calls her 'Shana'. The girl walks away.


Yukari getting replaced in the photo

It is night at the Yoshida residence. Kazumi is putting cookies that she made into a bag. She then looks at Yuji in a photo of all of her friends. Following her mother's wishes, Kazumi has a bath, but not before she puts the bag of cookies into her school bag. In the bath, she decides to give the bag to Yuji and to ask Yukari for help. Meanwhile, Yukari disappears from Kazumi's photo and is replaced by another girl.

The next day at school, Shana is sitting in Yukari's seat. Everyone thinks that she is Yukari. Shana tells Yuji that she did so to keep an eye on him. Yuji, the only one who remembers the original Yukari, says "Good morning, Shana" then sits down. Elsewhere, the man in the white tuxedo is aware that Shana is with Yuji and then makes a plan to reveal himself to them. Marianne wants to fight the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter". Friagne lets her, but asks her to bring some playing cards.

At lunch time, Shana eats melon bread. Yuji starts to leave the classroom but she tells him not to go far. Yuji says he can do what he wants. Kazumi asks Shana (Yukari) if she can walk home with her but is flatly denied. Kazumi begins to leave but looks back, thinking Yukari is scary. Yuji was going to leave with Ike when a Fuzetsu is activated. Only Shana and Yuji can move. Yuji begins moving one of his classmates outside the classroom. When he returns, there is a giant playing card. They separate and fly at Yuji, but Shana blocks with her cloak. She then destroys the deck of cards, causing an explosion. Yuji's frozen classmates were bloodied up. Yuji was tending to Kazumi while a damaged Marianne lay on the ground. Shana picks her up. The pieces of card lying around explode and Marianne manages to get away. The pieces form one card, which is grasped by the man in the white tuxedo. With a breath, Marianne was repaired. The man introduces himself as Friagne and states that he is disappointed in Shana, saying that Alastor's powers are going to waste. He then leaves from fear of damaging Yuji's treasure. Shana intends to use Kazumi's Power of Existence to fix the damage to the buildings from the fight. When Yuji protests, Shana asks if Yuji would like to sacrifice his existence. Yuji gladly says yes.

In the night rain, Shana is on Yuji's roof, complaining about him. Yuji than comes up with an umbrella. He asks her to come inside, saying it will be easier to keep an eye on him. She says she will. In Yuji's room, he says he will sleep in his father's study, and to Shana, this is contradicting his earlier statement. She wants to sleep in the same room as her. She starts to take her uniform off, shocking Yuji. She then realises her mistake and tells Yuji to hide. He goes in the closet and she begins changing again. They decide to go to the city the next day. Yuji puts his hand on a prickly brush and falls down, breaking the closet door. He sees Shana, only in panties.

Shana is back on the roof wearing only Yogasa, complaining from not hitting Yuji enough. Alastor doesn't understand why Shana is embarrassed, likening Yuji to rocks and trees. Shana responds by saying Yuji is a torch that will burn out. At Yoda Department Store, Friagne and Marianne are making plans to make Marianne a real existence. Friagne reveals that he is providing Marianne with power and without it, she would disappear. As he looks at the crystal altar, Friagne states that everything he has done is for Marianne.

Elsewhere, on the top of a crane, stands a long-haired blonde woman carrying a book. The woman states that the city stinks from all the torches. The book describes the smell as the woman's boozed breath and receives a punch. They then feel the presence of another Flame Haze, but aren't bothered. The book calls the woman "My beloved goblet, Margery Daw!". Shana is still on Yuji's roof, very tired. Shana and Alastor than sense the presence of Margery.

On TV, there is a show featuring climbers on Mt. Everest, which Kazumi is watching. The maid with the backpack is again seen, accompanying the climbers. Kazumi turns the TV off, lamenting over not being able to give Yuji the cookies. She then decides to wait until she has more courage. She opens the bag of cookies and eats one.

The next day, Shana tells Yuji to hurry. They are going to school. While he is putting his shoes on, Shana sees his flame. It is bigger than it should be. On their way to school, Yuji can't get used to seeing flames in people, thus revealing that he can see the movement of the flames, again unusual. Shana claims it is because of the treasure tool inside of him. They were thinking the pulsing of the Torches might only be happening in Misaki City when an Unrestricted Spell was activated. The spell was taking Power of Existence from the torches around. Alastor says it is the work of the other Flame Haze, who is trying to draw Friagne out.

Sure enough, on top of a nearby building, Margery was chanting incantations for the spell. It was wiping out torches at a tremendous rate, which was seen by Friagne as he gazed at the crystal altar. This causes Friagne to accelerate his plan.

Yuji and Shana run towards the source of the spell as Margery drops down on a construction site. Margery was complaining that they hadn't lured out Friagne but was pleased when Shana dropped in. Alastor was able to identify them. He asks why they were in Misaki City as Yuji climbs over the fence and into the site. He asks Margery why she was extinguishing torches. He grabs her but is punched to the ground. Margery and Marchosias were annoyed. Alastor warns them that Yuji is a Mystes. He is against the idea of erasing torches as the pulsing is a trick by Friagne.


