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"Reshuffle" (リシャッフル Rishaffuru?) is the first episode of the Shakugan no Shana S OVA series. Upon investigating for Treasure Tools in Friagne's hideout, Shana and Yūji's seemingly normal assignment takes an unexpected turn when they switch bodies due to the effects of the Treasure Tool "Reshuffe".


Yuji finding Reshuffle.

During a day of summer vacation, Shana and Yūji were investigating Friagne's hideout, where his collection of Treasure Tools was stored in secrecy. They were both bothered by the heat, but Shana tried to conceal it. Elsewhere, Keisaku Satō and Eita Tanaka were chilling out in the frozen section of a grocery store. Alastor told Yūji to use his Power of Existence to help detect Treasure Tools from among all of Friagne's toys. Yūji then discovered a mysterious device shaped like a medieval telescope. Carelessly, Yūji looked through the telescope and aimed it at Shana. After a bright light, he blacked out.

Shana and Yūji acting suspiciously in front of Satō and Tanaka.

Yūji opened his eyes and looked down at himself, discovering Shana's body. As he was freaking out, Shana, who was inside Yūji's body, grabbed him. After Yūji told him about the telescope, Alastor identified it as Reshuffle, explaining its powers of exchanging the consciousnesses of the person looking through it with the person who was looked at. As Alastor told them that they could return to normal if Reshuffle was used again, Shana pushed Yūji away and pinched him when he accidentally almost touched her body's chest and revealed its panties. Though Reshuffle was in the area, Alastor warned the two to never allow their current situation to be exposed to others, be it human or Flame Haze. As Satō and Tanaka returned with a bag of ice cream, Shana made a plan to absorb the surrounding toys in Yogasa and look for Reshuffle elsewhere. With her guidance, Yūji was able to use Yogasa. Though the two boys were suspicious of Shana and Yūji's strange behavior, with Alastor's help they escaped after Shana took all of the ice cream from them.

Yūji and Shana encountering Margery.

Outside, as Shana ate ice cream in Yūji's body, they decided to go to the nearby karaoke box, but they ran into a half-drunk Margery Daw. Shana told her that Satō and Tanaka were waiting for her at the hideout and she and Yūji leave before they could be questioned by Marchosias. After they leave, Margery asked for another beer.

Yoshida, Fujita, Nakamura and Ike at the school.

After Shana finished all of the ice cream, the two decided to go to Misaki Municipal High School, thinking no one would be there on a Sunday. However, they encountered Kazumi Yoshida, Harumi Fujita, Kimiko Nakamura and Hayato Ike, who were setting up Matake Ogata's volleyball match. Shana pulled Yūji away and they left, though Ike and the others showed concern that the two might be headed for their classroom.

Shana covering Yūji's eyes.

As the two ran towards the classroom, Yūji thought about how Shana had always run so fast with her small body. As they reached the classroom, they stumbled across Ogata and the volleyball team changing. Despite being in Yūji's body, Shana covered Yūji's eyes. The two were forced to run away from the classroom and the school.

Shana blocking Wilhelmina's ribbon.

As they walked down the street, the two decided to look for Reshuffle in Yūji's room. When they talk about Wilhelmina, Alastor emphasized that they must not tell her about their situation. Immediately after, they saw Wilhelmina in a fast food restaurant. She quickly finished her food and confronted them. With their conversation not going well, Alastor made an excuse for them to leave. As they were leaving, Shana accidentally said goodbye to her using her first name while in Yūji's body. Wilhelmina attacked Shana in Yūji's body and she instinctively blocked it. After she blocked more of her attacks, Wilhelmina suspected that she was not really Yūji. Yūji created a diversion by shouting "Wilhelmina, I love you!", which allowed himself and Shana to escape while Wilhelmina was deeply embarrassed. Shana complained about his tactics, but agreed with him that what he said wasn't a lie.

Shana in pain.

As Yūji and Shana enter the Sakai Residence, Yūji wondered why Shana was in such a hurry. Inside, he saw Shana wobble for an instant, and began to think about Reshuffle possibly having a side effect. As Chigusa offered him a bath, Yūji became embarrassed. As Yūji entered his room, he saw Shana pale and in pain on the floor. With even Alastor not knowing what was wrong with her, Yūji theorized about the side effect and manifested Yogasa, before releasing all of the toys at once, flooding the room.

Shana after protecting Yūji.

