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"Convergence, Then a Sign" (収束, そして兆し Shūsoku, Soshite Kizashi?) is the thirteenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Second.


Yuji uncontrollably sets up a Seal, thus reveals the color of his flame, silver, to the great shock of Margery, who then goes berserk. Wilhemia is then forced to restrain Margery as she causes widespread damage and attempts to destroy the source of the flame, Yuji. She then tries to attack Yuji to no avail; he is protected by his anti-flame ring. Meanwhile, Shana prevents Pheles from taking the Midnight Lost Child out of Yuji, and proceeds to fight. Initially, Pheles has the advantage because of an Unrestricted Method that allows her presence to be hidden, reducing Shana's ability to target her immensely. However, it is revealed that Johan (Her former lover, who is still trapped within the Reiji Maigo) made her swear to never harm humans, and thus she has rather small energy reserves. Pheles continues to weaken by sustaining the battle, which is noticed by Shana, who rushes to take advantage of the opportunity. Wilhemia takes the initiative and quickly disables Margery, then switching her target to Pheles in a combined effort with Shana. Soon after the battle ceases, Satou and Tanaka plead with Margery to listen to an explanation, to which Margery comes to reason again. Tanaka also expressed his emotions to how he had seen Ogata be engulfed in the flames of Margery in her fit of insanity. Margery then questions Yuji about what he truly is, to which Yuji is a loss for. Pheles explains that Johan is in the Midnight Lost Child, even though he was not meant to be, and Pheles then asks Margery to check the Reiji Maigo, to which Margery dismisses as that she is not good for "details". Afterwards, Wilhemia prepares to restore normality in the real world using Yuji's Power of Existence, but Margery intervenes, saying that she wishes to be the one to "clean up the mess" that she made.

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