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"Maelstrom of Warfare" (闘争の渦 Tōsō no Uzu?) is the eighteenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. The ceremony of the creation of Xanadu begins, and is witnessed by Kazumi Yoshida herself.


It seems like an ordinary winter day to the citizens of Misaki City, but soon people all over the city start noting something odd about the sky, and panic erupts as the Star of Darkness Castle and the true body of the Snake of the Festival are revealed among the clouds, however a Seal is activated and the city is peaceful once again.

On the roof of the Misaki City Municipal High School, Bel Peol, Haborym, Mammon, Stolas, Sydonay, Pirsoyn, Ribesal, Orobas, and Leraje have come to welcome back their Commander, and Kazumi Yoshida to the Star of Darkness Castle, a long black carpeted path stretches between the Treasure Tool, and the roof of the Misaki City Municipal High School that allows for movement between the two.

Within the Castle, Yūji Sakai explains to Kazumi how the paradise Xanadu will be created, and to achieve it Kazumi is needed, since she was part of the process of Tuning the city to rid of it the Distortions caused by the consumption of humans for Power of Existence. Using a Unrestricted Spell called the Anti-Seal, they will temporarily strengthen the links between the Distortions, and move them further away from each other until they essentially cease existing, creating voids all over the city which will allow power to be poured through them to the Abyss to create Xanadu.

As they reach the Crystal Altar, it is revealed to Kazumi that it is Yūji who proposed that the ceremony be held over Misaki City, which causes her some unease. Leaving Kazumi at the Crystal Altar, Yūji walks forward and ascends onto the throne. He summons Bel Peol, and Sydonay comes over also. Bel Peol places a piece of Tartaros on Kazumi, which effectively seals the Giralda, revealing that Yūji had planned for its presence. Yūji contacts Dantalion, who inquires if he may begin the process that will turn the Star of Darkness Castle into a towering shrine known as the Saishuku no Shadan, and Yūji gives him the order to proceed.

Hovering over the Mana River, the Star of Darkness Castle completes the transformation which pleases Yūji, and the Snake of the Festival. Yūji gives Bel Peol the order to link Tartaros with the Seal that is present over Misaki City, effectively preventing the consumption of humans for Power of Existence. Sydonay is given the order to prepare the battle that is inevitably coming, and the Snake of the Festival gives his last declaration which Hecate broadcasts to the masses using Trigon.

Elsewhere, Alastor and Shana hold their last conference before heading to battle Bal Masqué with Wilhelmina, Margery, Khamsin, Seere, Chiara, and the three remaining The Four Gods of Earth.

Back at the Star of Darkness Castle, Lamies begins initiating the Anti-Seal, during which Kazumi becomes greatly disturbed, though Lamies manages to soothe her. Kazumi inquires Lamies on why he is assisting Bal Masqué, and he reveals that is doing so to achieve a wish of his own. Denizens start pouring into the city, and at the Saishuku no Shadan, Mammon informs Hecate that it is time to begin the ceremony.

Kazumi witnesses the commencement of the ceremony to create Xanadu, and Hecate's purpose is revealed as she is the sacrifice required to utilize the divine power of Snake of the Festival. The three remaining Gods of the Earth move in to attack the army of Crimson Denizens that have arrived in Misaki City. This gives Shana and her companions an opportunity to reach the Star of Darkness Castle. Shana and Yūji lock in their own confrontation as an array of battles surround them.

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  • Kyōko Kametani also worked on the eyecatches for the sixth, twelfth, fourteenth, and twenty-first episodes of Shakugan no Shana Final.
  • /*Kei*/ also illustrated the Niconico end card for the fourteenth episode.


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