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This is a list of all extra chapters and omake illustrated by Ayato Sasakura and featured in the Shakugan no Shana manga series volumes and related merchandise.

Anime Recording Field Trip Report Manga![]

The field trip group. From back right: Sasakura, Noizi Itō, Miki, Ogino. Front: Yashichiro Takahashi.

The Media Works Shaku-Shana Team's Anime Recording Field Trip Report Manga! (メディアワークス灼シャナチームのアニメアフレコ見学レポートマンガ! Mediawākusu Shakushana Chīmu no Anime Afureko Kengaku Repōto Manga!?) is a 2 and ¼ page omake manga featured in the manga series' second volume. It is a recount of a certain day in February 2006, when Sasakura, light novel illustrator Noizi Itō, novel author Yashichirō Takahashi, novel editor Kazuma Miki, and manga editor Ogino gathered at a certain building in Shinjuku to watch a voice-recording session for the anime series. Sasakura and Noizi were excited as they had never seen a recording before, while Takahashi was busy working. Takahashi was portrayed as a cat due to him always using cat photographs as his portrait images in his light novels.

The recording was of Shakugan no Shana Episode 23 and Friagne and Marianne no Naze Nani Shana!, and took 5 hours to complete. Noizi was deeply impressed by Friagne's voice (Junichi Suwabe). Sasakura was impressed by Dantalion's voice actor (Nobuo Tobita) for instantly changing his performance based on the director's instructions. What made a lasting impression on the whole field trip group were the vocal sound effects of (the Mass Production Model) Domino (Nanae Katō).

The lively party, with Shizuka Itō, Hino and Miyake depicted as Wilhelmina, Yūji and Sydonay respectively.

Later, the group joined some of the anime staff in going to a dinner-cum-drinking party at a bar close to the recording site. The group and the anime staff had sat at different tables, but Sasakura and Noizi approached the other table because they wanted to take photos with the voice actors. As the drinking party was arranged suddenly, only 3 voice actors were present: Shizuka Itō, who plays Wilhelmina, Satoshi Hino, who plays Yūji, and Kenta Miyake, who plays Sydonay. They all talked together a lot. Shizuka Itō was drunk and kept hugging Noizi and Sasakura. Sasakura got Miyake to say silly lines in Sydonay's voice. Hino was supporting Yūji in a debate on whether Yūji was cool or not with Miki and Takahashi. Miki was shocked when he discovered he was the same age as Sydonay (Miyake).

Lastly, Sasakura wished success for the then-upcoming Shakugan no Shana The Movie. The last ¾ of the third page is the promotional picture for Shakugan no Shana-tan and Sasakura's special thanks page.

Shakugan no Shana-tan[]

Promotional illustration of Shana-tan.

Shakugan no Shana-tan (灼眼のしゃなたん?), featured in the manga series' second volume, is the first of three sets of yonkoma manga which were inspired by the anime parody specials of the same name.

Some key differences to the anime specials are:

  • Shana-tan is a black cat and resembles a naked girl with cat ears and a tail, wearing only knee-high socks and Yogasa. She loves melonpan and the top of Yūji's head and hates Yoshida. She carries a sword but doesn't actually fight anything.[1]
  • The whole series takes place at Misaki Municipal High School.
  • Various characters, such as Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, are students or staff at the school, regardless of whether they had ever been there or whether they are canonically dead or not.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 1.png

1. Tragic Fate (?) Comes Around Once (悲運(?)は一度にやってくる Hiun (?) ha Ichido ni Yattekuru?) is the first yonkoma.

Yūji Sakai was an ordinary boy who had just started high school. Since that morning, he was seeing a flame in his stomach. He thought his classmates would laugh at him for it, and thought his mother hadn't mentioned it to not upset him. He remembered being cut by a girl in his dream last night, and thought that might be the cause of the flame. Yūji entered the classroom and Satō and Tanaka were startled by something on Yūji's body.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 2.png

2. The Relatively Inconsequential Day For the Mystes (ミステスとか わりとどうでもいい日常 Misutesu toka Wari to Doudemoii Nichijou?) is the second yonkoma.

