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"Yūji, Shana, and Kisses" (悠二とシャナとキス Yūji to Shana to Kisu?) is the eleventh episode of the anime series Shakugan no Shana.


One night, Shana is getting the Power of Existence to use the Wings of Crimson and her powers. When they were watching the girl in the drama, Rie slapped the guy for trying to kiss her on a TV Drama, Yuji blushed when Shana talk about kisses as if is a big deal, leaving Shana wondering why.

Meanwhile, Sorath, Tiriel and Sydonay walking down the streets of Misaki City. It caught everybody's attention because of their clothing and their kissing. After opening Fuzetsu and used a spell to allow Sorath to consume the Power of Existence without being detected, Aizenta (Tiriel) said that Aizenji (Sorath) together with Sydonay as their bodyguard are on a search for Shana.

Meanwhile, Yuji is being hit by a ball in a game and is out of the game. Shana becomes jealous of Yuji being together with Yoshida and throw the ball very hardly back at Eita Tanaka after being by his ball. Later, it rains heavily all of the sudden. All of them starts taking bath and changing clothes. Ike then takes the chance to ask him about his relationship with Hirai (Shana) but Yuji answers that there is nothing about their relationship, leaving Ike susoecting his answers.

When Shana and Yoshida heard some girls talking about the subject of kissing, Shana attentively listening and notices that Yoshida blushing while listening to their conversation. After taking bath, she wonders what is so special about a kiss that even Yuji blushes hearing it. She even goes to the library to search for it before being assisted by Yuji in order to place the books back in the book shelves. When Ike and Yoshida saw Yuji and Shana together, Ike convinced her that Yuji's relationship with Hirai (Shana) is nothing.

Meanwhile, Keisaku and Eita goes to Keisaku's house and asking how does Margery feels today. She replied that she feels like her head is going to explode and said something about not going drink anymore.

Later, she asks Yuji's mother, Chigusa for advice about the meaning of a kiss when Yuji is watching TV.

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