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Shakugan no Shana SIII is the twenty-sixth and final volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series and the fourth side story collection volume.


  • "Sorrow" (ソロー?)
    • Chapter 1: The Invader (侵略者 Shinryakusha?)
    • Chapter 2: The Massacrer (殺戮者 Satsurikusha?)
    • Chapter 3: The Avenger (復讐者 Fukushūsha?)
  • "Nomad" (ノーマッド?)
    • Chapter 1: Opening (発端?)
    • Chapter 2: Contact (接触?)
    • Chapter 3: Assault (襲撃?)
    • Chapter 4: Conclusion (決着?)
  • "Verger" (ヴァージャー?)
  • "Future" (フューチャー?)
    • Chapter 1: Misaki Municipal High School
    • Chapter 2: Sakai Residence
    • Chapter 3: Misaki City Station
    • Chapter 4: Sakura Festival
  • "Hope" (ホープ?)
    • Chapter 1: Wilhelmina Carmel, The Manipulator of Objects
    • Chapter 2: Sakai Yūji, The World-Converting Ascetic
    • Chapter 3: Shana, Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter
  • Friagne the Hunter IV

Publisher's Synopsis[]




see full article: Sorrow

In the latter half of 19th century, during the American Civil War, the Crimson Lord Friagne and his Rinne Marianne encounter a boy named Billy Hawken, who seeks "revenge" on a Flame Haze that burned down his village. Wryly smiling, the Crimson Lord offers him his help and just before the boy dies, they create one of the most dangerous Treasure Tools: Trigger Happy.


see full article: Nomad

A few days after the battle with Friagne, a Rinne who lost its master is wandering in the city. Before its destruction from the exhaustion of its Power of Existence, the Rinne finds its master's presence lingering inside the surviving Treasure Tool someone holds.


see full article: Verger

After her training at Tendōkyū, and by Sophie Sawallisch, the wielder of Nietono no Shana is tasked to kill an ancient Crimson Lord named Ōnamuchi in Austria. Her comrade, Cecilia Rodrigo, seems to hold some secret behind the fight.


see full article: Future

The story of the characters who stayed behind on Earth after Xanadu's creation: the Sakai couple, Miyu Sakai, Margery Daw, and Yūji's classmates.


see full article: Hope

This is the story about the characters who decided to go to Xanadu.

Friagne the Hunter IV[]

The fourth and final installment of an exclusive chapter involving Friagne and Marianne answering questions about things in Shakugan no Shana. In this chapter, the following information is revealed:

  • About the system of Followers, the subordinates of Crimson Gods, and the difference between the Snake of the Festival's and Shaher's Followers. It also reveals why Alastor doesn't have his own Followers: Crimson Denizens don't wish to be judged as they want to do as they please.
  • To create Treasure Tools, one doesn't need to use Power of Existence.
  • What happens at the borderline of the Fūzetsu, between the inside and outside.
  • The common rules and patterns of Flame Haze's title and Crimson Denizen's true name (which usually is mistakenly viewed as a title in human world).
  • If Crimson Denizens still rampage and turn humans into Power of Existence in Xanadu, the great disaster Flame Haze had feared will likely happen.
  • Some Flame Haze may have created their own Rinne but it is not confirmed yet.
  • Why they can't use the restoration spell during the Great War.
  • Functions of the Aeria, Merihim's Rinne.
  • The name of Hecate's flute: Traverso.
  • The Jewel Clan's description.
  • The Snake of the Festival's, Hecate's and Bel Peol's names during the creation of Great Binding Chain: Fu Xi, Nüwa and Xi Mu, respectively. (Sydonay's Chi You name was already revealed in volume 16)



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