Yūji became depressed and started muttering to himself, but Satō and Tanaka had been startled by something on his head. It was a little, naked cat girl eating melonpan. The melonpan was Fujita's lunch and she told Yūji to give it back. While Tanaka was surprised that Fujita was a "melonpan character" despite her appearance, Satō wanted to return to reality.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 3.png

3. Actually, We're in the Middle of Ms. Margery's English Class (実はマージョリー先生の英語の授業中です Jitsu ha Mājorī-sensei no Eigo no Jugyōchū desu?) is the third yonkoma.

Thanks to the little cat that had taken residence on his head, Yūji's life became a little bit unusual, but he thought it wasn't too inconvenient, and that the cat was cute. The cat was sleeping. She let go of the mini Japanese sword she was holding, and it plunged into Yūji's hand. He screamed, and was yelled at by the teacher, Ms. Margery, who was angry due to her hangover.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 4.png

4. The Name Always Comes From the Sword (名前はいつだって太刀から Namae ha Itsudatte Tachi kara?) is the fourth yonkoma.

Yūji went to Nurse Wil's infirmary to get his hand treated, and explained to her how he got hurt as he was treated. As Wil took a liking to the cat, Yūji wanted to know the cat's name so that he could return her to her owner. Wil read the cat's name off of her sword: "Shana-tan".

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 5.png

5. Stray Cat Counter-measure (ノラネコ対策 Noraneko Taisaku?) is the fifth yonkoma.

Kazumi Yoshida was a girl who secretly had an unrequited love for her classmate Yūji. With a little cat always around him now, Yoshida tried to be friendly to her in order to get closer to Yūji, but the cat tells her to shut up straight away. While she remained smiling, Yoshida snapped and began bringing many plastic bottles into the classroom.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 6.png

6. Look For Principal Alastor! (アラストール校長を探せ! Arasutōru Kōchō wo Sagase!?) is the sixth yonkoma.

Ms. Hecate entered Principal Alastor's room, which appeared to be empty. She had brought a report on the staff meeting that day, and Alastor asked her to put it on the desk, then dismissed her. As Hecate left, Alastor watched her from the gem decorating the bow-tie of a plush bear in the room, glad that she hadn't noticed him.

Manga Vol 2 Shana-tan 7.png

7. Either Way, a Veteran (どのみち大先輩 Donomichi Daisenpai?) is the seventh and last yonkoma in the second manga volume.

Satō, Tanaka and Ike saw their senpai Khamsin. As the other two were surprised Khamsin was their senior given his appearance, Satō told them a rumor that Khamsin was far older than them. The boys exchanged rumors about Khamsin, like him being 10 years older than them, or having been at the school for 20 years, or being one of the school's "seven mysteries"; a student that has been at the school since it was established. They then argued about how many years Khamsin had repeated the same school year, 20, 50, 100, maybe 1000 times. An angered Khamsin lowered the pillar he was carrying and remarked that a Distortion would form in the area.

The Master Hecate-tan[]

The Master Hecate-tan (頂のヘカテーたん Itadaki no Hekatē-tan?) is a series of four yonkoma featured in the Anime Shakugan no Shana no Subete guidebook. They were produced at the same time as the anime special of the same name, with the special released on a DVD accompanying the guidebook. The yonkoma follow the same format as Shakugan no Shana-tan, but focuses on Hecate.

Manga Hecate-tan 1.png

1. A Classic (古典的 Kotenteki?) is the first yonkoma.

The class was waiting for Ms. Margery to enter the classroom, having jammed a chalkboard eraser at the top of the slightly opened door. However it was Ms. Hecate who entered, and the eraser fell on her. The scared students told her that she was in the wrong classroom. Hecate hadn't noticed the eraser had fallen on her head due to her soft hat, and left with it still on top of the hat.

Manga Hecate-tan 2.png

2. Healing Hecate (ヒーリング ヘカテー Hīringu Hekatē?) is the second yonkoma.

With Shana-tan sleeping on his head, Yūji was waiting for his mathematics class, but Ms. Hecate was late. When she arrived, the class was surprised by the chalkboard eraser on her hat. During Hecate's lesson the students had a feeling of calmness from watching the eraser as it looked close to falling but always stayed on her hat. Meanwhile, Ms. Margery had arrived in her classroom, but noticed that there was no eraser. She didn't buy it when her students said that it had walked out of the classroom.

