Shakugan no Shana XVI is the sixteenth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series main story and the eighteenth overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Just to Believe
  • Chapter 2: In The Beginning
  • Chapter 3: For the Departure
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit



After Christmas Eve, everyone seems to have forgotten Yuji, just like when a Torch disappears. Shana is concerned about this and misses Yuji.

Meanwhile, Yuji – as the new leader of the Crimson Denizen organization Bal Masque – sends his henchmen to Shanghai in the first of many campaigns to eradicate the Flame Haze in key cities around the world. After that campaign, he spends some time with Hecate and Bel Peol. Yuji then comes back to Misaki City and reminisces his good times with his family, friends and Shana.

Upon his return, he meets Shana (who followed his presence) on the bridge; Shana notices that his presence is now that of a Denizen's. Margery and Wilhelmina arrive as well. Yuji soon declares that he is now the “Snake of the Festival” Sakai Yuji and a fight breaks out (they think Yuji is being mind controlled).

Yuji fights Shana alone, while he sends the Silver to take care of Margery and Wilhelmina. In the middle of the fight, Yuji assures Shana that he is not being controlled by anybody and that he is still Sakai Yuji. He also reveals the truth behind "The Silver" which sends Margery into a state of chaos. Margery loses the will to live, and then loses her contract with Marchosias.

Yuji tells Shana that he wants to live with her forever and that he wants to change the "The Truth of This World" for her, so that she need not fight anymore. However, Shana – as a Flame Haze who fights Crimson Denizens – vows to cut Yuji down herself. Yuji beats Shana to near-death and drags her blood-bathed body to the Yoda Department Store to retrieve the Haridan, where he finds Yoshida and Eita.

After telling Yoshida that he only wants Shana, Yuji takes the now unconscious Shana back to his lair in the Seireiden, along with the Haridan.





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