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"The End in the Distance" (涯てより開く Hate yori Hiraku?) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. Yūji finally agrees to walk with Shana, and Sydonay dies in his battle with Margery Daw.


It is a time of celebrations, and goodbyes as the Flame Haze prepare to leave for Xanadu. Justus is born from the combined existences of Pheles and Johann. Lamies fulfills his ambition, restoring something that was lost a long time ago, and he gives the spell that did so to Yūji. He also alters the spell placed within Azure, changing the condition needed for its activation. Before finally casting aside the Mystes shell she is wearing, Leanan-sidhe as Lamies names Yūji's unique Unrestricted Spell: Grammatica.

Before leaving for Xanadu, the Flame Haze gather to marvel at Justus, and to say goodbyes to those who will be staying behind. Rebecca arrives with the Heaven's-Road Palace. Just as the Heaven's-Road Palace finishes going through the portal to Xanadu, Yūji begins restoring Misaki City to the state it was in before the battle, with Sydonay by his side. Standing atop one of the towers of the Misaki Bridge, they await for Shana, Margery, and Kazumi to approach.

Shana, Yoshida and Margery Daw go to meet Yūji.

Prompted by Kazumi, Yūji finally reveals what his wish is. To restore Misaki City, and the people in it that were devoured by Denizens in the past, using the spell given to him by Lamies, and the large amount of Power of Existence left behind by all the Denizens. Yūji retrieves Yoshida from Shana, and Margery as her memories of Misaki City, and the people in it are needed for the spell to work. He also reveals he needs the Torch existence of Yukari Hirai that Shana still carries within her so that she can be restored. However, once Yukari is restored Shana will be forgotten by the people in Misaki City. He also reveals that Xanadu does not have a copy of Misaki City in it, it had to be left out due to the requirements for creating Xanadu, surprising, and frustrating Shana, Margery, and Marchosias.

Having explained everything, Yūji starts the battle by grabbing Yoshida, and flying upwards while commanding Sydonay to proceed. Leaving Yoshida flying mid-air to observe the battle from a safe distance, Yūji casts Lamies's spell on her. The Seal dissolves, and Margery begins the battle with Sydonay. It is revealed that Yūji used the command key for the fragment of Tartaros to shield the city from the fallout of the battle. During this fierce battle, Yūji and Shana have a battle of another kind, one fought with words and ideals. Yūji reveals that he intends to go to Xanadu alone, he reveals that his wish is to help the Denizens co-exist with Humans, even if it takes thousands of years to fulfill this wish.

Shana being angry at Yūji for not revealing his plans earlier and belittling their relationship, she punches Yūji while at the same time giving him Yukari's torch existence which elates Yūji. While joining the battle against Sydonay, Shana

Shana going to punch Yūji.

also states that she wants to go with Yūji wherever he is going. While casting Yukari's Torch existence at Yoshida so that the spell will restore Yukari, Yūji tries to rebuff Shana, he thinks he should not be forgiven for all the sins he undertook to ensure the success of the Grand Order, the killing of many Flame Haze, and humans who would get in the way. He thinks if he could have Shana by his side, he would be swayed from his goals because Shana is the thing that makes him the most happy.

Shana defeats Yūji in the ensuing battle and even Sydonay gets immobilized by Shana's flames. Margery and Marchosias use this chance to kill the General. Sydonay's existence joins Hecate, who was sacrificed to create Xanadu. Together they will wait to be reborn until it is time for the Snake of the Festival to fulfill another wish.

As Yūji remember what Johann told him when Pheles was summoned in the battle and waking up while being carried by Shana, Yūji finally relents and

Yūji and Shana, kissing while falling down.

acknowledges that if she can forgive him, he would like Shana to be by his side. They kiss, which is the condition Lamies put as the condition for the activation of the spell put within Azure. This spell changes Yūji's existence, he is no longer a Torch. Re-invigorated Yūji, Shana, and Alastor fly into the portal that will take them to Xanadu, and it dissolves as they pass through.

The spell on Yoshida dissolves and she is glad that she had fulfilled Yūji's wish. Yūji's little sister is born and life in Misaki City Municipal High School and Misaki City returns to normal with Yukari Hirai restored. In Xanadu, Justus is shown being looked after by Wilhelmina and Rebecca in the Heaven's-Road Palace while Yūji (accompanied by Shana) continues his goal of persuading Denizens to co-exist with humans.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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Cultural References[]

  • Keisaku's laptop was shown with the logo "WAIO", which is a parody of VAIO.

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