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"Crossing" (交差点 Kōsaten?) is the tenth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


In the Abyss the Bal Masqué expedition encounters a group of former Flame Haze existences. After a brief confrontation, the expedition continues its journey through the path to Snake of the Festival's real body.

In the Star of Darkness Castle Shana cleaves a fiery path through the Denizens guarding the hallways. Decarabia wonders the meaning of the communication disruption between him and Fecor, concluding that the Divine Gate has already been detected by the intruders within, and outside the Star of Darkness Castle. Vual confronts Shana in a large hall. Wilhelmina continues her infiltration of Bal Masqué's headquarters, and encounters Lamies when her probing threatens to go too deep. Khamsin & Behemoth continue their demolition work in the Star of Darkness Castle, while Rebecca draws Purson away from them.

Lamies leads Wilhelmina to the Gehinnom after resolving their encounter peacefully. Shana continues her duel with Vual, impressing the Crimson Lord with her capabilities. Decarabia contacts the leaders of the Eastern and Western Outlaw assault forces, Ribesal, and Haborym to recall them to the Star of Darkness Castle with their forces, for he has concluded that a Flame Haze attack lead by Sophie Sawallisch will arrive any moment.

Elsewhere, Samuel Demantius concludes they are close to their rendezvous point for the attack on the Star of Darkness Castle, and Sophie Sawallisch confirms this. Operation Calm proceeds as planned as the final checks on the weather are being performed by François Auric, leading to the initiation of Operation Crossroads.

While in the Star of Darkness Castle, Rebecca finds herself loosing against Purson just as Operation Crossroads commences, beginning the Flame Haze assault on the Castle. The commotion caused by the Flame Haze airdrop is enough distraction for Rebecca to avoid defeat, and in turn defeat Purson herself. The Flame Haze land around the Star of Darkness Castle, and construct a fortress from which to conduct their attack. Inside, Shana defeats Vual while having discovered new powers. She heads to the outside to meet with Wilhelmina, Rebecca, and Khamsin.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

* denotes if the character debuts in this episode

Powers and Abilities Used[]

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Cultural References[]

Animation Trivia[]

  • Sophie, Samuel, François and CenterHill's seating arrangement on the plane is completely different to that of the previous episode.



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