Manga Hecate-tan 3.png

3. When You Wish Upon Chalk...? (チョークに願いを...? Chōku ni Negai o...??) is the third yonkoma. The title is a reference to the song When You Wish Upon a Star from the film Pinocchio.

As Ms. Hecate continued to write on the board, her hat's "eating before lunch" sensor informed her that Tanaka was eating in class. She spun around and threw a piece of chalk into Tanaka's forehead, knocking him out. While Ogata tried to tend to Tanaka, Ike and the rest of the class were in fear of Hecate's "Punishment Aster".

Manga Hecate-tan 4.png

4. Abuse of Authority (職権乱用 Shokken Ran'yō?) is the fourth and final yonkoma.

Mr. Sydonay was lovingly watching Ms. Hecate walk down the hallway when he noticed the eraser on her hat. Sydonay got on the PA system and called out the person who put the eraser on his Hecate's head to come to the staff room. Hecate went to the PA system room and beat Sydonay on the head with her staff, saying that she didn't belong to him.

Volume 3 Chapter End Omake[]

Two omake pages appear in the manga series' third volume, both making fun of Friagne's question to Yūji during the first chapter of the volume, chapter 16, about what would happen if a contracted Crimson Lord awakened while inside a Flame Haze. The first one comes after chapter 16, and the other after chapter 18.

In the first omake page, Shana, Alastor and Yūji all said it didn't matter. An angered Friagne pointed out that this manga panel was copying page 172 of volume 1, where Yūji had asked Shana to refer to him as a person and not a thing, and he received the same response from Shana and Alastor.

In the second omake page, Yūji pictured the Cocytus breaking and a little King Alastor waking up from inside it. Yūji started chuckling, making it awkward for Friagne.

Shana-san's First Bath[]

In the laundry room.

Shana-san's First Bath (シャナさん初めてのオフロ Shana-san Hajimete no Ofuro?) is a 5-page omake manga featured in the manga series' third volume. It chronologically takes place within chapter 21. It references the fifth light novel volume as to why it was Shana's first bath.

Washing before the bath.

In the laundry room outside the bathroom, Chigusa told Shana to put her clothes in the basket. When inside the bathroom, Shana saw that the bath was ready, but they had to clean their bodies first before entering the water. Chigusa shampooed Shana's hair, then Shana washed her own body. When they were done, they were ready to enter the bath, but Shana slipped on a bar of soap and fell in. Her hair was inside the water, so Chigusa tied it up in a towel. Chigusa was happy that they were having a bath together because it was like having a daughter. She offered to have a bath with Shana again, to which Shana agreed.

KA-E-N Illustration[]

In Noizi Itō's art book KA-E-N, there is a congratulatory colored illustration by Sasakura. It follows the same setting as Shakugan no Shana-tan and depicts the older student Khamsin, the exchange student Sorath, and the science teacher Dantalion congratulating Itō for the art book getting published.

Volume 4-8, and 10 Chapter End Omake[]

A group of 15 omake pages appear at the end of certain chapters in volumes 4-8 and 10 of the manga series. They feature Shana-tan with Nina and seem to have a sequence.

Shana-tan found Nina on the floor and began to pat her. Nina was angered and transformed, but Shana-tan wasn't scared of her at all and slept on Nina's back. Later, Nina found a piece of melonpan, but could tell that Shana-tan wanted it and gave it to her. Shana-tan saved it and ate it later. She then showed off her Nietono no Shana and Alastor's Cocytus to Nina. Lastly, Shana-tan told Nina to remove the dust jacket of volume 10 to reveal an afterword and illustration by Sasakura.

Shakugan no Shana-tan II[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan II (Second) (灼眼のしゃなたんセカンド?), featured in the manga series' fourth volume, is the second set of Shakugan no Shana-tan yonkoma.

