Shakugan no Shana XIX is the nineteenth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series main story and the twenty-second overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Wound
  • Chapter 2: Time
  • Chapter 3: God
  • Chapter 4: Path
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



Since XVIII, most of the Seireiden's army were attacking many places in the world under the command of Decarabia, the Crimson Lord with the shape of giant and long scaled-fish, who uses an Unrestricted Spell known as [Providence] to command all of them in an instant.

About Decarabia…
[Providence] is activated as Decarabia scatters his scales and attached them to anything. From those scales, he could see, hear and even cast Unrestricted Spells from those scales wherever they were and the time limit of this overwhelming spell is...unknown or very, very long; because his true name is Byōbyōri or translated as “Officer of Boundless Sea”.

Unfortunately for the Crimson Denizens, after Khamsin incapacitated Crypta, the shield protecting Seireiden (and in Tendōkyū too) from inside the fortress was destroyed. Also, due to Tenmoku Ikko’s rampage inside Seireiden and attacks against Fecor, the defenses made by Magnesia, his Unrestricted Spell of absolute protection, disappeared. Some of Crimson Lords were ordered to come back to help protect Seireiden because The Snake, the Trinity, Professor and Sabrac went inside Keidou.

The one who came back first (with the help from Stolas, a Denizen that uses instant transporting Unrestricted Spell named [Prozzesion]) was Haborym, a Crimson Lord who use an Unrestricted Spell named [Keiryōgen] (Field of Shining Blaze) which hardens his ally's physical and flame power.

Shana's group went inside Keidou and were confronted by Sabrac. Wilhelmina, Rebecca and Khamsin attacked him but are unaware that Sabrac's Unrestricted Spell, Stigma, was redesigned. Now named [Stigmata], this spell creates worse effects than the previous one; it can control the size of wounds.

Shana moved forward to face Yūji. But before she reached him the body of the Snake had been awakened. A figure of a giant snake began moving toward the gate of Keidou to return to Earth.

The battle began somewhere in China. Seireiden fell. Denizens were forced to protect themselves from the Flame Haze Army. In the battle's climax, Sophie Sawallisch (old nun), the great commander of Flame Haze's side use her signature drop-kick (she used this many times, killing Ullikummi in X, Nitika in Zoetrope) to destroy the gate of Keidou but this failed because Fecor used his last breath to command his Magnesia to protect the gate that would become the triumph arch Snake of the Festival shall use to return.

In that time, Sabrac, petrified with the giant existence of the true snake, was consumed by that giant snake. Actually, he could survive but chose to stay as that, but he declines Bel Peol's help with her chain. He cuts the chain (which could protect him from the snake's true body) wrapped around his wrist and let himself be devoured by the snake. He talked to himself that he now knew what Mare felt when she was with him, a Denizen with far more power than herself.

At the end of the story, Snake reached Earth and the Flame Haze lose their willpower and under despair while the Denizens cheerfully shout for the arrival of the God of Creation, Snake of the Festival.

In the epilogue, Sabrac reminisces again about Mare. He said that he now understands the feeling she had for him and thinking about the last words he heard from his "little butterfly” (the nickname he called her) which were:

“I will... definitely become one (a Denizen with an existence as great as him).”
“When that time comes, whatever shape you take.....please watch me, smile for me and welcome me.”

Sabrac called himself and Mare both idiots.

He, who until now realize nothing.
She, who fought to seek power in order to stand beside him and died.

I'm not angry that you did unnecessary things to me.
Also, I'm not feeling bitter because that you're small.
Therefore, please smile… beloved butterfly.

And an addition.

When Snake reached the gate, one of the silhouettes of ancient Flame Haze* catches Shana and brought her away from the giant Snake (they were fighting on its back). The Snake/Yūji and Shana looked at each other for the last time and then they were separated. Yūji left the gate and arrived Earth.

Shana and Wilhelmina's group, rescued by 4 silhouettes, landed down on the edge of Keidou in front of the gate. Silhouettes took human form. Each one has their own pale color of flames. The ancient ones touched and gently pushed their backs instead of using words. Knowing that they now bore the mission to follow the Snake, Shana's group watches the silhouettes that couldn't leave the dimension. They couldn't do something else besides seeing them off. Khamsin, who seems to know them back when they were still alive, did an old-style...some kind of farewell (novel didn't explain what kind of interaction it was) which they answered back by the same style. Then, they were sent back to Earth.

The last part of novel depicted the arrival of the giant Snake and Flame Haze's despair, so not much about the outcome of Shana and Yūji's fight. The epilogue is about Sabrac and Mare.



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