Shakugan no Shana XVII is the seventeenth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series main story and the twentieth overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Battle in the Dead of Night
  • Chapter 2: Alcove of Burying Flame
  • Chapter 3: Place of Answer
  • Chapter 4: To the War
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



Shana wakes up from another nightmare of hopelessly fighting against Yuji.

She has been locked up inside one of the luxurious bedrooms of Seireiden for days now, devoid of her powers thanks to a bracelet put on her wrist (Tartaros) and stripped of her gear (Nietono no Shana). And most importantly she is without Alastor.

She is alone, as truly alone as she ever had been. She knows that this is no dream; this is as real as they get.

In China, 100 miles west of Shanghai, in a place of serene beauty, an army gathers. An army of Crimson Denizens of untold numbers ranging from all sizes and shapes stood with parade-like stillness before a lake as their general Sydonay stood and watched the sky. Shortly, the ominous shape of their sky fortress arrived.

Yuji comes to greet Sydonay, though not before putting on a little show for the troops as he descended from the heavens: turning the sky's color into silver and shrouding the ground in a blanket of dark flame. Sydonay threw his Shintetsu Nyoi at Yuji to test him. The spear ends up looking like a sculpture of a twisted snake as it hit the ground seconds later. Then with Bel Peol and Sydonay, the group conducted the planning of their next step against the Flame Haze survivors of China.

It seems that the remaining Flame Haze of China have rallied and gathered in a fortified position easily defended. Their numbers and those among the survivors pose a threat to the future operations of Bal Masque. Bel Peol suggests that they be taken care of as soon as possible. (Several new members of Bal Masque were introduced at this point.)

Eventually the scene shifts and it's a conversation between Sydonay and Bel Peol and their thoughts on their newly returned lord. They mention that they did not foresee their lord returning in such a fashion. While their plans are moving forward but several factors are already changed, neither of them likes the idea of a Flame Haze aboard. They soon began to wonder whether Yuji's memory is having too much of an impact on Snake of the Festival's behaviors.

Eventually the two found Hecate on the roof balcony of Seireiden hovering over the railing looking down upon the scenery before her with a smile on her face. Bel Peol comments how in any case “their cute Hecate” is the only one without any complaint and it has become quite common to see her smile lately.

Just then, the group was informed by Dantalion that phase two of the preparations have been completed and is awaiting the word to began. Hecate comments that whatever happens from now on and whatever stands in her way and Bal Masque she would conqueror all. A dark shadow passed over her face.

Shana begins to sink deeper and deeper into lethargy. Solitude has been something she can't take too well, with all her bad memories coming back to haunt her. She has a few maids that Yuji instructed to tend to her need but she generally ignores them.

Yuji eventually came to visit her since he and Alastor are worried that she might hurt herself again. (Though she cut her wrist not out of suicide. She tried to use a decorative sword hanging on the wall and her own weight to break the bracelet sealing her powers. Needless to say that didn't turn out so well and the timely arrival of her servants saved her life). Alastor, at any rate, has decided to stay with Yuji a little longer to learn more about his old adversary. The process is completely voluntary as Alastor can return to Shana at any time if he willed it. But it doesn't make Shana any happier. Yuji tried to approach Shana to see her wound but she resisted and Yuji used more strength than he intended to restrain her and realizing he hurt her he let go was quite shocked with himself.

And then a voice outside of the room reminded Yuji that he had an honored guest and an old friend/accomplice. To Shana's surprise, it is none other than Lamies the Corpse Retriever, also know to few as the Spiral Organ.

Back at Japan, Wilhelmina contemplates the situation, and is still trying to guess the true nature of Snake of the Festival. Wilhelmina is quite saddened and distraught upon learning the list of the dead Flame Haze from China. Tiamat comments that the impending battle is unavoidable. Another apocalyptic war between Bal Masque and the Flame Hazes are well on its way just like an eternity ago. She deduces that Yuji took Shana away to shield her from the oncoming slaughter and to render one of the few Crimson Lords that's a threat to him useless for the time being.
Wilhelmina returns home after visiting the house of Chigusa. It turns out to be a sad experience since Chigusa no longer have memories of her son Yuji nor of Shana, yet she still treats Wilhelmina the same way as usual.

Wilhelmina have been organizing an operation to rescue Shana and have been sending letters to her friends across the globe asking for aid, but most turned her offer down. She is not surprised as she has been staying on the Tendoukyuu for far too long before this that it created an unfortunate distance with their friendship in that none are willing to offer Wilhelmina assistance especially in a trying time when the Bal Masque is on the move. And those that are probably willing to offer aid now are dead. Margery is in no better shape, in the greater scheme of things she is as good as dead, a Flame Haze without a purpose to fight or to live... a husk of her once powerful and confident self. In the end, Wilhelmina decided that she has no choice but to attempt the rescue on her own she gets ready to leave her apartment having trouble finding her backpack not realizing its already on her back. Before she leaves she wonders aloud whether Chigusa's baby is a girl or boy and that she wishes them the best of luck.





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