Manga Vol 4 Shana-tan 1.png

1. Target Lock-On! (ターゲットロックオン! Tāgetto Rokkuon?) is the first yonkoma.

Satō and Tanaka caught sight of the new transfer student Sorath in the hallway. His looks were capturing all the schoolgirls' attention and the two boys couldn't help but stare at him as well. Sorath spotted Ike with yakisoba bread and bit his hand. Ike tried to shake him off to no avail.

Manga Vol 4 Shana-tan 2.png

2. I Always Wanted to Try This (一度はやってみたいこと Ichido ha Yattemitai Koto?) is the second yonkoma.

Satō and Tanaka continued to watch in fear as Sorath's little sister Tiriel arrived and choked Sorath with her vines. She was angry that he had "kissed" someone else's hand and not her own. Sorath was only freed when he apologized profusely, but he still wanted the yakisoba bread. Tiriel vowed to get some for him and gave Dorel the nearby bread stall owner a wad of cash to buy all of his bread. Dorel couldn't accept the money.

Manga Vol 4 Shana-tan 3.png

3. It... Talked? (しゃべ…った? Shabe… tta??) is the third yonkoma.

Just as Tiriel was choking Dorel, Shana-tan arrived on top of Yūji's head. She told Tiriel that she could take all of the bread, except for any melonpan. As Yūji was walking away from the stall, her voice was getting harder to hear. Shana-tan started beating up Yūji, who wanted onigiri for lunch and had only gone there to get juice. She ordered him to buy melonpan.

Manga Vol 4 Shana-tan 4.png

4. Ponytail (ポニテ Ponite?) is the fourth yonkoma. The fourth manga volume was released 2 months after the sixteenth light novel volume, the first appearance of Yūji equipped with Dragon Tail.

The back of Yūji's head was feeling funny from getting hit by Neko Shana all the time, so he went to the infirmary to get Nurse Wil to have a look at it. Wil was shocked to see what looked like a tail hanging out from the back of Yūji's head.

A Certain Day at Tendōkyū[]

A Certain Day at Tendōkyū (ある天道宮の一日 Aru Tendōkyū no Ichinichi?) is a 10-page omake manga featured in the manga series' fifth volume. It takes place during the period where the girl who would become Shana was still training at Tendōkyū.

The cover page takes place after the rest of the omake manga. Alastor, from Caina, asked Wilhelmina what she was doing, as she was ironing a wet book.

One day, Wilhelmina returned to Tendōkyū after leaving to do some shopping, and saw the girl waiting for her. Wilhelmina tried to hand her the melonpan that she would always get for her as a souvenir, but the girl didn't take it. The girl had spilled honey on Wilhelmina's book, and had tried to wash it out, leaving the book wrecked. Crying, the girl said she couldn't take the melonpan and ran away. Wilhelmina spotted Shiro standing further down the hallway.

Later, Wilhelmina told Alastor about the girl punishing herself. She theorized that the accident was caused by Shiro's surprise attack on the girl while she was studying. She commented that the girl was single-minded but virtuous and Alastor wondered who she took after.

The girl accepting half the melonpan.

The girl was crying under a tree when Wilhelmina approached and told her that a Flame Haze must make a report when an unexpected incident occurred. As her punishment, Wilhelmina gave the girl only half of the melonpan, which she happily accepted. Tiamat told Wilhelmina that she was too soft and Wilhelmina hit her Divine Vessel, but the girl didn't notice what had happened. Wilhelmina sat with the girl and ate the other half of the melonpan, with Shiro sitting in the tree above them.

Shakugan no Shana-tan III[]

Shakugan no Shana-tan III (Third) (灼眼のしゃなたんサード?), featured in the manga series' sixth volume, is the third and last set of Shakugan no Shana-tan yonkoma. It plays with the idea of Lamies actually being a girl, which was revealed at the end of the sixth volume.

Manga Vol 6 Shana-tan 1.png

1. Because I'm a Girl (だって乙女だもん Datte Otome damon?) is the first yonkoma.

With Shana-tan sleeping on his head, Yūji saw another student, Chiara, bowing to Mr. Lamies as they walked past each other. Yūji bowed as well as he passed Lamies. He noted that Lamies smelt nice and his heart began to throb. Afterwards, Yūji expressed his disbelief at the occurrence.

