"From Rift to Rift" (狭間へと、狭間から Hazama e to Hazama Kara?) is the thirteenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


The battle does not fare well for the Flame Haze, at the Star of Darkness Castle they are loosing ground to the Crimson Denizen forces commanded by Haborym, and in the Abyss Wilhelmina Carmel, Rebecca Reed, and Khamsin Nbh'w are steadily losing ground against Sabrac. Shana also finds herself at a disadvantage against Yūji Sakai, who restrains her.

As the return of the true body of Snake of the Festival draws near, a cataclysm happens, which Dantalion dubs as the Cradle Quake. A quake that shakes the world itself, though only those who are sensitive to Power of Existence can feel it. Ribesal utilizes the opportunity granted by this event to advance his forces towards the Star of Darkness Castle.

The Flame Haze trio in the Abyss regain their composure against Sabrac, but the untimely arrival of Snake of the Festival to the scene disrupts the battle. Rebecca attacks Sabrac while the latter is distracted by the size, and power of Snake of the Festival. Finally understanding the feeling his own powers caused in Mare, Sabrac willingly denies himself help from Bel Peol, and evaporates in the whirlpools of the Abyss.

Shana breaks free from her bonds, and fights Yuji once again. At the Star of Darkness Castle, Sophie Sawallisch attempts to destroy the Divine Gate, but is thwarted by Fecor's Magnesia. The duel between Shana, and Yūji reaches a standstill as the body of Snake of the Festival reaches the Divine Gate in the Abyss. Shana makes a vow to Yūji before being carried away by the presences of the ancient Flame Haze that were in the Abyss with Wilhelmina, Rebecca, and Khamsin. Finally, Snake of the Festival returns to the world through the Divine Gate, awing all present at the site.

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