Shakugan no Shana XVIII is the eighteenth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series main story and the twenty-first overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Beacon dances
  • Chapter 2: Infiltration intersects
  • Chapter 3: Brilliance blooms
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



Sabrac reminisces about a certain Denizen. Sabrac murmured her name in Volume XV too and vowed to kill a certain Flame Haze who killed her. It has become more evident that Sabrac did have feelings for Mare, which he finally accepts too late.

It is then revealed how Mare and Sabrac first met. Sabrac saved Mare, who was traveling with the Crimson Denizen group Hyakki Yakō, which was then ambushed by Flame Haze. Mare said that he is like a sword, “the intimidating power sheathed inside the scabbard”. She said she was jealous of him because his power is far greater than her, little and weak Denizens who only control people's dreams while he can kill them whenever he wants.

One day, she said that she will going to seek a certain thing – the Reiji Maigo – to become a great existence like Sabrac. She gives him a crude shortsword, saying she will take it back when came back with that certain thing. She left him and thus came to Misaki City, where she meets her demise in the hands of Shana.

Meanwhile, Shana did say she loves Yūji and that she'll beat the Snake of the Festival and rescue him. Then, they fight each other.

Margery Daw is soon revived after Keisaku kisses her. Then he confessed that he loves her and they kiss again.

Shana broke free from Bel-Peol's chain [Tartaros] (which can deny the rules or phenomena as well as Flame Haze abilities) with the help of Tenmoku Ikko, who re-materialized from Nietono no Shana which was taken when she was captured. Shana, learns new Unrestricted Spells by realizing the true strength and form of Alastor: [Shinku] (True Crimson), [Hien] (Soaring Flame), [Shinpan] (Judgment) and [Danzai] (Conviction). She then regroups with Wilhelmina Carmel, Rebecca Reed and Khamsin inside Seireiden. Together, they traveled through the gate leading to [Keidou] (Path of Pilgrimage), the dimension where the real body of Snake of the Festival was sealed by ancient Flame Haze long time ago.





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