"For Whose Sake?" (誰が為に Tagatameni?) is the seventeenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. Yūji Sakai plans to create Xanadu and Shana plans to fight against Bal Masqué.


In Japan, there is some chaos in the various airports around the country as some Flame Haze move to ensure that the Denizens that come to the country to witness the creation of the paradise Xanadu cannot escape, by destroying aircraft in multiple airports.

At Zurich, Sophie Sawallisch, and Hildegard are in a conference about the outcome of the recent battle against Bal Masqué, and the aircraft destruction in Japan at the Outlaw headquarters.

Shana and the other Flame Haze have made it to New York, and they go to the local Outlaw facility ran by EastEdge to meet up with the rest of The Four Gods of Earth. While there, Margery Daw, and Seere Habichtsburg work to analyze the Psalm of the Grand Order while conversing about recent events, and Marchosias mentioning Yūji leads to Seere remarking that Yūji is a rare type of character, even among the Flame Haze. After relating the last words of CenterHill to the remaining Four Gods of Earth, they agree to help Shana fight, and she then explains the plan to them.

Yūji visits Misaki City and finds Kazumi Yoshida and Eita Tanaka. He came back to convince Yoshida to join him in building the a new world: Xanadu. While Yoshida, Tanaka and Yūji walk around town, Yūji explains his what he intends to do. After a while of explaining, Yoshida finally agrees to help him.

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