Shana managed to cover Yūji, who had fainted, only to discover that she was just inches from his lips, though they had switched bodies. She was about to kiss Yūji when she was interrupted by Chigusa's voice. Berating herself that the kiss should be done together, Shana unleashed a Fūzetsu which kept their commotion from being exposed. Yūji, now awake, called back the Treasure Tools into Yogasa and Shana managed to grasp Reshuffle from the Treasure Tools they had gathered. As Shana was about to use Reshuffle, she told Yūji to "be prepared".

Shana laughing.

With their own bodies back, Yūji succumbed to a severe stomachache from all the ice cream Shana had consumed while in his body and ran to the toilet, leaving Shana alone with Alastor. After she finished laughing at Yūji, Alastor promised to explain to her the reason behind keeping what happened a secret if she promised to destroy Reshuffle afterwards, which she did. He said that the effect of Reshuffle is dependent of the two people involved in the switch: "If there is a wall between the hearts of the users, it will have no effect". Though he did not want to admit it, Alastor accepted how intimate Shana and Yūji had become. Deactivating the Fūzetsu, Shana told Chigusa that she had a fight with Yūji, which was all his fault.

Closing Credits[]

Margery Daw continued sleeping and failed to attend the investigation of Friagne's hideout. Ogata holds a trophy signifying Misaki Municipal High School's victory in the volleyball match. Yūji stays inside the toilet because of his stomachache. Reshuffle was destroyed and put in the trash bin. Shana returned to the Hirai Residence and was welcomed with melonpan by Wilhelmina.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Powers and Abilities Used[]

  • Power of Existence Manipulation
    • Spreading over the surroundings in order to activate Treasure Tools - Shana, Yūji.
    • Creating light - Shana in Yūji's body while drawing Power of Existence from her own body by gripping its hand.

Unrestricted Spells[]

  • Yogasa - Yūji in Shana's body
  • Fūzetsu - Shana in Yūji's body after touching Shana's body's hand.

Treasure Tools[]

  • Reshuffle - Yūji, Shana in Yūji's body in order to reverse the effects of Yūji's use.


Adaptation Notes[]

Adapted from Reshuffle
  • In the side story, Shana's plan was to look for Reshuffle in Yūji's room from the start.
  • Shana's explanation about Yogasa was omitted.
  • Yūji accidentally manifesting Shana's flaming-hair and burning-eyes and the Nietono no Shana was omitted.
  • In the side story, Margery was having a conversation with Ogata about her having a date with Eita, instead of just being drunk. Due to Ogata being with her, Marchosias doesn't appear in the story.
  • In the side story, Yoshida and Ike are encountered near the Misaki Bridge instead of the school, and Fujita and Nakamura do not appear.
  • In the OVA, Wilhelmina was simply investigating the city, instead of looking at the damage at the Misaki Station. This is because the station was not destroyed by Dantalion in the anime series.
  • In the side story, Tiamat does not speak.
  • In the side story, Yūji was more fearful of Wilhelmina, as he was nearly killed by her a few days ago in the light novel timeline.
  • Chigusa asking Yūji (Shana) to apologize to Shana (Yūji) for shouting at her was omitted.
  • Shana subconsciously breaking Reshuffle while talking to Chigusa was omitted.


  • Satō: "Is something wrong with you guys?"
    Shana as Yūji: "No, nothing at all! Haha, I'm Yūji Sakai!"
    Yūji as Shana: "Really, nothing's wrong! Shut up, shut up, shut up!"
    Shana as Yūji: "What's up with that wretched way of talking?"
    Yūji as Shana: "You're the one who laughed like a weirdo."
    Shana as Yūji: "You always laugh like this, Yūji!"
    Yūji as Shana: "Is that how you see me?!"
  • Margery: "What are you doing in a place like this?"
    Yūji as Shana: "U-Umm, err... oh, uhh... I-it's none of your business, "Chanter of Elegies"."
    Margery: "You're as uncute as ever, I see."
    Marchosias: "Heheheh, Doubt she wants to get called cute by a drunk who gets wasted here in the middle of the day, though!"
    Margery: *punches Marchosias* "Shut up, stupid Marco!"
  • (To herself after failing to kiss Yūji): Shana: *——I’m so, stupid. If we don’t do it together, there’s no meaning.*




Cultural References[]

  • The fast food restaurant Wilhelmina was eating at was WcDonald's, a parody of McDonald's used in many anime series.

Animation Trivia[]



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