"Domicile" (ドミサイル Domisairu?) is the second episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana S. Shana's unusual behavior recently concerns her guardian, Wilhelmina Carmel. In order to determine what has made Shana act strangely, Wilhelmina takes Yūji Sakai on a day of stalking the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter.


The day is done and night time approaches. Wilhelmina is still organizing documents from Outlaw. It is already dark inside the apartment where she and Shana are staying, and the latter is still not home, much to the concern of the Manipulator of Objects. She tells that her tardiness has been going on for a week that time. Finally Shana arrives. She had a short conversation with Wilhelmina and appears as if she and Alastor are dodging the conversation. Shana heads straight into the showers, leaving Wilhelmina somewhat worried.

The next day, Wilhelmina consults Sakai Yuji's mother, Chigusa Sakai regarding how Shana is acting lately. Chigusa explains that Shana's behavior is because she is doing that might be important and doesn't want Wilhelmina to be involved. Yuji's mother suggests Wilhelmina to watch over Shana from a distance. In her respect for the opinions of Yuji's mother, Wilhelmina agrees with Yuji assisting her. Yuji and Wilhelmina meet up at a junction, hiding and watching Shana from a distance. Yuji admitted his doubts over stalking Shana, telling Wilhelmina that talking straight to her might be a more viable method to determine what is going on. Wilhelmina disagrees and says that it is too risky.

Wilhelmina soon takes the chance to ask Yuji about Shana's attitude inside the school premises. Yuji admits there's nothing that's changed, though Wilhelmina doubts that it's just that he doesn't notice. Yuji then remembers the time when he and Shana split up, and tells Wilhelmina that Shana might be also keeping a secret with him too.

Wilhelmina assumes that what is going on is because of the lifestyle Shana is having, which is a consequence of protecting Yuji. Yuji doesn't take this seriously, but the Manipulator of Objects sees this as a compromise to her duties and plans on making Shana quit school, much to Yuji's shock. As Wilhelmina finishes their conversation, they noticed that they have lost Shana. Knowing of only one person to help them in searching for people, they visited Keisaku Satō's house, where they could get some assistance from Margery Daw. Unfortunately, Keisaku said that Margery is drunk and doesn't want to be disturbed. Despite Keisaku's warnings, Wilhelmina proceeded inside the house, but Yuji stayed behind. He tells Wilhelmina that he suspects Keisaku as an accomplice and would just add false clues to Shana's whereabouts. Instead, he suggests another option to consult the Crystal Altar.

Unfortunately, the Crystal Altar can't detect Flame Haze like Shana and can only detect Torches and Unrestricted Spells. Yuji expresses his relief about being the only Torch in Misaki City. Wilhelmina notices it and expresses her doubts on Yuji as 'unusual behavior'. This was discounted by her contracting Crimson Lord, Tiamat as 'jumping to conclusions'. Yuji then requests Wilhelmina to start a search on Unrestricted Spells. The result reveals a large amount of Unrestricted Spells within Misaki City, which they guess were cast by Margery Daw herself.

That afternoon, Yuji tells Wilhelmina that he will be the one to ask Shana about what's going on tomorrow and leaves a remark about keeping secrets. Yuji fails to do what he needs to do the next day, though, as Matake Ogata and Kazumi Yoshida tell Yuji that Shana will join them in shopping. As they run towards the school gate, Yuji realizes that even Ogata and Kazumi were helping Shana as well. Yuji was thinking that they are planning a surprise party for Wilhelmina but wonders why he wasn't part of the plan. Hayato Ike soon appears and voices out that he also notices Shana avoiding Yuji. Eager to know what is going on, Yuji tries asking Ike, but he honestly replies that he has a right to lie if ever he does know about the surprise.

Later on, Yuji and Wilhelmina go to a 24-hour store where they wait for Shana to appear. Yuji's topic shifted to Shana's childhood. For some unknown reason, Wilhelmina proudly enumerated Shana's good traits Flame Haze-wise, which she ended abruptly because she felt it was unnecessary to do so. Also, Yuji notices that Wilhelmina's maid outfit would be too flashy for something a stalker wears. Yuji's questions increased in number to the point Wilhelmina herself requested him to be quiet.

Shana soon leaves the store with some goods, accompanied by Ogata and Kazumi. Wilhelmina manages to hide herself and Yuji before Shana saw them and she decides to take another approach: to bind Yuji in her ribbons and take him as she travels on the power lines above the street. As she looks on, Yuji asks Wilhelmina why she was concerned at Shana's actions despite being uncompromising to her role as a Flame Haze. The Manipulator of Objects replies that she was regretful of hiding a secret, something she admitted that she had done with the Engage Link, and doesn't want Shana to share the same pain. Yuji then remarks that Shana has changed and matured since the first time they have met. He also said that many things have been responsible for that to happen.

As they proceeded to follow Shana, Margery Daw appears. Yuji proceeded in asking Margery about the Unrestricted Spells, assuming that they are the spells making Shana's presence undetectable. Marchosias replied, explaining them that she was the one who requested for it. Meanwhile, Shana rushes to her apartment, where she, Ogata and Kazumi are preparing for something. Ogata, for one, doesn't know personally the occasion and asked her. Shana tells them that it is an important date for Wilhelmina. After checking the things they bought earlier, they are shocked when they found the wrong kind of flour in their shopping bags. Kazumi then contacts Margery, asking the latter to bide more time since Kazumi and the others purchased the wrong kind of flour for their cooking preparations.

Margery then relays Kazumi's request to Eita Tanaka, who frantically responds that he will be unable to do her request. Too late though, as Wilhelmina appeared with Yuji. The Torch analyzes the situation and thinks Eita is also part of the plan, along with her mother as well. Yuji asked Eita what is going on, and eagerly answers with a very long explanation for it. Shana, on the other hand, manages to return to the store and buy the right kind of flour and heads off home right away with the help of Ogata. Time is running out for Shana and the others after Eita gives up explaining under the presence of Wilhelmina, he tells them to take their time going to Shana's place.

Wilhelmina and Yuji, when they arrive, are welcomed by Ogata and Kazumi, who lead them inside. The Manipulator of Objects was surprised by an apron-clad Shana, whose hair is tied up in a ponytail, and a plate of food on the table. Margery is also there, telling Wilhelmina that her response was normal since she sees secrets equally, whether good or bad, and will suspect anyone. She also explained that Yuji accompanying Wilhelmina is part of the plan so that they are able to track her down using Yuji as a 'beacon' for the Haridan. She decides to leave the apartment, bringing her and Keisaku's share of what Shana and the others cooked -- pannenkoek, a Dutch pancake. Ogata also says that Shana did the most effort, coached by Kazumi so that ingredients will not go to waste. Kazumi and Ogata also left, bringing along their share along with Ike's and Eita's share. Ogata also asks Yuji to leave as well, Kazumi handing over his mother's portion of the pannenkoek.

After everyone else has left, Wilhelmina takes the time for Shana to explain for what happened. Shana admits that she wanted to change the relationship Wilhelmina has towards Yuji; Alastor adds that trust between them is needed when the situation comes. Alastor then asks Wilhelmina about her opinion on Yuji and she calmly answers, "A strange boy indeed." Shana asks the reason why Wilhelmina the importance of this day for her. After a flashback to the Tendōkyū, Wilhelmina answers that it was the anniversary of Shana meeting Wilhelmina and the others in Tendōkyū. The episode ends with a slideshow of the pannenkoek, the characters from the episode, and nighttime Misaki City.

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