"The Divine Gate" (神門 Shinmon?) is the seventh episode of the anime series Shakugan No Shana Final. Yūji and the Snake of the Festival open a gate towards the dimension where the Snake of Festival's body lays.


Hecate has stormed into Shana's room within the Star of Darkness Castle, and destroyed the two maid Servants that were present because she has deemed Shana "unwanted".

Elsewhere in the Star of Darkness Castle, Yūji Sakai marvels at the proficiency of Hecate for bringing him, and the Treasure Tool to their current location, and this prompts Alastor to question what exactly is around at that location. Yūji seems somewhat tired of Alastor's endless array of questions, but the Snake of the Festival seems happy to answer them. He states that he is going to create a gate at that location, one that will lead to the Abyss, where his true body is located after it was banished there by Eternal Pitfall. However, Alastor seems to think this task will be impossible, even though Snake of the Festival is a Crimson God like he is.

Both Yūji, and Snake of the Festival rebuff his doubts, and they begin creating the gate. They can create a gate to the location of the Snake of the Festival's true body due to the fact that when he was banished to the Abyss, Bel Peol sacrificed one of her eyes, and sent it with him to be used as a beacon.

Back in Shana's room, Hecate is trying to kill Shana, since she feels her presence is a threat to the ambition of Bal Masqué.

At the site of the creation for the gate, Snake of the Festival explains what he was doing all this time in the Abyss: creating an unrestricted spell that would allow him to manifest a form in this world once again, and he kept forwarding the spell to Hecate. Yūji continues the tale, revealing the name of this process: Psalm of the Grand Order, and as soon as he has finished talking Snake of the Festival continues the tale. He paved a road in the Abyss during his time there, to prepare for the time when his Avatar in this world was complete: a form that could wield his powers, and create a gate to the abyss for the sake of reclaiming his true body. Yūji finishes the tale, revealing that he is this "Avatar" after small alterations to the plan, as it was originally intended that Tyrant II act as the body for the Snake of the Festival in this world. Both the tale, and the creation of the gate finish at the same time, the Divine Gate takes its form. However, as soon as this task is finished, Yūji catches a glimpse of Hecate's actions within Shana's room.

Yūji interrupts Hecate just before she can kill Shana, cleaving the roof of the room in half with his Dragon Tail. Hecate finally notices how Shana managed to convey her danger to Yūji, and in her anger she moves to kill Shana, however Snake of the Festival places himself between her, and Shana. Hecate still feels uneasy however, after all with the power of Tenpa Jōsai Shana, and Alastor could put an end to the existence of the Snake of the Festival. However, he and Yūji feel that Hecate is underestimating Alastor, that even if he lost his current contractor he would soon find another, and act against them at the worst possible time. Not to mention, it would be waste of the fact that Yūji, and Shana have a close bond, which can be used to prevent Shana, and Alastor from endangering the Grand Order. Both Sydonay, and Bel Peol have entered the room, and are amused by the rogue actions of Hecate.

Elsewhere, in Misaki City Matake Ogata, and Yoshida are walking in the rain, however the conversation they are having painfully reminds Yoshida of the fact that she is powerless to do anything in the matters that involve the Crimson World, and while thinking this she walks up to Khamsin in a park.

Back in the Star of Darkness Castle, Lamies has been brought to work on the Unrestricted Spell that is involved with the Tyrant I and II, and a certain Treasure Tool by Bel Peol. There seem to be some abnormalities with the workings of both the Tyrants, with Tyrant I being seemingly affected by the Keeper installed on the Reiji Maigo, however Dantalion thinks there should be nothing wrong. Elsewhere in the Castle, Sydonay is enjoying a leisurely time in a bar with Stolas, with many other members of Bal Masqué present, including Haborym, Mammon, Ribesal, Pirsoyn, Vual, Purson, Decarabia, and some freelancers such as Rofocale, and Sabrac. Sydonay feels sorry for the fact that he will not be present to defend the Star of Darkness Castle, since he will accompany the Snake of the Festival on his journey in the Abyss, and he leaves Decarabia in charge with orders not to waste the lives of their compatriots meaninglessly.

Back in Misaki City, Khamsin and Kazumi are having a conversation in the rain, both he and Behemoth feel it odd that Kazumi has not asked them not to fight, or save Yūji. However, she feels she cannot ask such things of them, since they are risking their lives to protect this world. And she feels Yūji is not under any external influence, and that he is doing the things he is doing because wished to, thus she cannot ask anybody to save him. Her convictions impress both Khamsin, and Behemoth, and remind them of the fact that humans can change a lot in a short amount of time. Their conversation moves onto another topic on the behest of Kazumi: the Treasure Tool she has in her possession, the Giralda.

Back in the Star of Darkness Castle, Shana is standing in a great hall in an elaborate dress, when Yūji enters through the great wooden doors that are behind her. Alastor inquires if Shana is fine after her ordeal with Hecate, and she states she is fine. After a brief moment of being unsure of each other, they begin moving through the hall to stairs that will lead to a balcony outside. While they do this, Yūji, and Snake of the Festival explain her their destination, motivations, wishes, and their objectives.

Back in Misaki City, Kazumi continues the conversation about the Giralda. She feels confused about why Pheles gave her the Treasure Tool, and is asking for Khamsin's opinion as a Flame Haze why she would do such a thing. Khamsin recounts the tale of his beginning as a Flame Haze, with the aim of explaining that love is not contradicted by the actions of the people who are in love, and what the other party wishes for is not all there is to love.

Back at the Star of Darkness Castle, Yūji and Shana reach the balcony where Bel Peol, Hecate, Sydonay, Fecor, Dantalion, and Rofocale are waiting. On the courtyard below, incredible numbers of Denizens have gathered to hear what Yūji has to say. Their numbers cause Alastor, and Shana great alarm. Yūji gives a rousing speech to rally the ranks of Bal Masqué as he announces the beginning of the second stage of the Grand Order. He leaves Shana behind as he starts ascending towards the Divine Gate with Sydonay, Bel Peol, and Hecate while also telling Shana that he will show the entire world his resolve to change it.

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  • The art during Khamsin's recount of his past was processed to resemble shadow play.[3]




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