Shakugan no Shana XIV is the fourteenth volume of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series main story and the sixteenth overall.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: December 23rd
  • Chapter 2: December 24th
  • Chapter 3: Whereabouts of the Finale
  • Epilogue

Publisher's SynopsisEdit


Shana and Kazumi Yoshida go and write letters for Yūji, stating that at 7:00pm on Christmas Eve, they will be waiting at the Christmas tree. In the letters, they say that they want Yūji to choose between Shana and Kazumi because they have to tell him something. The day has come where Shana and Kazumi have to meet Yūji. While Wilhelmina Carmel notices that Shana is getting ready to go see Yūji, she tells Shana not to go, because as a Flame Haze, she cannot be engaged in a relationship with a Mystes. Shana tells her that she doesn't understand how she feels, and Wilhelmina feels as if the Mystes is taking Shana away from her. Then Wilhelmina realizes how important this is to Shana, and so she decides to help her find something cute to wear.

Yūji chooses Shana during Christmas Eve, but he is also confronted by the Snake of the Festival. This Crimson God says he will allow Yūji to use his powers, however Yūji has to merge with him. Yūji sees this as the perfect opportunity to save Shana from the natural conflict between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, and agrees.

After Yūji goes missing, everyone is out searching for him...





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