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"Declaration of the Grand Order" (大命宣布 Taimei Senpu?) is the fourteenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


As the Snake of the Festival returns the world, below him Fecor perishes to the wounds he has sustained, and due to the amount of power he spent on protecting the Divine Gate from the assault of Sophie Sawallisch.

Snake of the Festival declares the Grand Order, the creation of paradise Xanadu. Unlike in the past where he was planning on sealing a small part of this world to give the Denizens their paradise, this time he will instead create a complete replica of this world in the Abyss, complete with humans, and other life inhabiting it.

Re-invigorated by the words of the Snake of the Festival, the Denizens clash against the Flame Haze with even greater ferocity than before, turning the tide firmly against them. Sophie Sawallisch, François Auric, Shana, Wilhelmina, Khamsin, and Rebecca Reed begin to plan the retreat of the Flame Haze.

As Khamsin returns to battle, he encounters Paimon, and easily defeats the arrogant Lord with the aid of Rebecca. Sophie orders the retreat of the Flame Haze via the route to the Northeast. While all this is playing out, Snake of the Festival grows frustrated, his true body still unstable after returning from the Abyss. Elsewhere, Rofocale recounts a tale from the time when the Snake of the Festival was banished to the Abyss. Back inside the Star of Darkness Castle, Domino wonders who and what exactly Rofocale is while working on analyzing the data recovered from the Abyss, however Dantalion seems unwilling to specify this to the Servant, merely responding that he is a servant of a God.

Bel Peol is surveying the damage caused to the Star of Darkness Castle with the Gehinnom, while thinking about the formation of Bal Masqué in the ancient past. Shana, and Wilhelmina come to the aid of the forces under the command of Samuel Demantius just as the Servant cannons commanded by Haborym are preparing to fire on them. However the cannons fail to make an lasting impact due to Samuel's Unrestricted Spell, Zikmund's Gate.

Growing frustrated by the persistent Flame Haze resistance, Yūji thinks about the reasons he is in this war for, and why he must do all the things he must do to change things, causing him to lash out at the Flame Haze verbally, which urges the Snake of the Festival to step in. He makes another declaration to the Flame Haze, assuring them that the creation of Xanadu will not cause a great disaster as they fear, and that their fight is finally over. Demoralized by the certainty under which the Snake of the Festival makes his declaration, many Flame Haze panic, and get slaughtered by the surrounding Denizen army. Sophie, Shana, Wilhelmina, and Samuel try to re-rally the troops for the retreat, lest they be all slaughtered.

Characters in Order of Apperance[]

* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

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  • Kyōko Kametani also worked on the eyecatches for the sixth, twelfth, eighteenth, and twenty-first episodes of Shakugan no Shana Final.
  • /*Kei*/ also illustrated the Niconico end card for the eighteenth episode.


Cultural References[]

Animation Trivia[]

  • When François uses his visual mapping Unrestricted Spell to show the position of certain Flame Haze, some of their names are spelt wrong. The mistakes were "Sshana" instead of Shana, "Zoffy" instead of Sophie, and "Barral" instead of Balar.




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