Manga Vol 6 Shana-tan 2.png

2. Continuation - Because I'm a Girl (続・だって乙女だもん Zoku・Datte Otome damon?) is the second yonkoma.

Yūji noticed a cute pen on the floor. He saw Mr. Lamies at a vending machine nearby and asked if he knew whose pen it was. Lamies said it was his and thanked Yūji. Lamies had bought strawberry milk from the vending machine, and Yūji couldn't help thinking he was cute.

Manga Vol 6 Shana-tan 3.png

3. Succession - Because I'm a Girl (続々・だって乙女だもん Zokuzoku・Datte Otome damon?) is the third and last yonkoma.

Yūji was deep in thought about how the people he least expected liked cute things when he bumped into his senpai, Chernobog. They both apologized, and Yūji noticed that she had dropped her book, which was actually a monthly shōjo manga magazine. An embarrassed Chernobog grabbed him and threatened him not to tell anyone else what he had seen.

Volume 7 Prologue[]

Prologue - A Certain Siblings' Arrival in Japan (プロローグ ある兄妹の来日 Purorōgu Aru Kyōdai no Rainichi?) is a 4-page chapter which serves as a prologue for the seventh manga volume. It was first printed in the special edition Dengeki Bunko Magazine, Toradora! vs Index,[2] which was published on September 27, 2008.

Sorath and Tiriel had recently arrived in Japan and were walking down a street, gathering attention due to their foreign appearance. Sorath noticed a little girl's white hat and wanted it. When he mentioned that the hat was like Hecate, Tiriel lifted him up by the neck, choking him. She was angered that her brother had said the name of a woman other than herself. Tiriel told Sorath to not even think about other women, and only let him go when he started apologizing profusely. They embraced and Tiriel got her brother to understand that she was the only woman he needed. She allowed him to take the hat and devour the little girl.

Volume 8 Omake Manga[]

A series of three yonkoma were featured in the manga series' eighth volume. They follow a similar format to Shakugan no Shana-tan, but focus on Mathilde Saint-Omer and Merihim.

Manga Vol 8 Omake 1.png

1. Girls' Phys Ed. Teacher Ms. Mathilde (女子体育担当マティルダ先生 Joshi Taiiku Tantō Matiruda-sensei?) is the first yonkoma.

Ms. Mathilde, the girls' Phys Ed. teacher, announced that that day's lesson would be volleyball. A student said a regular match wouldn't be fun and that the winning team should receive something. Mathilde suggested that the winning team could do what they wanted with the losing team. Merihim burst into the room, wanting to join after hearing the winning team's privilege.

Manga Vol 8 Omake 2.png

2. Boys' Phys Ed. Teacher Mr. Merihim (男子体育担当メリヒム先生 Danshi Taiiku Tantō Merihimu-sensei?) is the second yonkoma.

Mr. Merihim was the boys' Phys Ed. teacher, but had ditched his class to challenge Mathilde, wanting her to do what he wanted. Mathilde said she couldn't participate in the volleyball game because she was the referee. Over the PA system, Principal Alastor called Merihim to his office. As Merihim ran away, he challenged Mathilde to a kendo match after school. Fujita asked Mathilde if Merihim was really a teacher.

Manga Vol 8 Omake 3.png

3. After-school Tea Time (放課後紅茶時間 Hōkago Kōcha Jikan?) is the third and final yonkoma. The title is a wordplay alluding to Ho-kago Tea Time from K-ON!.

After school, Mathilde was drinking tea with Nurse Wil, saying that she actually wanted to be a music teacher. She had told Principal Alastor, but he had gotten angry and said that her song was not suitable for school and she should only sing it to him. Mathilde laughed fondly at the fact that Alastor wanted to monopolize her, which annoyed Wil and Tiamat. Meanwhile, Merihim was at the dojo, still waiting for his kendo match.


  1. August 2007 Dengeki Daioh Flame Haze Outlaw


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