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"Shakugan no Shana Tokubetsu-hen: Koi to Onsen no Kōgai Gakushū!" (灼眼のシャナ 特別編 恋と温泉の校外学習! Shakugan no Shana Special: Love and Outdoor Hot Spring Tutorial!?) is an OVA which was released December 8, 2006. Chronologically, it takes place after Shakugan no Shana Episode 13.


Matake blushing

Eita calls Matake out in the moonlight of the beach where he confesses to her that he likes her. He says he plans on marrying her, making Matake blush. He then leans forward to kiss her.

Matake falls down on her hard bedroom floor. It was just a dream. She complains about having the dream on the day of her field trip.

On the bus to the field trip, Yuji is sitting between Shana and Kazumi. He asks them what happened between them, seeing as they weren't talking to each other (because of their fight). They tell him it is nothing and that he shouldn't worry. Keisaku is bored. He complains about the upcoming trip and his group leader, Ike, angering Matake. Eita apologizes for him. She watches him, than looks at Ike, who is carsick and throws up.

The maiden explaining The Stairs of Marriage

The class was walking through the forest with maiden of the nearby shrine. Keisaku complains that Ike is still in the bus, sick. They reach a big flight of stairs, which Keisaku and Eita race up. The maiden than says that the stairs were called The Stairs of Marriage and were famous because two people who climb it together would end up married. A shocked Matake runs up the stairs after Eita. Kazumi asks Yuji if they could walk up the stairs, awakening a very bored Shana. They fight while running up the stairs, both dragging Yuji. The maiden is left at the bottom of the stairs, and says that complicated things will happen when groups of three go up the stairs.

A tired Matake makes it to the top of the stairs. Keisaku and Eita tied in their race and where helping each other up. The two began walking down the stairs. Matake than thinks that her rival for Eita's love is Keisaku.

The maid looking at the melonpan

A maid with a backpack was walking in a desert merchant town, where they speak a different language. A merchant offered her some familiar-looking bread. The maid grabs the bread and is reminded of something from her past.

In the hotel the class had reserved, the keeper stated that a customer with a lot of money had taken their spot. Shana and Alastor seemed to know who the customer was.

The class had to stay in a co-educational room, shocking Matake. Keisaku and Eita joked about Matake peeking on them changing, angering her. Kimiko enters the room and says it's their turn to go in the onsen.

In the boy's half of the onsen, everyone wanted to peek at the girls except Yuji. Keisaku and Eita remarked on Kazumi's 'bounciness', making Yuji remember when he was partnered with Kazumi in a competition at the pool. Ike (the group leader) decides to let them do what they want. They found their peeping hole but couldn't see anything. Matake then kicks them from the other side, breaking the fence down. She was expecting them. Ike knew this would happen. All of the girls in the onsen were wearing swimsuits. The girls spray the boys with cold water. Matake tells them to fix the fence then go away.

The boys return to the changing room complaining. Only Yuji and Ike were allowed to stay. All the girls began taking their swimsuits off. Kazumi reluctantly followed.

The girls feeling Kazumi's breasts

The girls comment on Kazumi's big breasts. They begin feeling them. Shana hears this, looks down at herself, and gets cross.

Kimiko wants to know which boys the girls are after and decides to start with Kazumi. Matake tells them to stop. Then, the girls ask Shana (Yukari). She responds by saying she will go after anyone that does harm. The girls then think Shana likes delinquents.

Yuji wants to leave the onsen, but Ike is peaking at the girls. Yuji starts leaving but Ike faints.

When the girls return to the co-ed room, Yuji is tending to an unconscious Ike. Matake asks where Keisaku and Eita are. Yuji doesn't know but says that Keisaku was reading a guide book that was on the floor. Matake picks up the book to an article titled The Holy Place Where Love Comes True! She gets worried and imagines them having a romantic moment on the nearby pier.

Matake runs out of the room, tears falling down her face. She sprints out of the hotel, running past Keisaku and Eita playing table tennis. They wonder what she is doing.

At the dinner hall Matake is feeling deflated, when she notices Keisaku giving Eita food. She offers Eita some of her food but he reminds her that early she said she could eat anything.

Keisaku and Eita were playing throw-and-catch with pillows. Matake wants to join. Keisaku and Eita join up and Matake is paired with Yuji because Matake is on the volleyball team. Ike was referee. He makes rules 'kind-of like' dodgeball. Keisaku was about to throw, but slips and hits Ike. This gives Matake the opportunity to throw at Keisaku, but Eita dives in the way and takes the shot. Matake gives up and leaves.

It is quiet and everyone is sleeping, except Matake, who is in the onsen. Her sighing disrupts someone else in the bath. It was a long-haired blonde woman. She wants to hear Matake's story and guesses that it's about love. She tells Matake to take action now instead of waiting for tomorrow. Matake thanks her than leaves. A book lying behind the woman asks why she helped a random girl. She replies that she solved the problem and thus made the onsen quiet.

Matake about to tell Eita that she likes him

A determined Matake tries to wake up Eita, also waking Shana and Kazumi. They start listening as Matake tries to tell Eita that she likes him. She was just about to when a sleeping Yuji bumps her. She steps on Yuji's face and falls, sitting on Ike's face. She kicks Ike, who flies through the door.

The next morning, Matake is at the pier. She is approached by Eita. He says that Ike wasn't hurt too badly. He cheers her up, and then says that Ike didn't do it on purpose. He walks away, not listening to what she is trying to say. Matake throws rocks at his head.

Shana wondering what they were supposed to learn

On the bus ride back, everyone is sleeping except Yuji and Shana. Shana wonders what they were supposed to learn from the field trip. Yuji looks back at Ike, who is sick. He throws up. Alastor orders someone to open a window, leaving Keisaku wondering who just spoke.

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