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"In the Palm of Their Hands" (掌のなかに Tenohira no Naka ni?) is the sixth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final.


Keisaku is being held hostage at Tokyo Outlaw by Flame Haze Ernest Flieder, who believes that by keeping him hostage, Wilhelmina Carmel (who has been refusing to join the Outlaw and is determined to save Shana instead) would change her mind and join them in exchange for Keisaku's safety. He has been held hostage for days, unable to escape.

Meanwhile, Shana, who was trapped as well, although in a very different location (the Seireiden), was contemplating on why she wasn't able to do anything when Yūji had came to check on her. She then concludes that she was afraid of him, more specifically, of his hand reaching towards her, although she had no idea why.

Back to Keisaku, who overhears Flieder and a woman talking about the on goings in Misaki City. The two of them argue a bit (specifically when Flieder used her name in signing a letter), until Keisaku overhears Margery's name. He makes his presence known, and is freed by Rebecca Reed.

Scatterer of Sparkling Light, Rebecca Reed

Keisaku and Rebecca talk a bit, and Rebecca reminisces the time when she and Wilhelmina were travelling companions. They had been watching each other's backs for a while, and remembers that she actually owes Wilhelmina a favor.

Guardian of Steady Passage, Samuel Demantius

Meanwhile, another Flame Haze had appeared to Sophie Sawallisch in the hopes of aiding the Flame Haze army against the Crimson Denizens; Samuel Demantius.

Rebbeca and Flieder began to strategize about their next battle plans. Flieder contemplates that since the war would most likely happen in Japan, Wilhelmina and Rebecca would both take command of the Outlaw branch at Tokyo. Rebecca then states that Wilhelmina will by no means be deterred in her mission to save 'the Nietono' (Shana). Flider then states that it is up to Rebecca to persuade her. He then continues on, saying that her mission would be a hopeless one, what with the Trinity and countless Crimson Denizens on board the Seireiden.

Rebecca contemplates on what Keisaku had told her earlier; that despite the fact that he couldn't do anything, he'd still be worried for someone he cares about. She then unexpectedly fires at Flieder and blows up Keisaku's room, taking him with her, with the idea of joining Wilhelmina in her mission, no matter how impossible it seems.

Flieder then reports to Sophie Sawallisch, who decided to let Rebecca go. Sophie then makes Flieder the Commander of the Tokyo Outlaw Headquarters by himself. As Keisaku and Rebecca were to part ways, she handed him a parting gift; an envelope containing Wilhelmina's reports: the events that happened in Misaki City and the Flame Haze army's current strategies.

Back at the Seireiden, Shana reminisces about her time at the Tendōkyū as a child. She remembers the time she spent with Shiro and how at their final battle, he had held her hand softly, and said that someday, she will find the greatest spell in the world; one that can defeat anyone or anything. She was confused at that time, although now she understood. She then realizes what Shiro had been trying to tell her, and the meaning behind Yūji's action of reaching for her. She finally recognizes the greatest power of love that lies in the palm of Yūji's hand. Love.

Just then, a sudden loud noise alerted Shana. As she went out cautiously, she was shocked to see the dead bodies of the Rinne servants that were usually tending to her, covered in aquamarine flames. And at the terrace, was the Master Throne, Hecate. She then states that Shana is no longer needed.

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