Shana stops her attack

Suddenly, Friagne appears. He is angry that Margery is erasing torches. Margery activates a Fuzetsu and claims that she will kill Friagne, transforming into a werewolf. Shana activates her powers and draws her sword. They both attack him, but Friagne is unaffected by their flames thanks to his ring. He then ties up the Nietono no Shana with his Bubble Loot. Margery tries to attack but in her way are some of Friagne's doll Rinne. They are easily disposed of. Shana leaps at Friagne but he undoes Bubble Loot. She is then attacked by multiple doll Rinne. Friagne gets out a bell. The ringing of the bell causes Rinne to blow up. Yuji tries to warn Shana but is sent flying. He gets up to see Friagne right in front of him. He lifts Yuji up, strangling him. Shana leaps at him again, but he blocks with Yuji. Shana stops. Friagne whacks her with Bubble Loot and leaves with Yuji, telling the Flame Haze to meet him at the highest point in the city. He explodes more Rinne to mask his getaway. Margery was annoyed but Shana was really worried about something, saying "I'm...."

Back at his base, Friagne was pleased with capturing Yuji and confident that his plans will succeed. Yuji wonders what he could do and remembers Shana's face when she stopped her attack because he was Friagne's shield. Shana is sitting on some steps on the hill. She wonders why she stopped her attack. Meanwhile, Margery sat on a bench drinking. She says she has to wait for Friagne to make his move. She looks up and sees Shana on the steps. Shana is thinking about Yuji when Margery approaches and asks how long Shana is going to be spaced out. She says that Shana doesn't have to fight Friagne but Shana wants to and gets up.

At an amusement park, Yuji is sitting down on a stage, surrounded by dolls. Friagne appears. He approaches Yuji and points his gun at him. He calls it Trigger Happy and explains that it can awaken contracted Crimson Lords, destroying the Flame Haze the lord is contracted to. The awakened lords will be scared of breaking the balance of the world and will return to the Crimson Realm, leaving Friagne unopposed. Shana and Margery are at the construction site, ready to confront Friagne, Shana activates her powers and leaps buildings, while Margery rides on Marchosias.

Yuji and Friagne feel their approach. Marianne enters a doll Rinne. Shana is first to arrive. Yuji warns her about Trigger Happy but is hit by a Rinne. Margery also arrives. Shana defeats some Rinne but Friagne keeps using Dance Party to explode them. Yuji is flung into a fence. Margery saves Shana (who was watching Yuji) from a Rinne. Yuji gets up, noticing the torches' pulses getting stronger. Yuji then figures out and tells Shana that Friagne set something up in the city. Torches are consumed to activate the City Devourer. The Flame Haze figure out that Friagne's plan is to turn the city into energy. More Rinne attack. Yuji figures out that Friagne is also using Dance Party to activate the City Devourer. He tries to tell Shana, but is buried under a building. Having defeated all of the Rinne, Shana and Margery approach Friagne. At Friagne's side is the Rinne that Marianne is inside. She wants to go and fight. Marianne attacks. Shana destroys the Rinne but Marianne, still alive, ties up Shana with Bubble Loot. She signals Friagne, who reluctantly explodes Marianne with Dance Party. This causes a massive explosion that engulfs everyone.


Friagne getting incinerated

Shana gingerly wakes up but is too weak to stand, her head busted open. Friagne gets up, crazed at losing Marianne. He points Trigger Happy at Shana. Yuji tells her to activate a Fuzetsu, which she does, and this negates Dance Party's effects on City Devourer and stopping it. Friagne then points Trigger Happy at Yuji but Shana flings a shard of glass at him, ripping his hand off. Dance Party and Azure fall, the former shattering on the floor, and the latter bouncing into Yuji's possession. Friagne then shoots Shana, bringing forth the manifestation of Alastor. Flames envelop Friagne. Margery and Marchosias escape. Friagne was shocked, dropping Trigger Happy. Alastor says that Shana is 'a great being' that can survive his manifest. He uses his Flame of Retribution on Friagne, incinerating him. Everything is sent flying. Yuji sees Shana, but is knocked out by the rubble and flung away.

Yuji is lying on the side of the road. He wakes up to see Shana, wearing only Yogasa. Alastor says that Yuji's flame is disappearing. Yuji raises his hand in the air and sees it disappearing. He asks Shana to keep using the name he gave her a she says yes. Yuji disappears.


"Got a problem with that?"

The big clock strikes midnight and Yuji is back to normal. Yuji wonders what is going on as Shana laughs. Alastor confirms that this is because of Yuji's Treasure Tool, the Reiji Maigo. Shana and Alastor decide to stay with Yuji. Shana than asks Yuji, "Got a problem with that?" Yuji says no. Margery sees them and then flies away.

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* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

  • Male student (possibly Uehara) - voiced by Jun Ōsuka[1]
  • TV narrator - voiced by Atsushi Ono[1]

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  • The male Flame Haze killed by Friagne at the start of the movie remained unnamed as his name or other info are never revealed in any guide books.
  • Short story Nomad recounts the battle between the male Flame Haze and Friagne via Nina's reminiscence. Rather than charging head-on towards Friagne and is instantly killed as shown in the movie, the male Flame Haze pursues Friagne to the construction site where he was ambushed by Rinne's Endan. He is then forced to flee into the air. Friagne surprises him by sealing his machete-like sword Treasure Tool with Bubble Loot then pulls the chain to break his balance, and finishes him with Trigger Happy. It is noted that he uses this same trick to kill many Flame Haze in the past, earning him the nickname "Flame Haze Killer". Nina also adds that some of them were already dead from the ambush phase.


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