"Reunions and Encounters" (再会と, 邂逅と Saikai to, Kaikou to?) is the fourth episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. Shana, Wilhelmina Carmel, Margery Daw and Yūji as the new Bal Masqué leader first meet after the disappearance of Yūji's existence.


Shana and Yūji Sakai meet on top of Misaki Bridge. Eita Tanaka, and Kazumi Yoshida observe from the Crystal Altar, and are shocked by the size of Yūji's presence presented by the Treasure Tool. Alastor questions Yūji on his identity, which causes an voice unknown to Alastor to respond. Margery Daw, and Wilhelmina Carmel also appear at the bridge, they too believe the Yūji before them is either merely a tool created by Bal Masqué, or that he is possessed by something.

Yūji responds that neither theory is true, and reveals that his name is merely an alias for him in this world, he now has a true name. Yūji then casts a Seal, which reveals the color of his flame, which is black not silver as expected. And then he proceeds to reveal his true form, and true name: Snake of the Festival, Sakai Yūji.

Yūji revealing his true form.

Shana, Alastor, Wilhelmina, and Margery are all shocked by this revelation, since Snake of the Festival (who is the God of Creation, thus the equal, and opposite of the God of Retribution, Alastor) is supposed to be trapped in the rift between the worlds, where he was sent by the ancient Flame Haze using a forbidden unrestricted spell of no return: Eternal Pitfall.

Yūji then forces Margery, and Wilhelmina to retreat while also advancing himself towards Shana, who is shocked, and does not believe that the person before her is Yūji. While trying to convince Shana of his identity, Yūji is attacked by Margery, and Wilhelmina. This attack however proves fruitless, and Yūji proceeds to grab Shana, and traps Margery and Wilhelmina in a silver coloured ball. Using this opportunity to talk, he tries to persuade Shana to come with him.

Shana frees herself from Yūji while he marvels at the strength that the two Flame Haze trapped within the ball exhibit, and tries to escape, which causes Yūji to conclude that he has no options left but to fight Shana. Margery begins preparations to break out of the silver ball, which causes Yūji to bring up a subject that interests Margery the most in an effort to stop her: The Silver.

Margery Daw tries to destroy the silver ball.

Shana tries to prevent Yūji from revealing what he knows about The Silver, but fails. Upon hearing what Yūji has to say Margery is shocked, the shock runs so deep it threatens to undo the contract between her and Marchosias, but the pleas from Eita and Kazumi stop that from happening, however Margery is nonetheless incapacitated, forcing Wilhelmina to tend to her while also fighting off numerous copies of the Silver that Yūji has summoned within the ball.

Enraged at Yūji for revealing the truth about The Silver to Margery, Shana promises to destroy him. Yūji wields the Blutsauger, and the two proceed to fight. While fighting, it is revealed that Yūji still possesses the Azure, the anti-flame ring formerly owned by The Hunter, Friagne. Yūji's offensive capabilities surprise Shana, who has been injured by Yūji's Dragon Tail. Shana then utilizes the new technique she has learned from Margery: a fiery fist formed with Power of Existence, while the flame itself does not affect Yūji, who is protected by Azure, he still must bear the physical force of the attack, which pushes him back.


Shana is hearing what Yūji is saying.

Yūji lands on top of a building, which Shana recognizes to be the Sakai Residence, this recognition causes her to cease fighting. Recognizing that Yūji is Yūji, Shana questions him what he intends to do about Chigusa Sakai, and whether or not he is forced or coerced to do all the things he is doing.

Yūji firmly states that he is doing this all out of his own will, and most importantly he is doing it to protect the people he cares for, which includes Shana, who is a Flame Haze. Yūji resolves to change her fate, and to protect her. Snake of the Festival adds that is why he will not let Alastor and Shana to interfere in their plans, that he wishes them to witness the world as changed by him from his side. Frustrated, Shana prepares to fight Yūji. Yūji overpowers Shana in the ensuing fight, and then proceeds to the Crystal Altar.

He is surprised to find Kazumi, and Eita there. Eita is confused by Yūji's appearance, and by the fact that he is carrying a very injured Shana with him
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Shana is unconscious in Yūji's arms.

. Yūji proceeds to disassemble the Crystal Altar so he can take it with him, which causes Eita to protest, but he is silenced by Snake of the Festivals reply that the Treasure Tool was his to begin with.

Yoshida then questions on why Yūji returned her and Shana's letters, and Yuji's reply shocks her deeply. The Seal dissolves as Yūji flies away from Misaki City while carrying Shana, leaving behind an comatose Margery, and Wilhelmina who is tending to her at the Misaki Bridge.

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  • Yūji: "Call me the Snake of the Festival, Yūji Sakai."
  • Shana: "No.... No, you aren't Yūji!"
    Yūji: "But I am, Yūji.... Shana."
  • Yūji: "Unfortunately for now, I am only here for Shana."
  • Yūji: "Shana, come with me. I'm here for you."
    Alastor: "You..."
    Yūji: "I want to be with you."
    Shana: "Why? Why are you saying that now?"
    Yūji: "There's no better time than the present. Because now..."
  • (Yūji and Shana battling)
    Yūji: "Shana, you won't yield no matter what, will you?"
    Shana: "Shut up."
    Yūji: "Then we have no choice but to fight."
    Shana: "Shut up!"
    Yūji: "I will follow this warpath to the end to reach you!"
    Shana: "SHUT UP!"
  • Yūji: (to Shana) "Although you are but a tool of destruction, you are one of those people. You are a Flame Haze who must fight forever until you become exhausted and burn out. I will change your fate... I will protect you."
  • Yūji: "Shana, I've dreamed about walking with you for so long. Just as you wished, I got stronger and stronger and stronger. So I will now start the fight to walk with you. I will protect you!"
  • Yoshida: "Sakai, um... You're taking Shana with you?"
    Yūji: "Hm..."
    Yoshida: "Why did you return those letters?"
    Yūji: "It was a promise. I had to say something. I had to make it all clear...I couldn't say something that could hurt you. But I wanted to tell you what I could. That's what I thought."
  • Yūji: "Shana, let's go."




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