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"Lost Existence" (失われた存在 Ushinawareta Sonzai?) is the first episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana Final. On Christmas Eve, Shana and Kazumi Yoshida struggle to cope with the disappearance of all traces of Yūji Sakai's existence. As the Flame Haze in Misaki City prepare for another war, the new leader of Bal Masqué emerges.


The never-ending war between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens rages on. In a certain battlefield, Shana stands alone in the middle of an army of Crimson Denizens and she easily defeats them with a strike of her Nietono no Shana. Soon, something emerges from in front of her, the image of a large snake-like creature weaving through the ground and a familiar face turned into her greatest foe.

It turns out that the unlikely clash between Shana and the Mystes named Yūji Sakai began on Christmas Eve. It was December 24th, 7 PM. Shana patiently waited for Yūji to come fetch her at the Christmas tree mounted near the clock tower on Misaki City Station. Beforehand, Shana and classmate Kazumi Yoshida had agreed upon ending their long-running struggle for Yūji's feelings, and it would soon be settled depending on whom Yūji would meet up at that time. Soon, Shana catches a glimpse of Yūji nearby, but lost him almost immediately. All she saw was a set of footprints that fade out into the snowy sidewalk of Misaki City. At that night, Yūji disappeared from the city.

The next morning, Shana begins her usual training at the gardens of the Sakai Residence. Afterwards, she proceeds to have her breakfast with Chigusa Sakai who talks about how Shana's presence livens up the house. It is noticeable that a certain Sakai is nowhere to be found, and not a single trace can be found of his existence.

Shana then prepares to take her bath and as she relieves herself of her clothing, she discusses with the Crimson God Alastor the things that have changed since Yūji's existence disappeared all of a sudden. Alastor reminds Shana of Yūji's fickle existence as a Torch, and as Shana goes to spend her time alone inside the bathroom, thoughts of Yūji fill her mind.

Soon, Shana proceeds to go to Misaki City Muncipal High School to start the new school term. Kazumi Yoshida is considerably melancholy, since she also knows that Yūji no longer exists. Even the cheerful Matake Ogata is not enough to bring her to smile. Soon, the class begins to tease Matake and classmate and close friend Eita Tanaka whose relationship as lovers are already known by everyone.

Ike Hayato soon arrives from a meeting at the Student Council room, and something has changed between them ever since Ike was rejected by Kazumi. However, Ike manages to greet Kazumi a happy new year. The cheerful atmosphere is soon interrupted by Shana's arrival, and Kazumi knows why her face is not sprinkled with celebration like everyone's.

Seven minutes after 7:00, Kazumi accepted the truth that Yūji chose Shana over her, and she suddenly saw Shana rushing towards her. Shana carried her quickly to the Sakai Residence, and they witnessed first-hand how each and every trace of Yuji's existence disappeared. As they return to their respective homes, two heartbroken girls break down into tears.

However, the fact that they still have the letters on their hands means that there is still hope that Yūji hasn't left them completely. Unknown to everyone, Yūji has been talking to a certain entity the whole time until the fateful Christmas Eve moment. Someone who will be able to help Yūji in stopping the endless war that has been going on for thousands of years.

Back to the present, Margery Daw is sprawled on the couch where she is usually found after drinking until she could no longer stand. She is drunk but she could still be able to discuss about Yūji's disappearance. However, she is still confident that Yūji is still around albeit for some reason no longer remembered by everyone.

Soon, Margery talks about the next war for Shana and her allies: the battle against Bal Masqué. Attacks have been reported by Outlaw posts all around the world, and Wilhelmina is alarmed that more attacks may come at any moment. Margery decides to be smart in tracking their enemies, and with the help of Keisaku Satō, who has recently been accepted as a contact for Outlaw, they have enough information to predict their next move.

Elsewhere, Eita parts ways with Matake, and remembers his vow of no longer connecting himself with Margery and the conflict between Flame Haze and the Crimson Realm. He is soon joined by his friend Keisaku, who announces his future work as an agent for Margery in Tokyo's Outlaw post. Keisaku himself believes that Yūji has not disappeared completely and he is not ready to run away from Misaki City. He leaves Margery to Eita, oblivious to the fact that Eita has decided to break away from Margery.

On Shana and Wilhelmina's apartment room, Wilhelmina toils as she sifts through a pile of reports about Outlaw activity and attacks against them. Reports about Yūji's disappearance has also reached Outlaw, and Wilhelmina thinks that Bal Masqué is responsible for such an incident, as Yūji holds the Reiji Maigo. Whether if her claim holds water is yet to be seen.

Soon Shana arrives from school, and she confirms that any trace of Yūji has disappeared even at school. Alastor then asks about anything new about Bal Masqué, and Wilhelmina reports nothing of importance aside from an unrelated attack on an Outlaw post. Wilhelmina decides to contact someone familiar to Shana, one of the temporary heads of Outlaw and a friend of Shana, "Braider of Trembling Might" Sophie Sawallisch. As Shana smiles for the first time after Yūji's disappearance, Wilhelmina thinks that contacting one of the very few who could talk to Shana freely is a good idea.

Shana then prepares a letter for Sophie, taking out her only link to Yūji to inspire her to speak her mind through ink and paper. As Sophie prepares her response to Shana's letter, Shana steels herself for the next fight against Bal Masqué with the help of Margery and Wilhelmina. In her training session, Shana learns to transform her flame into a corporeal form — in this case a large fist — and uses it to replicate Margery's own form of the technique. Although Shana was able to defeat Margery's technique, she wants to improve it even more, determined to empower herself in her upcoming battles for Yuji's sake.

Yūji ordering Seireiden west

Meanwhile, Kazumi holds on to her letter to Yūji and remembers Shana's strong words, that Yūji isn't gone, and she will believe. Kazumi decides to believe in Shana as well. Elsewhere, in a world detached from the human world, the Tower of Constellations (星辰楼 Seishin-rō?) in Seireiden, Yūji marches with Bal Masqué's Bel Peol, Hecate and Fecor as he approaches the throne designed for him. Bel Peol then asks Yūji for his next command, and as Yūji, now clad in an emperor's red armor, faces his new subordinates, he orders for Bal Masqué to head west.

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  • Yūji dreams of the conversation he has with the Snake of the Festival in the Volume VIII prologue.
  • Mai Otsuka was the character designer for the entire anime series. She also illustrated the eyecatch for the fourth, tenth, twentieth, and twenty-fourth episodes of Shakugan no Shana Final.
  • This is the only episode in Shakugan no Shana Final that didn't receive an end card when the series was streamed on Niconico.


  • Events from the last episode of the previous season were recalled throughout this episode.

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